Essential Features Your Insurance Intranet Software Must Have

Top Insurance Intranet features you must know

By enabling insurers with efficient ways to connect, collaborate, track work, and adapt to learnings on the job, the use of insurance intranet software exemplifies simplicity and ease of access. If you run an insurance business and are looking to scale with a smart workplace of the future – this blog highlights essential features your insurance intranet software must have.

Digital workplaces require agile and responsive maintenance, to ensure that work is uninterrupted, and employees save time with error-free output. Without a fully governed intranet solution, you cannot unlock key components of organic growth in a competitive industry landscape, i.e., Smart Collaboration and Connectivity is quintessential to modernization.

Saketa intranet centralizes your organizational activities, delivering value to employees and making their work easier, accountable, interactive, and engaging. Bridging the gap between the workforce demands and technical debt pent up over time, intranets are an effective way to amplify your digital experiences.

Insurance Intranet Must Be User-Centric

The value of insurance intranet software is especially observed across the processes of a company to function as a single entity with diverse capabilities at each user touchpoint. When are you aware of the intricacies of business functions, you can utilize data-driven insights to make improvements on time.

By identifying the needs of employees, being at the core of your organization, an intranet solution merges connectivity with transparency in all enduring processes. Wherever there’s data, the intranet provides an interface to access and manipulate workflows judiciously.

Exploring what makes the optimal intranet software for insurance companies, the following post combines insights gathered from deploying industry leading Intranet Software for InsurTech – Saketa Intranet.

Components Of Digital Workplace

Find more about the distinct capabilities of Saketa intranet features.

What is Achieved by An Intranet Software for Insurance?

To realize the demand for digital workplaces powered by intelligent intranet solutions, business leaders often start with the pressing concern, what impedes the urgency for innovation at my organization?

In the 2022 State of Digital Transformation Report addressed is a survey of more than 1000 business leaders showing the following insights about Corporate America’s readiness for innovation this year.

The report states that global business process automation market should grow to $19.6 billion by 2026, showing the rate of digital adoption is high across industries. The urgency of innovating with business apps for productivity is delivered by a smart workplace system to govern data and business growth. To build a fully governed system that can manage itself, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and BPA (Business Process Automation) proves vital in your enterprise strategy going forward.

To avoid data silos and engage the workforce with all productivity tools required to excel, leadership is often tasked with the capacity to produce results within stringent timeframes. Using experiential insights, managers and administrators can access crucial information about any function based on the intranet’s governance methods and policies. For example, Saketa offers a fully governed operational suite to administer user priorities and mitigate potential risks.

This enables effective network policies and numerous administrative privileges for the company like,

  • Less risk exposure
  • Maximum process governance
  • Increased data quality
  • Long-term operational visibility
  • Reduced operational costs

Complementing, the rise of highly interconnected and secure workplace necessities – Saketa celebrates employee-centricity at its core by offering immersive technological ease and flexibility with multiple API integration capabilities at the click of a button. Optimizing your information architecture has never been easier.

Intranet Software Functionalities

Saketa’s intranet is people-friendly, packing the power to back organizations of any size. By unifying different departments with unified interface, the console enables a smooth transition of information from one channel to another and gives your employees competitive benefits. Employees gain access to key information regarding projects, and teams can work together from anywhere. Using fast, one-click integrations, Saketa intranet for insurance is a scalable solution that addresses the rising demand for efficient Insurtech innovation. This means your business is going strong every day of the year, and your people are happy with the way they work because of evident process changes.

The fact is that insurance providers are often torn between rapidly evolving technologies and growing urgencies to implement new workforce policies for the modern workplace needs.

Thankfully, enabling access to automation tools offers an optimistic view of networking excellence and security required to run business processes along your value chain.

While adopting a new tech stack can solve many of the industry’s current problems, the only way to remain on top is via continuous innovation in every area of the organization. The longevity of any software solution depends on the main technologies that run your processes, impacting business arrival and retention now and in the future. For insurance, this includes underwriting, claims, distribution, product management and so forth.

Using a cloud-based SaaS product like for insurance, insurers can leverage the best of both priorities – uninterrupted speed and seamlessly scalable architectures. 

