Adopting an Efficient Employee Onboarding Process

The Employee Onboarding Process is a critical step to uphold the quality of the workforce in an organization. While the recruiters filter out the employees best suited for the organization after several challenges and hardships, the real challenge begins after the recruitment process. You might have secured the best workforce resources for your company but utilizing them to the fullest lies on the employee onboarding process to a large extent.

Significance of a Proper Employee Onboarding Process

The recruitment process is quite a time-consuming HR activity while involving a lot of intense filtration and brainstorming as well. But as soon as the offer letter is sent to the candidate, retaining them is a major concern as well. Likewise, even after the employee joins in, it is the responsibility of the onboarding department to make sure that the employee is able to adapt to this new environment. A proper employee onboarding process will make sure that the lengthy recruitment process does not go in vain. In fact, the new employee feels at home as soon as possible. Employee Onboarding Process

What is the Need for an Onboarding Business App?

Onboarding plays a major role in employee retention. Thus, it is crucial to make the process smooth and friendly for the new joiner. Planning a proper onboarding process can make the work a lot easier for the HRs while impressing the employee as well. This helps with long term relationships. Being a partially redundant process, it is possible to employ a business app to carry them out while the HRs take care of the conversational part. The part covered by the Employee Onboarding Business App can be:
  • Define the roles corresponding to the designations
  • Keep a predefined onboarding template or checklist for the onboarding process in your organization
  • Make sure your new hires are aware of your company’s policies
  • Guide the hire to complete the pre-joining administrative tasks
  • Save details of important touchpoints in the onboarding process, including time and the person responsible for enabling the touchpoint
  • Track onboarding progress from a central place
  • Minimize the turnaround time between the Human Resources, Operations, and IT departments

Elements of an Ideal Employee Onboarding App

An efficient onboarding app aims at minimizing manual interventions and thus shortening the overall process. It also makes sure that the process is transparent enough and most importantly, consistent among all the hires.

Tracking and Reporting

Delay from either the HRs or the candidate might cause a lot of time loss for both. Thus, keeping a track of all the onboarding process progresses is very important in real-time. Your app must have
  • A detailed onboarding dashboard
  • A stage-wise report on the number of new hires in each onboarding stage
  • Specific hire profiles having all their information stored specifically to facilitate keeping a track of them and being informed on their status
  • Advanced search functionality to find individuals in the pipeline

Basic Onboarding Steps and Checklists

The onboarding process should be made as simple as possible. It should be easy to use but efficient at the same time. It should offer features like:
  • Customized checklists in accordance to the organizational administration activities
  • Checking items off the checklist as every stage of the onboarding process proceeds
  • Pre-defined checklists for specific designations

Compliance and Transparency

Compliance and transparency are vital in any kind of process. The Employee onboarding app must offer:
  • Audit records of each employee onboarded, ensuring compliance with the hiring process
  • Accountability at every stage of the onboarding process by capturing the information of the person taking action at each stage
  • Important information capture such as the dates and times when action was taken for each employee


A good onboarding business app should offer a sense of belongingness to the new employees. Above all, it should add a touch of motivation to explore the new workplace while removing every trace of hesitation. Moreover, with an automated onboarding process, the heap of paperwork on joining minimizes or at least becomes easier to complete. Instead, the time saved can be utilized to understand the organizational values, exploring the workplace, and making new friends.

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