Microsoft SharePoint Governance Plan to Boost SharePoint performance

A well-crafted Governance plan focuses primarily on organizational collaboration with a set of policies, processes, roles, and their responsibilities.

Each organization has a unique set of goals that influence its approach to governance and the Microsoft SharePoint governance plan. Often an organization finds itself puzzled in creating, implementing, and maintaining Governance in a long term to obtain maximum user adoption and improve overall organizational efficiency.

Setting up a proper Microsoft SharePoint Governance Plan

While deploying a new SharePoint environment or migrating the current system, a good SharePoint Governance plan must be developed and practiced across the organization to churn the maximum potential and increase user adoption.

Governance Committee

To perform and achieve desired results during migration there is a need to construct a Governance team first usually termed as “Governance Committee”. This Committee should be constructed to support the business requirements in relation to SharePoint Migration or Upgradation. The governance committee consists of all key members from major teams/ departments in an organization to attain a smooth migration flow. Governance committee size may vary with respect to content available in SharePoint for upgradation or for migration.

Microsoft SharePoint Governance Plan

Information Architecture Evaluation

Once the committee is created, the next step to go ahead is an evaluation of information architecture in coordination with business requirements. The committee evaluates the structure of logical storage of all teams, departments, projects, etc. to provide clarity in terms of workflow and establish different limits, boundaries, and thresholds as per the usage pattern of the organization. Microsoft SharePoint Governance plan also includes a section that defines the dos and don’ts based on permissions and roles within an organization. For example, usage of a plugin or tool in a particular site, access to a particular site like who can access it, read it, modify it, or delete it. All specific details about permissions, access, and rights are defined in this section. Also, defines netiquette which refers to guidelines for appropriate network and e-mail use.


When logical architecture is redefined and established, you can go the next step by describing various entities of Microsoft SharePoint governance plan Template like User Agreement, Security Management, General Guidelines, Social Policies, Multilingual Policies, Object Naming Conventions, Backup Schedule, Communication, and Training Plan.

Reporting Schedule

Another important aspect after defining policies, processes, roles, and responsibilities is to create a reporting schedule. This report includes all insights about the SharePoint environment which will help top management to identify the needs, usage patterns, and other SharePoint insights. Committee decides to meet on mutually agreed fix intervals and diagnose the health of the system. With the feedback mechanism, the committee must review the new structure from received feedbacks from stakeholders, end-users, and power users.

Precisely, a well implemented and practiced Microsoft SharePoint governance plan as well as Microsoft SharePoint governance plan Template will contribute to increase organizational efficiency and drive higher user adoption.


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