Ensuring Success of your Ideation Business App

The utilization of an ideation business app such as Saketa Idea Board can prove to be a great asset contributing to the success of your digital workplace and moreover, your organization as a whole. Saketa has been dealing with the visions and worries of various clients regarding their idea management techniques. Thus, we bring in the major key points to help you with your ideation business app.

Ideation business app

Importance of an Ideation Business App

While change is necessary for evolution, likewise, taking up new ideas from multiple sources is important as well. Any idea that comes from a limited source or group of people gradually loses its variety and thus, gains redundancy. Therefore, it is important to involve not only the departmental leads and executives but each and every employee in the ideation process. Once everyone starts freely propagating their idea, the management can get into analysis and discussion to come up with a better and more precise version of it. This idea can further be developed into a product or service. Thus, we can say, it indirectly has its roots spread to the company’s overall growth as well.

Ways to Ensure Ideation App Success

While SharePoint Idea Board is one of the simplest apps to use, strategically using it will ensure maximum productivity and positive results.

Extend Ownership

Allow every user in your organization to post a new idea or start a discussion with an already proposed idea. Your Ideation Business Application should have a pros & cons section should also be set up to let the employees express their unbiased opinions freely.

Set up timelines

To ensure that the interest level of employees to come up with new ideas remains intact, a timeline must be set for each idea submitted. If nobody has engaged with the post even after that timeline is over, a notification should go to each user to act upon it and after a final deadline, a report should be mailed to the ideator.


Once the discussion starts on an idea, make sure everyone who gets involved in the discussion is automatically signed for email notifications for the particular topic. Also, keep circulating the interesting aspects that came up in the discussion in your other digital workplace channels such as Teams or Intranet dashboard.


The best ideation apps give a lot of importance to rewarding systems. Whenever a new idea is accepted or is finalized for implementation, the ideator must be recognized publically. There should be a public recognition system that encourages them for their efforts. Idea management is therefore of much importance and we must go for a reliable Ideation business app to yield maximum productivity from it.
idea management

Idea Management

In the world we live in, change is inevitable and the best of things will fizzle away without constant evolution and improvement. Know more.

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