Merry Christmas : Be the Forerunner with Saketa

Ever faced a situation when you underestimated your assets and assumed them to be liabilities?? I’m sure, this answer from most SharePoint users is a clear YES!!! Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one….it’s just human nature to underestimate your abilities and so did this Reindeer. 

This Christmas, let us delve through the Story of Santa’s foremost reindeer, Rudolf and how did that meek little one acquire that place.  

Rudolf, a reindeer much smaller than Santa’s 8 other ones had a Luminous Red Nose. A timid but joyful creature ….DREAMING BIG had always been his NATURE. He adored Santa and was fascinated by his Reindeers. Thus, since childhood, the only wish he lived upon was to be a part of Santa’s Sledge.  But when he did come of age, little did he know that sometimes dreams do shatter. Being different is always mocked at and the same happened with him too.  

On Christmas Eve, when he reached Santa’s home, he was mocked by all of Santa’s reindeers due to his Shiny Red nose. He was called a clown, a torch and what notstrictly proclaimed not to be worthy enough to be a part of the sledge bearers, without even Santa’s knowledge.  Depressed and distressed, Rudolf kept standing there, only to watch Santa fly off but lady luck decided to smile upon him. As Santa was about to leave for his Christmas Gift-Delivering Endeavor, suddenly, the sky became foggy. Nothing was visible, thus, putting the Christmas celebrations for the year at stake. 

To Santa’s relief, he observed a red shiny sphere through the fog which turned out to be Rudolf’s nose. Santa had found the way to save the Christmas celebrations. Now the only task was to make Rudolf realize his ability. Santa went to him and requested to be the torch bearer for him. He told Rudolf how each child will be heartbroken if he could not reach them on time and it was only Rudolf’s nose that could prevent it. Santa made him realize that his nose wasn’t weird at all. In fact, it was what made him so Special! Rudolf was initially reluctant but his dream itself walking up to him just to seek his permission to get materialized as well as his kindness, compelled him to believe in Santa and thus, “Believe in Himself 

Santa declared Rudolf his Foremost Reindeer forever and using the light emanating from his nose, delivered all the gifts around the world on time, BRINGING IN A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO THE WORLD AS ALWAYS!! 

Enjoyed the read? But you might be thinking why are we narrating this? What is the connection of any SharePoint user with this story? It does exist! Your company is just like Rudolf and your SharePoint, his Shiny nose. And we wish to be your Santa. Read on… 

Just like Rudolf’s dream, your organization too must be having the dream to touch skies …just like Rudolf’s Red Glowing nose, you too must be having SharePoint or at least, thinking of having it. But just like the other Reindeers’ mocking, what stands as a block in your path to elevation is you underestimating the power of SharePoint and treating one of your most valuable assets as a liability….thus leaving it scarcely utilized. This Christmas, We at Saketa wish to be the Santa to all your SharePoint worries and help you unleash its real power.  

Our Sharepoint migrator takes care of all your SharePoint migration worries, paving a way for a smooth, secure and risk-free migration of unlimited data in the least time possible, the process quite customizable according to your needs. Further, our Intranet sets up the best digital workplace experience for you, thus strengthening the connections, communications and collaborations within the organization. And not to forget, our Sharepoint-Deployable business apps let you enhance the ability of your SharePoint by serving some Business specific utilities that every company desire.  

Let us become your Santa & We will help your company be as good as Rudolf among the other Reindeers. We ensure you to help utilize the power of SharePoint just like Rudolf realized the power of his nose. We would love be your guide through Efficient SharePoint usage, and thus, Drive your company to success. 

Wish to know more , visit us 

And Once Again, wishing All of you a Merry Christmas that brings in lots of joy, happiness and success to you. Have a lovely celebration!!!  

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