Is your Digital Workplace adhering to the Gig Economy?

The Gig Economy is growing – yes that’s true!

As per one of the recent studies in the US, it has been observed that the freelance workforce is roughly 27% more than the usual payroll employees. Also, the rate at which people are thinking to quit jobs and take up individual projects is high.

Although this gig economy has its own authority to operate, it becomes difficult for them to coordinate being an outsider. Organizations enjoy the flexibility of temporary staff, but that comes with hidden costs. To ensure a smooth process, you need to optimize your digital workplace…

But how?

When you hire someone as a freelancer, it covers your temporary requirement, makes recruitment easier and bring in a specialist knowledge. Even though this looks like a solution for your organization, it can delay the entire process of your quick fix – if you’ve hired someone for a resource’s shortfall, it may slow down if there are constant interruptions for help by this external resource.

You need help and you need it fast!

The availability of the right candidates for your temporary needs is only possible if you have an apt digital workplace. An attractive digital workplace not only promises on improving employee experience but sells employer brand to the freelancers.

Here’s how you can adhere to the Gig Economy and ensure productive outcomes:

Fasten the onboarding process

Giving a single page access to your freelancers and navigating them to the company essentials such as contacts and content (without actually being with them), helps in speeding up the entire onboarding process. The best Intranets in the market is designed in a way that caters to these crucial requirements. Additionally, there are chatbots that help in learn and respond to their top tasks.

Clarify the operating model

Having a clear picture of the hierarchical order of your organization and conveying the same to your freelancers makes them effective and aware at the same time on how to get things done. An Intranet should be there in your organization that displays the structure that works within your organization. It should reflect the operating model of your organization without engaging in much hassle.

Collaborate efficiently

Collaborating in the cloud with your employees working remotely gives a much easier way to connect. SharePoint Intranet enables such kind of a workspace wherein people can opine, know what all projects are being taken up and accordingly decide on their deliverables. A digital workplace with collaborative abilities allows generating a more productive environment.

Give practical system access

When you’re planning to have a digital workplace to collaborate and work, it’s necessary that all your long-standing employees have a fair knowledge of the tools that your digital workplace consists of. Once learned, it’ll be easier for them to work in sync but the very fast navigation is exploratory and needs logical work through. Designs of Intranet are therefore given importance as to ensure smooth navigation of the content, documents, employees, etc., within the portal.

Ensure faster networking

Task completion takes place when you know whom to talk to but often in organizations these personal networks are invisible. An Enterprise Social Network lets the other employees in the organization know what’s going on. Microsoft’s Delve is one way of discovering who is working on related tasks or even just to know where the work is taking place. It usually helps organizations using Office 365.

Managing a temporary workforce, who work outside your office premises, is a tough job and gauging them at the same time, becomes even more difficult. Having a digital workplace that flourishes a productive workforce, is something that everyone should aim for.

Are you one of them? Do let us know in the comments section below or write to us at

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