File System Inventory & everything you need to know about it

Planning to migrate from File System to SharePoint?

You’ve made a great choice! But that’s not it, you need to analyze your content as well. Analyzing content is important because there are some limitations in SharePoint which can disrupt your migration.  

Let’s see some of the limitations of SharePoint:

  • SharePoint restricts some special characters in folder/file names. 
  • SharePoint restricts some end fragments in folder/file names. 
  • Each SharePoint version contains different blocked extensions. 
  • SharePoint limits the length of folder/file names. 
  • SharePoint restricts the URL path for folder/file. 
  • SharePoint rejects the file if the size limit is reached. 

You can find all the limitations here. These limitations are enough for you to realize that migrating to SharePoint without proper analysis is not a good choice. So, a tool that serves your purpose is to be considered.  

There are many migration tools out there in the market but, there are only a few tools that ease your migration process. One such tool is the Saketa SharePoint Migrator. This tool has a feature called File System Inventory which helps you to analyze your content. Let’s see how the Saketa File System inventory eases the migration process.  

Benefits of Saketa File system Inventory: 

  • Saketa File system inventory generates a detailed report by analyzing both your content and limitations of the specific SharePoint version that you want to migrate to. 
  • This inventory report provides metrics that include the size of content, percentage of folders/files that are success/failure. 
  •  Inventory report helps you to distinguish the errors based on categories like unsupported characters in file names, blocked extensions, file size too large and other limitations of SharePoint that are mentioned earlier. 
  • Inventory report provides a summary report which contains details for each folder/file and issues for that specific folder/file. 

All these standout benefits make your planning better and migration hassle-free. There are some other cool features in saketa SharePoint migrator which you may like. 

Other key benefits of saketa SharePoint migrator:

  • Pre-migration check and Post-migration check for SharePoint to SharePoint and File system to SharePoint migration 
  • Turbo mode for quick migrations
  • Migration of selective items using custom query (CAML query)
  • Importing Files to SharePoint using File paths and metadata provided in Excel 

Choose Saketa SharePoint Migrator to experience seamless migration of your content.

To install, contact our support team or click

Happy Migration!

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