Impacts of an Intranet for Universities and Colleges

The term operational excellence has been coined sparsely, according to the need for robust networks, systems, and processes to govern data across industries. An intranet for higher education on the other hand, delivers value beyond just statistics, but experiential in nature. Reinventing the experience of higher education, an intranet positions educational institutions with technological prowess and agile responsiveness to the digital age. 

As reported by Research and Markets, the EdTech market alone is to reach USD 605 billion by the year 2027. This means more technology is making way to colleges and schools than ever before. The ability to capitalize on digital initiatives is placing today’s education as the keystone to prepping students for the tech-enabled workforce of the future. 

This post shows three major impacts of an intranet for universities and colleges, and how discovering operational excellence nurtures the personalized delivery of educational content.  

What is an Intranet Used for in Universities?

While reducing operational overheads and contributing with user-generated insights, learning experiences are so much more fun and enticing when students and staff can network with ease and share experiences in a collaborative fashion. 

Intranet for Education Evolution

At an age where information is at your fingertips, leaner and more flexible ways of managing information is prototypical. A modern intranet for higher education means many things, among which scalability, and ease of access reigns supreme. 

Impacts of an Intranet of Universities and Colleges

1. Document management made efficient

A report from an NYU student Helen Hubbard-Li, titled “The Rising Cost of Higher Education: A Supply & Demand Analysis specifies that as the demand for higher education goes up, so does the cost. By deploying an intranet solution, educational institutions can overcome challenges with increased operational overheads, making higher education more feasible to aspirants. 

Whether students are working on seasonal events, gathering stories for the college magazine or preparing for exams, collaboration is fundamental. An intranet offers exceptional capabilities to connect, collaborate and manage projects at varying levels. 

Document Management

An intranet for higher education simplifies document management via digitization, enabling a digital-first approach to managing content and sharing knowledge. Teaching and administrative staff dealing with vast sums of information, records and curricula benefit as all documentation becomes centralized and transparently accessible within the institution. With effective security and governance tools, confidential data and records can be safeguarded, as colleges and universities continue to onboard and graduate more qualified candidates each year.  

2. Ensuring reliability of content, accounts and records

As new workplace models invite your employees to a new way of working, it is fundamental to leverage technology at its best to ensure data quality and administrative privileges. 

Student-run events, timesheets, curriculum development, attendance marksheets and parent associations can all be managed effectively with the impact of an intranet for higher education. Staying updated with what’s happening within the university is going to be as easy as ever. 

Employees, whether teachers, logistics staff, administrators or accountants can work together in groups, eliminating data silos and avoiding duplicate records. With intensive records of alumni, staff and everyone on payroll the intranet enables improved financial planning, networking opportunities and accurate delivery of educational content. 

Especially when you have multiple campuses, a single intranet architecture to govern all your data leads to better outcomes, like operational excellence and data accuracy. 

3. Personalized learning experiences

As technology is being adopted for various reasons across schools and colleges, personalized experiences become vital to a student’s learning, and the staff’s operational control. The impact of an intranet for universities and colleges includes benefits like:

  • Reduced room for error 
  • Uninterrupted availability of resources 
  • Increased accessibility to support services 
  • Improved collaboration among departments 
  • Bird’s-eye-view of student experiences 

Combining the intelligence of user-generated data and incisive collaboration tools, an intranet for higher education translates the many benefits of improved data governance to affording students personalized learning experiences. For example, multiple students across schools or colleges working together on a single project, gain transparency about deliverables and can take learning into their own hands while collaborating efficiently. 

Personal learning experiences

An advanced feature of the intranet includes mobility solutions like mobile apps and software to enable better communication among stakeholders like the management and parents, or students. Getting parents and teachers involved in university affairs will probably be what’s on every student’s mind with a social intranet. 

Deploy a world-class intranet for education

If you are an educational institution in search of a modern intranet solution to consolidate all content, records and activities across geographies, or departments, look no further. 

Saketa’s intranet software presents a fully governed operational suite to urge your goals of shaping the future of education with measured, effective, and transparent outcomes.  

Build the digital age with Saketa.

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