Microsoft Teams Collaboration: Conquer all your Workplace Woes

Microsoft Teams Collaboration is a proven step to improve employee communication, productivity, and teamwork by integrating all forms of collaborative tools into one single user interface. 

MS Teams: A Modern Workplace Essential

Remote work has become an inevitable part of the Work culture and a digital workplace, making sure that all the communication and collaboration are digitalized is a must. If the employees are empowered enough to work with the latest technologies and crisis phases gracefully, the organization will surely be able enough to adopt the digital workplace for the long term. We need to invest in the latest collaboration and communication platforms with digital capabilities to work in the most challenging environment in such a way that it can be replicated for as many people as possible     

All we need to take care of are:   

  1. Technology  
  2. Collaboration  
  3. Productivity 

If we give a deeper look into it, all of these are interdependent: Technology supports communication and collaboration, which in turn bring in productivity. 

Here’s where Microsoft Teams emerges as the modern Digital Workplace hero. It is the hub for collaboration for many organizations with chat capabilities, video conferencing, file storage and integration with many Office 365 and other third-party apps. 

Microsoft teams collaboration

Business Benefits of Microsoft Teams Collaboration 

Microsoft Teams has emerged as the most popular communication and collaboration platform. With more than 80 million daily active users, it has become the ultimate collaboration hub of the digital workplace. With its increased usage, the data involved in Teams too is taking up the form of a humongous resource, which in turn is letting it become an inseparable part of the modern work culture.   

Therefore, it’s high time that the organizations adapt to Microsoft Teams and make it their default communication app. A business opting to embrace Teams into its work-culture is sure to profusely benefit from it in terms of better connectivity which in turn will boost the inter-team transparency and thus, deliverance quality. It will be a great boost to the ease of communication as well as the quality of collaboration. If adopted and utilized wisely, Microsoft Teams might turn out to be one of the top assets to deliver great business value to your organization. 

  • Your employees will be entitled to greater ease of accessibility that in turn brings in better communication  
  • Reaching Out and being Virtually connected has never felt easier! You can keep your whole Team in sync by having chats, Calls, Video conferences and meeting anytime literally from any part of the world 
  • Collaboration becomes a lot easier while we are able to share docs within chats, use whiteboards or discuss each other’s work in real-time using screen share feature where multiple people can work together while the conversation goes on 
  • The remote workforce is empowered as they never need to feel any disadvantage due to their location. This in turn keeps them motivated and feel at home. 
  • The trainees and interns can enjoy complete learning and guidance from their mentors remotely 
  • Interactive features like @mention, like, react, emoji, gifs makes working fun & expressive which in turn enhances Teamwork 
  • Teams is a great Replacement for emails thus speeding up communication to a great extent 

Project management  

Microsoft Teams is basically a collaboration app but it can be quite useful for Project Management, as well. Microsoft Teams can be leveraged to facilitate communications, track project milestones and organize all the project related documents in a single place. 

  • Teams can be used for internal communication as well as for Coordination with vendors, partners, clients and other external users who might be involved with a particular project 
  • Dedicated channels in Teams can be created that focus on some particular topic, thus keeping work items segregated 
  • The best part about using Microsoft Teams is definitely the lack of location restrictions. Your Team can break the geographical barrier to bring in the best results from literally anywhere 
  • Multiple device compatibility of Microsoft Teams allows access from any device that you might be using at the moment 

 3rd Party tool integration to Teams  

Microsoft Teams has great integration capabilities. Even if your prime focus is collaboration, you can always enhance the Microsoft Teams capabilities by integrating many useful third-party solutions to it that might be quite useful to customize it according to your business needs. 

  • Major business solutions like azure, jeera, etc can be integrated to Teams tabs to keep all the business information at one place 
  • Sharepoint/ M365 integration to Teams can add the capabilities of SharePoint to teams to create a dynamically new set of great features 
  • One drive/google drive integration with Teams will ensure systematic and organized data storage 
  • Built-in teams security features are good enough in filtering unauthorized users accessing the sensitive business data 
  • Teams allow Centralized setting to restrict the flow of sensitive data outside the organization 

Teams as Digital Workplace  

Microsoft Teams is a great collaboration app that can be considered a major element of digital workplace experience that enhances remote work in every way possible. But do you know what can be better than Teams in a digital workplace? An entire Digital Workplace within a Team! 

  • Teams has multiple tabs that can be used to integrate external apps. It will be a great idea to include all the important business apps within the Teams 
  • You can set up an entire intranet inside the Teams. Teams deployable intranets such as the Saketa Intranet Suite can be kept as a tab within teams that can be used to access an entire Intranet within it 
  • Business apps such as Planner, Project Tracker, Attendance management system and many more can be integrated within Teams and we need not navigate to their actual location to use them 

Teams Migration, Adoption & Governance 

With the exponentially increasing popularity of Microsoft Teams, adapting to it has become a necessary norm for any organization. And with the emergence of migration options, migrating to Teams is a great idea. But manually migrating requires writing scripts for the content to be migrated, manually creating the corresponding teams in the New destination and a lot of other steps to ensure that the elements of the source and destination are mapped properly. Along with it, adoption and governance too play a major role in ensuring it’s successful utilization. 

  • Sharepoint being utilized by more than 70% companies worldwide, SharePoint to Teams Migration can be a great move to integrate the flexibility of Teams to the powerful adaptability features of SharePoint   
  • Slack & Skype for Business have been the pioneer business communication apps for quite a time now.  Migrating them to Teams will ensure much greater connectivity. 
  • Teams Best Practices such as taking care of Naming conventions, Channel creation, access control, setting up moderations, privacy settings etc can work wonders to give your teams a super-power to establish great professional feats.  
  • Teams Governance plays a vital role in ensuring that the MS Teams platform is utilized to the best of its ability, thus amplifying collaboration and productivity. 


We at Saketa believe in modernization and fulfilling every need of our clients to deliver the best digital workplace experience. Our years of dedication has earned us a spectacular client base in quite a short span of time and we are glad to be a catalyzing part of their digital transformation journey. 

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