Idea Management

In the world we live in, change is inevitable and the best of things will fizzle away without constant evolution and improvement.

idea management

Unless one is adapting and adopting the innovation trends in technology and the society around and plan ahead to stay on top, they will fall behind in the competition. Saying so, it is near impossible for one, however best person or team is with innovations, to come up with trend setting brilliant ideas every time and equally impossible is to know where and from whom that next big idea is going to come from.


Idea management is one of the fundamental processes in execution of any desired product. Its’ not just about having great ideas, but also about management, wherein, Idea generation, idea selection & implementation and idea circulation is involved.

To ideate is to discover, brainstorm, and collaborate with set of people to deal with the idea management process and achieve the end product. Once the idea is unleashed it has to be widespread within the expert group in order to cherry-pick the best one; this is to get idea analyzed. The idea assessment is better if it is time-specific, with clear mechanism that gives proper feedback involving acceptation, rejection together with intimating reasons for the same to the idea creator.


Several Corporate organizations have recognized the importance of encouraging their employees and garnering ideas from all, recognize them, reward them, that they have developed a dedicated team for innovation centers to muster the ideas and groom the talent. Several platforms have been built to manage the ideas, making the ideas open and accessible to everyone else in the organization and get their opinions on them, using social features like rating and commenting, which help in refining and evolving the idea and get the pulse and trend for them. This is all valuable inputs for evaluating, analyzing and planning which would otherwise need a team of market analysts to survey and research to do the analytics.
There are a number of idea management and innovation center platforms that are just focused on this for the enterprises. These idea management tools provide a platform to share the ideas and categorize them to a specific department or category (idea box) and let everyone collaborate and provide their ratings and comments. Today’s corporate world is fast pacing with modernized tools & processes that which helps making an impossible to a much possible creation.
To the look-up, idea management is about identifying ideas and successfully performing on them. Ideas don’t really have to be for new product’s execution or new invention alone but also can be brand new methods/ways of doing things, or for setting the business models.
The companies’ new product outcome is as good as the ideas generated and its’ deliverables. Top management organizations stress on idea management as a predictable, repeatable procedure and invest on this process extensively to continually set right their competitive leadership
Idea management simplistically is a disciplined procedure of simplifying ideation from a corporate and managerial perspective. It is well said that thinking creates ideas, intense thinking creates lots of ideas, lot many ideas create some good ideas; great minds thinking together creates a bigger idea. This bigger idea is to be well-managed for the larger picture at the end that shapes out an “Innovation”. Ideas evolve through implicit and explicit knowledge process. It involves much of brainstorming, as said managing the steps involved and overcoming obstacles.

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