Migrate from SharePoint OnPrem to Online with Saketa

SharePoint On-Prem to Online Migration is the process of taking or moving all the data you have in your existing environment to either a new or existing SharePoint Online environment, basically to the latest version of SharePoint or Microsoft 365. 

Why is it so essential to migrate?

  • As we all know, Microsoft is releasing new versions of SharePoint every few years, and many new features come along with those new versions. For example, MS Flows, PowerApps, Delve, Microsoft Graph and many more that you will never get in on-premise versions. So, to get to use these new features, we would need to be migrating from previous versions to latest online versions. 
  • Every few years, some old features are deprecated, and Microsoft stops supporting various features. So, for every new release, Microsoft’s support cycle changes. Thus, we need to migrate to the latest SharePoint versions to meet the business requirements. 
  • Stay up to date always. Modern business users want tools that make them more productive and engaged. SharePoint Online\Microsoft365 is such that it is constantly evolving and giving leverage to collaborating and communicating effectively 

Thus, if you are still stuck with the SharePoint On-Prem Versions, specially SharePoint 22010 or SharePoint 2013 that are or are soon to see their End of Life, these many reasons are sufficing enough to why your organization should upgrade to the latest version of SharePoint Online or M365. 

Microsoft 365/ SharePoint Online

Office 365 SharePoint Online All Versions

How to Migrate from SharePoint OnPrem to Online?

You would be wondering how to migrate content from an existing on-prem environment to a new environment without losing any content. 

There are two ways to migrate: 

  • Attaching content data base (this works only when we migrate from On-premise to on-premise)  
  • Using third-party tools 

To upgrade your SharePoint, you need a tool for SharePoint Migration. There are many third-party tools that you may find in the market for SharePoint migration. One of the best tools for migration is Saketa Migrator Tool, which will provide you with a simple and seamless migration experience. 

Other Saketa M365 Management Studio Features Available

Saketa Migrator will provide you with different options for migration. Apart from SharePoint Migration, Saketa also provides you with many other source connection options like One Drive, Box, Google Drive, DropBox. In the case of Saketa, the Source usually does not matter much as it will migrate your content to SharePoint as a mirror of your source and secure your data. 

SharePoint Migration Options Available 

For SharePoint-to-SharePoint migration, Saketa provides many features like, 

  • Object Migration 
  • Content Migration 
  • Bulk Update List\Library Metadata 
  • Export Data from SharePoint 

Object Migration: In this migration Module, you can migrate all your Site Collections, Sites, Lists and Libraries to a new environment. And we can also migrate site columns, content types, users, groups, permissions, workflows and managed meta data.it provides user and group mappings and site template mappings. We can also export all unresolved users so that before migration we can map the unresolved users with resolved user (recommended site owner). 

Content Migration: This module is useful in migrating specific folders, items\files, or document set. We can also perform incremental migration by providing specific dates. Here we have an option of mapping columns and content types based on our requirements. 

Bulk Update List\Library Metadata: This module lets you update the list\library metadata like field mappings, specific column data etc. We can update the metadata for the whole list at a time. This module comes into the picture mostly when we are dealing with circular look ups. We all know that when we migrate circular lookups, we will be ending up missing one of the lookup columns values, so to make it perfect migration these lookup column values can be updated through Bulk Update Module. 

Export data from SharePoint: We can export the data from SharePoint or office 365 to Filesystem. We can get all the views and files which were available in the respective list\library to the given local file location (file system) 

File System to SharePoint: 

  • Import to SharePoint 
  • Import Using External Metadata 
  • Import Excel Data to SharePoint List 

Import to SharePoint: The content, which is stored locally and, wants to upgrade your content to SharePoint Online, by using the import to SharePoint option we can migrate the file system content to SharePoint safely. 

Import Using External Metadata: by providing related metadata in excel we can migrate the data to SharePoint. 

Import Excel Data to SharePoint List: we can migrate the Excel content to SharePoint List using the Import excel data to SharePoint option in Saketa Migrator tool. 

Cloud to SharePoint: 

In cloud to SharePoint migration, you get a different types of cloud source connectivity, they are listed below 

  • Import from Google Drive 
  • Import from Drop Box 
  • Import from OneDrive 
  • Import from Box 

Personal data that is stored in OneDrive or Google Drive can be migrated to SharePoint Online using Saketa Migrator Tool. 

Other Features that make an Impact

Apart from these endless options for different types of source connection facility Saketa Migrator tool has many more features. 

Pre-Migration Check:

This Pre-Migration check gives all the possible errors or warnings that are going to occur while migration. Recommends you perform this operation before going to start the migration to avoid the errors during the migration. 

Pre-Migration Check lists

Post-Migration Check:

This Post-Migration check gives all the possible errors or warnings that are still existing after the migration. Recommends you perform this operation to reduce validation efforts. 

Post-Migration Check Lists

Migration Modes based on Speed:

Saketa Migrator tool has two modes, they are 

  • Normal Mode: Migration will go on at a normal pace when you choose normal mode and it’s the default mode in migration. 

  • Turbo Mode: To reduce the throttle issue and fast-paced migration we can use turbo mode. Ids can be preserved by turbo mode—(Not applicable if we have a complex folder structure). An Azure account is needed for the purpose. 

Schedule Migration:

Sometimes we may not available to monitor the migration at particular time we can schedule the migration by providing date and time to start the migration. The migration would be completed in scheduled time even if we are away from the PC 

Schedule Migration Process

Migration Reports:

You can find all your migration reports in the reporting section. You can find the reports of any date by using the filter options. You can also export all these reports to file system. 

The report provides detailed information such as migration status (Errors, Warnings, Skip), source, destination details and exception details etc. 

You can also get all the Pre and Post Migration reports. 

Migration Reports and Security Manager Reports

Explore Saketa SharePoint Migrator

Want to know more? Sign up for a free trialhereand experience its awesomeness! 

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