Here’s how you can manage permissions with Security Manager

For a SharePoint admin, managing permissions is vital, but it can also become a tiresome task.

It might be very difficult for a SharePoint admin to perform the following actions:

  • Check permissions of the employee to which sites/lists/items he has access to.  
  • Remove the unwanted permissions for employees. 
  • Grant permissions for the employees. 
  • Cloning the same permissions to another employee, if new employees came to the same project or team. 

Let us assume if the previous employee has permissions in 4 sites and 10 lists and more than 100 items in different site collection level or in different subsite level, this increases the complexity of managing permissions by admin. Admin should navigate to each site collection/subsite/list/item and need to check those permissions or remove those permissions or grant those permissions to new employees. which very tedious and time-consuming process to perform. 

To check all permissions of the employee in a SharePoint tenant, the admin might perform a close to a 15 step process and the number of steps may go even high with an increase in the number of lists/items/files/sites to manage permissions. 

This is what it takes for a SharePoint Admin to manage Permissions:

  1. Go to site collection permissions 
  2. Check permissions of the employee and copy the sorted list into an excel 
  3. Now go to list and libraries 
  4. if it doesn’t have unique permissions go to Step 6 
  5. Check permissions on the list/library and add them in a report. 
  6. Visit list items/folders/files 
  7. if it doesn’t have unique permissions go to Step 9 
  8. Check permissions on them and add them in a report. 
  9. Visit items/files in the folder 
  10. if it doesn’t have unique permissions go to Step 12 
  11. Check permissions on them and add them in a report. 
  12. Repeat Step 7 & 8 for all folders in the list/library. 
  13. Repeat Step 4 to 9. For all the lists/libraries. 
  14. Visit subsites on that site collection 
  15. Repeat Step 2 to 11 for all the subsites.   

Now you can decide how many steps it will take if you have 50 site collections!

When compared to checking and granting permissions, removing permissions to a user is an easy task. If the user is removed from the Site Collection users list, the user will no longer have access to the subsites/lists/folders/files.  

You read how hectic it is to manage permissions manually. Isn’t it easy if you have a tool that helps you manage all these in one go? 

Get rid of this hectic process with a simple and effective tool, Saketa Security Manager  

What a SharePoint admin gets with Saketa Security manager:

Admins can check, grant and remove permissions with ease within a single screen/dashboard. 

Admin can perform the following actions along with checking permissions: 

  • Generate a separate report for permissions granted directly or given through groups or given through Domain/ AD/O365 groups 
  • Generate a report by including/excluding permissions of a list or item’s permissions 
  • Easily manage limited access permissions to the users 

Admin can perform the following actions along with granting permissions:

  • Grant same permission for multiple sites, lists, items for the multiple users/groups 
  • Can include/exclude permission for a list/library/items with unique permission 
  • Can grant permissions through an existing user/groups or through a new SharePoint group 
  • Can notify the user through an email after granting permission with a personalized message 
  • Can get a report of all permissions granted (the report includes failed permissions too) 

Admin can perform the following actions along with removing permissions: 

  • remove all permissions granted to a user in a go 
  • remove specific permissions with an option to include/exclude a list(s)/library(s)/item(s) 

Admin can perform the following actions along with cloning user permissions: 

  • Can move or copy permissions from one user to another 
  • Copy all permissions of all sites, lists, and items with few clicks 
  • Get a detailed report of the permissions copied or moved 
  • Can include or exclude list/item and Groups permissions while cloning 
  • Can choose permissions which list/item and Groups to be copied/moved

Along with the above features, Admin can also- 

  • Manage SharePoint Groups and Users 
  • Clean Unused limited access
  • Manage permission levels

Manage your SharePoint permissions with Saketa Security Manager for seamless migration of your data.

Get a free trial to experience hassle-free permission management. 

For more information, contact our support team.

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