Managing Hybrid workforce with Microsoft 365

The COVID-19 situation helped us realize the potential and adaptability of remote work, hybrid workplace Microsoft 365. As more and more organizations started upgrading to Digital Workplace Solutions such as Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace and SharePoint intranet, the permanency of remote work took up a believable form.

But still, while many employees might have missed being at the office and would readily wish to come back, a section of them might have discovered their comfort zone in remote work and would prefer to continue with it. Furthermore, a full-time remote workforce isn’t practical for all companies.

The “Back to Work” Plan

With vaccination drives functional across the world, every organization is keen on planning the way work is to function in the post-pandemic period.

As the various developments towards going back to work progress, businesses across the world are trying to figure out the best work model post-pandemic. While some employees prefer going fully back to the office, a large fraction prefers flexibility between the office and work-from-home routine. The main reason for this is the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues and exchange ideas in a more immediate and dynamic environment. Thus, the concept of Hybrid workforce came up.

The Hybrid Offices are simply, half and half working environment that accommodate both remote and in-office employees. Either an individual employee’s free will or the location-specific factors of their work may thus decide if they are to act as completely remote, completely in-office or hybrid workforce. The new hybrid model may be the solution because hybrid teams don’t conform to just one working environment, rather adjust the working conditions according to the comfort and professional requirements.

Managing Hybrid workforce with Microsoft 365

Setting up Cloud-based data infrastructure

As the conditions begin easing up, we certainly know that the hybrid workforces are here to stay. In such a scenario, the enterprises will need to increasingly lean on cloud-based applications and infrastructures to establish productive communication and collaboration among the remote and in-office teams. Hybrid Workplace Microsoft 365 can work together to bring in great productivity.

This cloud infrastructure must be reviewed and expanded periodically to support the gradual transformation to a hybrid work environment. This can be initiated right from migrating to the cloud-based platforms and then, can be extended by adapting to SaaS Digital Workplace solutions such as MS Teams and SharePoint intranet.

Microsoft 365 Tools that can help Power up your Hybrid Workforce

Microsoft SharePoint

A new working model needs to bring in the use of new collaboration or productivity tools on a platform that best supports your organizational growth. A platform, that takes care of all your business needs, direction, and strategy!

Every new version of SharePoint comes with loads of new features and utilities. If you wish to be ahead in the race, SharePoint Migration will be great to invest in. It will get you access to the whole set of Microsoft 365 tools to make your journey ahead a lot predictable and manageable as well.

MS Teams & Teams App

Microsoft Teams now has more than 30 million daily active users, influenced by the fact that it’s available at no additional cost to people working with Microsoft 365. It was designed while keeping the exponentially increasing popularity of Remote work in mind and is aimed at forming a hub for teamwork in the most effective way possible. It combines one-to-one messaging, group messaging, voice calling, video conferencing, and document collaboration into a single integrated application to enable exciting new ways of working together. The Modern Digital workplace, when coupled with Microsoft Teams can literally do wonders!

Other Deployable or Third-Party Apps

SharePoint Intranet

SharePoint Intranet Suite leverages the power of the Microsoft365 applications to deliver the best end-user experience. Being based upon SharePoint, it offers plenty of options to integrate Business Apps as well as other third-party apps to empower and upgrade your hybrid workforce.

Google Workspace

Google workspace is the all-in-one collection of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products by Google. It lets your business have access to a whole palette of collaboration tools like Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, and more. Opt in for an end-to-end collaboration experience.

Project Manager

Manage tasks, maintain accountability, and improve productivity with project management applications. It lets you

  • Secure access to your projects
  • Check project health
  • Identify Bottlenecks
  • Visualize the progress


Timesheet applications are your time management partner for SharePoint and Microsoft 365. It lets you

  • Export Timesheets for downstream operations
  • Generate powerful and insightful reports
  • Zero in on your most profitable customers
  • Track time spent on tasks by the in-office and remote teams

How to see further ahead?

Predicting the challenges that lay ahead isn’t quite simple. But, it’s good to plan out how to utilize the flexibility of hybrid workforce to bring in the best for your organization. Hybrid workplace Microsoft 365 is a great partnership to choose.

Today, all businesses necessarily need remote technologies to keep their businesses running. Tomorrow’s leaders, however, may find hybrid a much better option. Therefore, upgrade your technology and be feature-ready to keep your business seamless. 

Managing and Creating A Company Intranet

Enjoy the Best Employee Engagement Experience

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