Employee Engagement Best Practices 2023

Improving employee engagement is undeniably one of the most efficient business-boosting technique. This makes the employee engagement best practices intrinsically important as well. Engaged employees are sure to be better in terms of efficiency and productivity.

Therefore, there must be a proper employee engagement action plan in place that every organization should look forward to. While the present employee engagement stats might either be disappointing or super-satisfactory, going in for the proper employee engagement best practices helps in every situation.

Employee Engagement Best Practices 2023 Tips

A lot of things can be done to bring in a change. Keep the following employee engagement best practices in mind and you’ll end up seeing the results you’re looking for.

Employee Engagement Best Practices 2021

1. Build connections that are human

Collaboration demands professional connections but in any type of connection, it’s the basic instinct of the people to give importance to human connection over professional ones. So, utilizing the human side is thus a major influencing factor of employee engagement of a company. Build interpersonal trust among the employees and they will contribute more than you could ever expect.

2. Extend Support

Every employee cannot be performing at their best every time. Providing special support to the ones underperforming and helping them solve the issues hindering their growth can be a great help in enhancing employee engagement.

3. Recognize and encourage the “Star employees”

Influencer culture works not only for social media but for internal employee engagement platforms as well. Identify the top-performing employees and publicly acknowledge them on your digital workplace platform.

If your company intranet has plenty of these influencers in place, their individual posting, commenting, rating, and other activities will act as a great encouragement to the other comparatively inactive employees. This can help move your business forward.

4. Set Goals and Responsibilities

Every employee must be well aware of the tasks assigned to them. Aimless hard work is of no use and makes employee engagement suffer. Your digital workplace platform must give them access to a dashboard or sections where they get to know their goals and responsibilities as well as take up the charge by planning further individually as well. Applications like project tracker and timesheet can be of great help.

5. Involve the Executives and Management

People are led by examples. One of the best employee engagement best practices is to provide a role model or inspiration to your workforce. The top executives must be active on your company intranet and must be approachable as well.

If you can prove to be a good intranet influencer, your employees are sure to follow and enhance their engagement rate too.

6. Be careful with hiring and onboarding

The recruiters must be aware of the kind of hires expected who can contribute to the overall employee engagement experience. Apart from hiring the bests, the process of Onboarding plays a major role in determining how engaged these employees will be. Ensuring a smooth Onboarding process will make sure that future engagement levels are taken care of right from day one.

7. Encourage teamwork

Encouraging teamwork, facilitating communication and enhancing collaboration act as wonderful shortcuts to increase levels of engagement. Encourage feedback and other interaction on your employee engagement platform. This can effectively help engage the team players and the solo-workers alike.

8. Promote open  communication

Communication is the key. Staggered communication is one of the severest barriers in the professional world and can exponentially harm employee engagement levels if not taken seriously. When the employees are free to speak out their ideas, needs, comments, or questions, the employee engagement level will automatically rise.

Promote open communication. Business Apps like Idea board can be of great help. Be transparent and make your employees feel heard. Once they feel important to the organization, they will naturally give their best.

9. Don’t miss out on the fun part

If employees aren’t interested enough, they would work but not up to their complete potential. Sometimes, enhancing interest is a bit tacky. If you can inculcate fun in the employee’s job, it will benefit your organization. A lot of fun activities can be planned out on the intranet HR portal. Breaking up the monotonous spell is what brings in freshness in work and thus contributes in the overall productivity. Give your employees as much freedom as possible unless the work is affected in a negative way.

Employee Engagement Best Practices implies to Productivity

Driving Employee Engagement is a slow and steady process. Being consistent with your efforts and approach matters a lot.

Anyways, this was our list of employee engagement best practices that can do wonders by contributing to your employee engagement strategy and thus, improving employee engagement in your company. Just keep a track of your progress, devise a plan, and analyze it from time to time. A good amount of effort brings in a good result as well.

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