7 Goals to Set up for your Organization This New Year 2022!!!

A Very Happy New Year 2022 Everyone!!!

With New Year, comes Resolutions and Goals. But the Importance of goal-setting usually goes unnoticed….and they are treated as “just meant to be broken” by most. But, the same cannot be stated for an Organizational Goal-setting. The importance of goal-setting is undeniable. In fact, the beginning of a New Year is such a hopeful time to break through all the blemishes of the past years and give every effort a new fire.

Importance of Goal-Setting in an Organization

An organization needs to set up some firm and realistic Goals that they can truly track, plan, and achieve to pave a way for the flourishment of their business. Keeping all the data and processes on a particular platform can be so convenient for the employees who won’t have to switch interfaces every now and then just to carry out different processes that they need to carry out daily and more importantly, it will be very useful for the top executives who will be able to keep a check on all the internal affairs going on in the office. Thus, saving a lot of their precious time which can be used for carrying out other roles for the betterment of the organization.  As O365 and SharePoint has become the first choice for any organization with vast data and processes for being safe, secure and quite efficient, we decided to list out the set of goals that each of them can set up this new year so that they can utilize it to the fullest. Importance of goal-setting Refer to our list of Goals that an Organization can inculcate in their new year to escalate their success graphs and do let us know yours.

1. Migrate to the latest version of SharePoint

With the evolution of your business over the year, the new year needs to bring in the use of new collaboration or productivity tools on a platform that best supports your organizational growth. A platform, that takes care of all your business needs, direction, and strategy! Every new version of SharePoint comes with loads of new features and utilities and if you wish to be ahead in the race, SharePoint Migration Tool will be great to invest in. The importance of goal-setting in the case of SharePoint migration is that it will make your journey ahead a lot predictable and manageable as well.

Saketa’s SharePoint Migrator

 It can help you achieve this goal by

    • Migrate to SharePoint from a wide range of Source Inventories
    • Migrate Site Objects, Content, Users, Groups, Permissions, Workflows and many more
    • Provides Pre and Post Migration along with the comprehensive log of every Session
    • Let’s you use special features such as PowerShell Scripting, Turbo mode, Scheduling, Incremental Load and CAML filters
    • Provides advanced features such as Security Manager, Bulk Edit, Content Backup etc.

2. Empower your employees to collaborate and boost workforce productivity

The extent of collaboration plays a very crucial part in enhancing the result achieved by any team. Proper knowledge sharing and collaboration ensures minimalistic blunders and maximized productivity. Saketa’s award-winning Business Productivity Online Suite of ready-to-use SharePoint and Office 365 apps are designed specifically keeping the importance of goal-setting in mind. They can effortlessly help you achieve this goal by –

SharePoint Employee Directory:

Discover your colleagues anytime, anywhere and from any device

    • Collaborate with your colleagues
    • Customize the application
    • Search for specific employees
    • Discover your colleagues

SharePoint Organization Chart:

Chart your organizational structure, and improve collaboration with the Saketa Organization Chart

    • Depict dotted line managers
    • Discover your colleagues
    • Allow users to understand their career paths
    • Set the starting node

Idea Board:

Source, evaluate and select great ideas that will take your business to the next level.

    • Assign a team to shortlist ideas
    • Source ideas from employees
    • Execute only the best ideas
    • Categorize ideas and assign owners

3. Ensure a smooth HR procedural flow

Be it the real-life or an organizational process, first and last impression do leave an everlasting impact not only on the employee but on the organizational process as well. Smooth Onboarding ensures least time loss before the new hire can adapt and be settled with the company environment as well as the work culture. The employees bidding adieu to the organization too deserve a hassle-free offboarding to ensure that the organization remains in their good books forever along with the fact that a person who contributed a part of their career to the organization’s growth shouldn’t need to face any difficulty from its side even while going away. The Onboarding and Offboarding Modules in Saketa’s Business Productivity Suite can greatly help you achieve this Goal-

SharePoint Employee Onboarding:

Empower, engage and inform your new hires

    • Promote transparency and compliance
    • Customize the application to your onboarding process
    • Promote transparency and compliance
    • Your hub for all onboarding related activities

SharePoint Employee Offboarding:

Manage your employee’s departure in an ordered, hassle-free and proper manner

    • Seek Feedback
    • Improve Transparency
    • Configure activities
    • Check employee attrition

