How will it look like to have ‘AI’ in an Intranet

Artificial Intelligence has been the talk of the town for ages.

As this technology is cutting edge, I guess there is no surprise in that. But, do you know that incorporating an AI in your Intranet works wonders in boosting your employee engagement? And, in doing so, it actually helps you in achieving your goal of transforming your organization into a digital workplace.

Artificial Intelligence or AI, as we all know, is enabling a machine to mimic the thoughts and actions of a human being. This is a brilliant concept, but, an Intranet with an AI will work only when AI is used in all the right places.

Here’s how AI can be useful in an Intranet:

1. Social Network

The first thought of many people when they hear the words ‘Social Network’ is ‘why do we need a social network in our Intranet?’. But, it is a proven fact that the inclusion of a social network in an organization’s intranet boosts employee engagement as well as productivity. Collaboration is one of the pillars on which the success of an organization depends on. Introducing an AI algorithm in a company’s intranet allows its employees to collaborate in a better, more efficient ways. Another possibility is to tap into an organization’s group intelligence and use it for collaboration within an organization. The inclusion of an algorithm that offers smart suggestions to the employees of an organization, based on the content they search or access, every day, will also have a huge impact.

2. Intelligent Search Feature

One of the most important features of any good intranet is an excellent ‘search’ feature. AI will allow employees to find almost anything through the search feature. While it is debatable whether employees can find anything through the search feature, it can certainly be agreed this will eventually change in the future. When working in a collaborative environment, time is of the essence. Include algorithms that can give suggestions to employees based on their activity online and give precedence in search results and prioritize them etc., are just a few of the things in which AI can be useful.

A few other things to note when playing with AI and Intranet:

AI should be able to guide employees and assist them, not mislead them and cause unnecessary confusion. Therefore, it is vital to choose the features of your Intranet which need AI and can give a 100% productive result.

IT should be kept in mind that, while developing your Intranet and including AI into that, the main goal should be to bridge the gap between employees and the vast knowledge base of the entire organization. It should not be the other way around.

And last, but definitely not the least, the whole point of AI is to improve user experience, not complicate it. Ensure that your AI does not interfere with your existing digital workplace. It should enhance it and make it better.

Artificial Intelligence is definitely one of those technologies that continue to grow and it can only be expected that its uses will be found in almost every field. Hence, there can be many areas in which AI can definitely be introduced and can be taken advantage to the fullest extent in the future.

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