Produce Novelty with the Ultimate Insurance Intranet Solution

Saketa intranet centralizes your organizational activities, delivering value to employees by making their work easier, accountable, interactive, and engaging. The value is observed across the insurance value chain when your whole company functions as a single entity with diverse capabilities for innovation. For example, when you are aware of ways to understand employee lifecycle via content management, you can refine the philosophy that drives your organizational outcomes. By identifying the needs of employees, being at the core of your organization, an intranet solution embeds connectivity and transparency in all enduring processes.

Smart Interactivity

According to research, automation reduces repetitive agent work by 80% and cuts claims processing time by 50% overall. Imagine how happy employees would be to perform work that is 10x more rigorous and intensive yet can be done in 1/10th the time using smart workflows. By 2030, processes like underwriting in most businesses will cease to exist, being replaced by automation, ML, and edge computing. To stay ahead by equipping your insurance workplace with cutting-edge capabilities like an intranet solution, you are able to visualize the future of your business using data-driven dashboards and advanced analytics.

Some key benefits of an intranet for insurance are:

  • Improves workplace communication and collaboration
  • Helps employees find information easily
  • Content management is made secure, streamlined, and organized
  • Consolidated processes lead to improved efficiencies in enterprise systems
  • Augment enterprise workflows via intelligent content management
  • In-built analytics for user management and user experience optimization
  • Deploy custom security and cloud governance tools for uninterrupted uptime

What to Think When Choosing an Intranet Software?

Deciding which intranet to go for depends on a few key aspects of your insurance business. Not all intranets were created equal. Each business activity must be met with a change that drives efficient output and outcomes for users. You will have to define a value that supersedes the investment of time and effort taken to study policies that work best for you, and how people and purpose come together via connected experiences of the web.

You may ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the volume of data handled by your organization?
  • What area of business do you aim to derive most value?
  • What is the size of your workforce and distributed resources?
  • What are the processes you want to automate for better outcomes?
  • Does your enterprise infrastructure a fully connected intranet software solution?
  • How sustainable is the intranet software for your business longevity?

Even if you have immediate answers to one or more of the questions above, it’s always imperative to give digital initiatives careful thought. Change is inevitable, and if your organization is well-poised to handle a piece of the future, it stems from user experiences driven by ease with technological innovation and increased availability of automation tools.

No need a Manual to use intranet

By assessing the parameters of your technological performances, you stand a higher chance of incorporating an intranet software that complements your cherished industry positioning.

Regardless of volume, velocity and timing, here are 5 foundational features your insurance intranet software must have to gather optimum results.

  1. Collaboration platforms for maximum connectivity – Enabling increased connectivity in the organization with intelligent dashboards for intuitive user experiences. Keeping the workforce updated and in tune with new developments. For example, Saketa built with cutting-edge Microsoft Business Solutions, is a game-changer for businesses looking for the right tools to manage user activity.
  2. Productivity hacks to derive business insights – Integrate an array of tools to work smart and easy. Gain key insights into employee performance and dedicated resources to grow your company with practical resolutions to problems and policies of business. With visually stunning interfaces and intelligent data boards, your organization is always working on the next best area of improvement.
  3. Data quality governance – Insurance data is sensitive, and thus needs the right governance measures to keep the value. Ensuring that all end points are secure, efficiently managing, and administrating access to the data cloud experience are all concerns faced by insurers. With Saketa, the worry of data breach is zero, because data security is our proficiency, and secure enterprise solutions start with a user-centric intranet architecture.
  4. Omnichannel user experiences – Intranets are most useful when accessed from anywhere, any device, and at your convenient time. Allowing your employees to take work home, or even to Paris, might just be the biggest investment in your 2022 business roadmap. The biggest benefit of insurance intranet is the ability to scale a global workforce with ease, without losing out on your market priorities and without compromising on quality of user experiences.
  5. Training resources and user-intended policies – Insurers use intranets to design workplace policies that are employee-friendly and complementary to their preferred style of work, providing training resources and other avenues to upskill and nurture their diverse talents. Your workplace becomes that much more personal to the end-users, who find value in spending time with you and thus influences continous workplace loyalty. In fact, your HR department will be the biggest advocate of a well-designed intranet solution because they ensure nobody forget’s your special day, even if you do.

Building a modern intranet starts with discovering who the user is, what their business intelligence needs are, and how effectively you prioritize digital agility in the various areas of work. The ultimate synergy for enterprise efficiency comes through concerted efforts by business leaders to continuously restructure their digital workplace policies. An intranet is thus a window into the future of your business.

Discover agility at scale with Microsoft award-winning intranet software – Saketa

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