4. Make your Project management Top-Notch

Timely deliverance and efficiency are two sides of the coin to Success for any organization. These decisive factors drive the workforce to achieve the client satisfaction, leading to the overall growth in the Client base. Our business productivity tool takes care of this concerns of yours too in a well-organized manner-

SharePoint Project Tracker:

Manage tasks, maintain accountability and improve productivity

    • Secure access to your projects
    • Check project health
    • Identify Bottlenecks
    • Visualize the progress

SharePoint Timesheet:

Your time management partner for SharePoint and Office365

    • Export Timesheets for downstream operations
    • Generate powerful and insightful reports
    • Zero in on your most profitable customers
    • Track time spent on tasks

SharePoint Kanban Board:

The best application for task management, project management and team collaboration

    • Identify bottlenecks and take corrective actions
    • Drag and drop to move tasks across swim lanes
    • Prioritize tasks and view their progress
    • Configure any process or workflow

5. Maintaining a perfect employee management and Engagement platform

Employees engagement plays a crucial role when it comes to achieve reliable results. A great digital workspace will ensure coworking and collaborating environment, giving way to interpersonal skills in the employees to enhance the company culture which in turn contributes to long term goals.

Saketa SharePoint Intranet Suite

It is an award-winning dedicated SharePoint solution, trusted across the globe. It helps the customers in their quest for seamless SharePoint Intranet building as well as maintenance, based upon the latest SharePoint versions. Our Intranet gets deployed on your pre-existing SharePoint platform and gives an employee engagement experience customized according to the requirements in each case. It can help you bring your whole workplace on a single platform an keep them interested using it’s attractive UX and great features.

All the O365 deployable apps that can be embedded in the intranet itself along with the whole Business Productivity suite that comes complimentary with it, makes it super smooth for the users who can save a lot of time and effort in each of their works by integrating everything on the single SharePoint.

6. Ensure the highest level of Security for your Data

Sensitive data of an organization is an asset until something breaches that security, putting away the whole organization in a vulnerable state. Managing different levels of access rights is becoming quite important to ensure the integrity of the governance plans and all other organizational security concerns.

Saketa’s SharePoint Security Manager

It can effectively help you achieve this goal by Managing Security and access permissions in SharePoint and maintain the permissions at multiple levels of granularity – Site collection, site, list or library, item or document. The proper governance plans ensure the security setup of best-planned sites. In the world of digital collaboration where everything is maintained and shared online, the need for SharePoint portals to be secured becomes a lot more critical than ever.

7. Maintain the Best Operation Management Practices

Administrative efficiency is a defining factor to determine the overall efficiency of the organizational workforce. A proper Operation Management Suit can exponentially enhance the operational efficiency by providing a central console to manage Active Directory accounts and permissions on hundreds of sites from one central location-

SharePoint AD Manager

With an intuitive interface, comprehensive audit compliant logging, one-time simple configurations, and secure authentication system, Saketa AD Manager has the least learning curve and needs no administration or technical expertise.

SharePoint CAML Query Builder

Extremely instantaneous CAML query generator and other object models alongside, it helps to retrieve data from the SharePoint lists/ libraries.

SharePoint Excel Importer

Saketa Excel Importer provides a simple and fastest way to import huge list data from excel into SharePoint in One Go. Opt any of the two versions of the excel importing process with many conveniences, which follows similar steps and gives the same result.

    • The standalone Saketa Excel Importer windows tool.
    • Saketa excel data import feature as a ribbon tool in the SharePoint site.
Leverage your whole workspace towards success with robust 0ffice 365 based apps and tools or use the SharePoint Migrator to bridges the data from one SharePoint to another. Leave the rest on these tools to make sure that the convenience and productivity of the clients increase by integrating all the processes on that single platform.

Importance of goal-setting and its outcome

While everyone is aware of the importance of goal-setting in organization, implementing it seriously can bring in great growth. Our Saketa SharePoint Migrator, Saketa Teams Migrator, Saketa Intranet, Saketa Business Productivity Online Suite and Saketa Business Process Automation Services are happy to be capable of being your partner in reprising your business goals and taking you off to a greater productivity. A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year once again. Wish all the luck and success to you and your Organization in 2022!!!

Saketa SharePoint Migration and Business Productivity Suite

Visit us to know more about the tools that can help you step up your organizational goals.

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