How to measure employee experience using digital intranet?

The rapid adoption of new technology at the workplace is not only settling to just one digital screen time but there is still plenty of room for intranet tools that efficiently optimize and measure the employee experience. Although now the spotlight is all focusing on the future of the digital workplace, ultimately leading to improve the employee experience and potentially tracks intranet success.

For a fact – “By 2022, successful implementations of intranet enhance employee experience and engagement up to 92% and digital workplace productivity by 25%”

Thus, to ensure a positive employee experience, organizations should elevate to measure the efficient employee results and performance metrics. But, before measuring these results, we should clearly define “what is employee experience? and why it matters the most?”. This can be determined by looking at the employee experience lifecycle, which will help achieve major employee-centric milestones through digital touchpoints.

Employee Experience (EX)

In a nutshell, employee experience (EX) holistically enables every interaction which goes along the employee life cycle that involves workplace engagement, internal communication, and collaboration. Over the years, introducing employee experience across the workplace has raised exponentially. A recent Google search trend highlights employee experience to rank more than 4.5 million hits, claiming to be the biggest HR trend.
Did you know? In a recent survey conducted by McKinsey found that companies with highly engaged employees found to be 25% more profitable than companies with less engaged employees.
As a result of the pandemic, the workforce dynamics has tremendously changed by taking forward, the remote/hybrid model on the lead to the future of digital workplace. Organizations are taking complete cognizance of building a wholesome and positive employee experience. Thus, leveraging your intranet helps improve employee experience, performance management, and hassle-free onboarding process.

How to measure employee experience?

The Covid-19 Pandemic has accelerated the journey of digital transformation. In this journey, measuring employee experience goes a long way but first, let’s reflect on the approach that will give a quick glimpse on the lifecycle of employee experience.

3 Key factors determining employee experience metrics 

According to Jacob Morgan, the most prominent researcher broke down employee experience metrics into three domains. These factors assess how satisfied the employees are in their workplace and with effective digital tools in place, companies could ensure improved collaboration, real-time communication, productivity, and engagement. Let’s pinpoint 3 key areas that greatly impact employee experience:
  1. The Workplace environment: Employees are always on the lookout to optimize their skills and knowledge. So, to generate a positive climate at the workplace, companies should prioritize training and onboarding programs, build an employee intranet platform across teams to encourage collaboration and communication as well as foster workflow management systems.
  1. Digital technology: Integrated HR systems and social intranet applications easily with mobile-friendly features which help employees for performing day-to-day responsibilities, access to employee-centric content and track productivity for generating employee engagement and successful digital workplace solutions.
  1. Company Culture: The sum of the culture at a workplace is designed for its core objectives, set values, goals, and practices. Thus, a well-structured and encouraging workplace will help employees better understand what they are working to excel and using digital tools like intranet will ensure high engagement which will impact the overall employee experience.

6 Best KPIs to measure employee experience using digital intranet:

Now that we have understood the three key factors determining employee experience, here we present concrete ways on how to measure employee experience with the support of digital intranet:
  1. Employee onboarding and recruitment:
Due to fast turnover, most employees get convinced to stay or leave the workplace within the 3 months from joining. It becomes important to put the best foot forward and go beyond to improve effective employee onboarding process. Thus, in this onboarding journey the HR recruitment team is expected to generate hundreds of datasheets persisting to each hire. In this case, the all-in-one intranet platform will help you structure and speed up the automation process hassle-free and up to date without any risk of errors. Here, we have put together a well-designed short infographic that showcases 3 Top employee onboarding insights of 2021/2022 that showcases the essential objectives, benefits, and challenges by using digital intranet. Due to fast turnover, most employees get convinced to stay or leave the workplace within the 3 months from joining. It becomes important to put the best foot forward and go beyond to improve the effective employee onboarding process. Thus, in this onboarding journey, the HR recruitment team is expected to generate hundreds of datasheets persisting to each hire. In this case, the all-in-one intranet platform helps you structure and speed up the automation process stress-free and up to date without any errors. Here, we have put together a well-designed short infographic that picturizes 3 top employee onboarding insights of 2021/2022 that showcases the top objectives, benefits, and challenges by using a digital intranet. Keeping your employee onboarding and recruitment drive in the loop is quite a task to handle. Thus, with Saketa – employee onboarding is made simple to track onboarding workflow anytime, from anywhere. Seamlessly integrating this onboarding dashboard will ensure the following:
  • Constant check on the resource pipeline
  • Get each onboarding stage-wise status
  • Updated details of the prospective employee to be onboarded
  • Track and update additional checklists or make changes to the specific role and designation
  • Capture important data, timelines or actions that must be taken
Therefore, onboarding platforms empowers employees to efficiently manage and identify bottlenecks and finally facilitate improved employee experience, engagement, and increased intranet adoption.

2. Conduct employee feedback and surveys via intranet:

One of the secrets of a successful digital intranet is understanding the relevant implementations and needs of the employees. However, carrying out open-end survey questions through a social intranet platform allows employees to provide anonymous feedback that captures multiple sources of improvement, contributing to an effective way to measure the employee experience.

3. Track Employee engagement metrics

An employee intranet platform is a centralized hub for providing company updates, information and content to improve employee experience and employee. However, while tracking and analyzing the tool, the question raises – whether employees are engaging and enjoying the intranet platform?
A survey conducted by Gallup observed 4 out of 5 employees are socially interacting with other co-workers on intranet platform which increases employee engagement
Thus, keeping track of the click-through rates such as monitoring employees’ internal tags, likes, comments and shared contents within your digital intranet will give an accurate result in measuring successful employee experience and intranet performance.

4. Easy access to employee-generated content:

Measuring the amount of employee-centric content across the platform enables widespread participation, collaboration, and interaction of meaningful employee connections

After implementation, employee-centric content gets 4X more engagement

This way they can easily contribute and support the digital-focused workforce by personalized content and sharing trending topics which channelizing vibrant internal communication. Therefore, by harvesting powerful social intranet platforms, we will be climbing one level each time to improve workplace collaboration and digital employee experience.

5. Tailor overall digital experience with employee advocacy:

Investing completely in acquiring employee satisfaction results by implementing an efficient intranet platform is crucial to understanding and measuring end-user experience. However, there is a saying “A disengaged employee urges to jump the ship for better opportunities”.

Latest trends suggest that 2/3rd of the employees use intranet tools to complete daily tasks

Considering the digital aspect of optimizing employee experience, tools like Microsoft Team, a powerful third-party application that with full integration can seamlessly bring together people to collaborate, communicate, share knowledge, content, and resources within the workplace. Therefore, building an overall employee experience plays a huge role in amplifying the new era of digital transformation.

6. Measure productivity and time to promote intranet success:

One of the primary features to integrate the intranet platform is to increase the productivity level and time proficiency across the workplace – so keeping a constant check on the product pipeline and data is a must. Monitoring these metrics such as task completion rates, scheduled projects delivered, tracking each employees’ tasks and much more will help reduce costs, improve efficiency, and save time. Therefore, this, in turn, ensures employee experience and increases effective intranet success.

Wrap Up:

A holistic intranet approach glued with an effective digital workplace culture will create a positive employee experience. With the right digital employee intranet in place, it unifies and empowers companies to enable improved productivity, collaboration, and engagement. To know more on how to better optimize intranet that will help boost better employee experience. Head to our blog that will guide you through the Top 8 ways to reboot modern intranet by setting up powerful employee experience.

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