Enhance SharePoint Intranet Solutions with Top Content Plan

Building up an Intranet and setting up the SharePoint Intranet Solutions is quite easy. But the real challenge lies in driving the attention of the employees towards it and maintaining a high level of employee engagement throughout. A well-structured intranet with attractive designs might be of help in attracting the employees in the first place, but content plays the ultimate role in keeping them engaged. Therefore, a great content strategy is key to great communication in a SharePoint intranet.

Content determines the extent of engagement the SharePoint Intranet Solutions experience. If your content is intended to incite the first reaction and keep the users glued, it must be intriguing enough to pull the employees to come back and stay active on the intranet.

Steps to Upgrade the Content of your SharePoint Intranet Solutions

To Enhance Your SharePoint Intranet Solutions

Determine your Content Creators

The very first step is to identify the content demand among your employees and make a list of desired genres that are expected to be ruling the charts of your intranet. Once that is set up, identify the appropriate contributors, assign responsibilities and plan at least a month of your content in advance. If required, set up separate roles for content creation and publishing tasks.

Content Prioritization

SharePoint Intranet Solutions are meant to be the one-stop destination for all the official news, notices, corporate news and information. Therefore, it must be properly sourced, verified and efficiently presented. These roles can be assigned on a volunteer basis while keeping in mind that these responsibilities should not hamper the actual work prioritization of the employees in any way.

Publishing rights

Not everyone should be given equal publishing rights in your intranet. Multiple people can be given admin access and publishing rights of the intranet but their roles can be restricted to their particular genre. They can be given free hand in content curation while being responsible enough to be at their professional best. A central admin can be assigned the task of monitoring and approving the content posted by them. Engagement rises only when there is a versatility accompanied by freshness.

Content Organization

In this hectic professional environment, an intranet should your in-office search engine. An intranet powered by a powerful search feature takes you along in a great way. The way the content is organized is a major factor in determining how successful the content on the intranet will be.

Content Keywords

SEO can be utilized in the SharePoint intranet as well. If each of your intranet content pieces can be optimized with popular tags and keywords, it can help the intranet to optimize the search experience and user dashboards according to their interests. This can be great for finding information as well as showing the most relevant information to the users’ dashboard.

Utilize Templates

Choose the SharePoint Intranet Solutions that offer beautiful and readily usable widgets and templates. As most of the SharePoint intranet contributors might not be experienced writers, these templates will ensure that their work looks as professional as possible. Easy-to-build-on templates enable fast and effective publishing. This also ensures that the people won’t shy away from contributing just due to the hectic publishing process.

User Retention

Employee engagement isn’t achieved in a day. Grabbing attention takes time, effort and some smartness. While starting with your SharePoint Intranet Solutions, you might try out different topics and genres. But as time goes on, you get a good deal of analytics to evaluate the best topics and prepare your content strategy working upon that data. Make it as useful and interesting as possible. Then, follow these content strategies to engage readers better.

A Good Content Strategy can take up SharePoint Intranet Solutions to Great Heights

Internal communication is not just about connectivity or providing information but much more. It plays a major role in building up your corporate culture so that the employees are at ease with these engagement driving processes. Your SharePoint intranet solution and portals are the platforms where your internal communication strategy will engage your people and make them want to contribute to the company’s success. Therefore, it needs to be given special attention to.

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