Is your Employee Engagement a top-notch one?

You must have come across many articles on employee engagement and its importance for an organization, to grow and become successful.

This concept has been circulated to an extent – “employee engagement increases the productivity of an organization”.

So, why are many organizations still faced with one burning problem of employees not being productive, even when they are rightly engaged? (Are they even rightly engaged?)

You hired good people with impressive qualifications and experience. You’ve worked hard to build great teams. You’ve taken all those extra precautions to ensure that there are no hiccups in the functioning of the team. So, where are you wrong?

Well, you’re not exactly wrong, you’re just mistaken!

Thinking that getting the right people on board and building good teams with them alone would do the job. Sorry to break it to you, but that isn’t enough.

When you hire someone and place them on a team, it is obvious that they are quite capable and qualified to get the job done. But, employees today are looking out for 100% job satisfaction and want to invest a good amount of personal time and energy in their careers. Any hint that they’re not seeing any progress in their career, they immediately want to switch to another job.

So to keep them in place, you need to engage them right…

Make them feel good about their contributions

Small or big achievements are special to any individual, so are they important to your employees. Leverage these employee achievements as a part of your engagement process. Recognize their contributions to the team and share it with the rest of the organization by posting about on your digital workplace medium. For example, you can display the performance of the best employees on your company’s intranet as a part of your company’s recognition process.

Train them in a way that they fit in well

The best way to engage an employee is when s/he onboard. Just as how a fish cannot be expected to climb a tree, the same way, it isn’t fair to assign an irrelevant task to an employee and expect a good result from them. Provide good training to your employees and brief them about what their role is going to be in the team during the onboarding process. To better engage train these new employees have a content repository of your new joinees in one place so that they can have a hang of all the important documents in a go.

Ask them how do they feel about their work

An employee engagement doesn’t end with their contribution towards work and you training them but with a simple feedback. Conduct regular surveys on your employees to know how are they performing and whether they like their work or not. Give them feedback regularly. Encourage them by acknowledging their achievements and contributions to the team and the organization by giving them rewards.

With the transformation of the traditional workplace, the meaning of “Employee Engagement” has also taken a new face altogether. Along with the employees working in-house, remote employees also need to be better engaged for productive results. For that, companies have started building a Digital workplace to engage and align all the workers together on a single platform.

Intranet is one of the famous platforms that organizations like to use to transform their workplace experiences. With its variety of widgets, it keeps employees updated and informed with the organizational goals.
Want to see how? Start a free trial now!
Also, please share your thoughts about employee engagement in the comments section below (’cause we’ll love to hear from you).

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