Driving your Intranet Adoption Successfully

An effective intranet adoption can be a major factor in determining the productivity brought in from internal communication, collaboration and employee engagement in an organization. In every organization, a good fraction of employees doesn’t utilize the company intranet by any means just due to lack of knowledge of the platform.

Getting your Employees to really utilize your social intranet can be quite a challenge, to begin with.

For some individuals, a dread of the new unknown can be sufficient to impede progress. Fortunately, there are various things you can do to ensure your social intranet isn’t just being used but being utilized to its full potential. Start with simple tips, follow Intranet Best Practices and then gradually get innovative with how you can give them an advanced collaboration experience.

There are a few different ways to drive intranet user adoption, during, and after setting up your intranet platform.

Intranet adoption

Reasons Behind Poor Intranet Adoption

Ever pondered upon what are the reasons that lead to intranet adoption fails? Here are some of them:

Complicated Framework

User-friendliness is too important for an intranet. A complicated user interface will directly imply that a larger fraction of employees will in general try to avoid it. If the intranet isn’t easy to understand and use, intranet adoption will definitely be a significant issue.


Irrelevant content kills the mood. Content should be new, crisp, and relatable. At the point when the employees sign into the intranet, they must not come across obsolete or outdated content, else, losing interest is a common phenomenon.

Tips to Implement a Great Employee Intranet Adoption

Build your employee intranet portal based upon the user’s point of view. Carry out a survey before implementing the intranet as well as continuous review from your users to get a comprehension of what exactly do they need. You can carry out the intranet and train them to utilize the intranet.

Pay attention to User Feedbacks

Your present intranet needs may evolve with time. Get your user feedbacks regularly to ensure that the purpose is always being fulfilled. Recognize potential pain points, and discover approaches to fix them for greater ease of use.

Screen intranet user metrics, look for user inputs, analyze your Digital Workplace ROI and go for customizations if required.

Focus upon Regular Content Creation

One of the major pitfalls that lead to a failed SharePoint Intranet adoption is letting your content go irrelevant, obsolete, and backdated. Nobody will like to engage over a platform that is unable to serve something new every now and then. This can make it feel like your intranet has ground to a halt and that no one is utilizing it. With consistent new content creation, you can easily beat this issue.

Work through Transitions

SharePoint intranets, assist you with smoothing out your existing business processes to aid profitability. Yet it is important to make your employees comfortable through these technological transformations. these might include initiatives like organizing training and workshops to understand the intranet better. Don’t force them off from one platform to another, instead, efficiently engage them on the intranet so that they organically get used to it.

Add a Tinch of Fun

Social intranets are, obviously, essentially utilized for overall professional needs, but there’s no harm in defying the monotony by adding fun elements. This in turn will help with engagement and productivity.

Make it as interactive as possible with quizzes, competitions, challenges, surveys, and off-subject conversations as well. You don’t need to go over the edge — little components of fun are typically everything necessary to bring in a major effect.

Be Experimental

Adopt an Experimental Strategy. The condition of social intranet software is consistently in transition. This implies that you can anticipate new elements to show up as things progress. Adopting a trial and error strategy to experiment with various aspects of collaboration will surely excite your employees by giving them new experiences.

So, by chance, if you have a splendid thought that is somewhat fresh, don’t stop for a second. Share it over your intranet and let your whole organization implement it or at least, brainstorm through it.

Choose an Intranet with a Mobile App

Dealing with remote workers puts up a lot of emphasis on mobility. Accessibility is the pioneer in such cases. Your employees must be able to access your intranet from literally anywhere.

Having an intranet mobile app can bring in a lot of difference. Or, if a mobile intranet app isn’t feasible, at least opt for an intranet that is responsive enough to be used on mobile browsers.

Final Takeaway

An intranet can be a great asset for your organization when it comes to increasing employee engagement, improving collaboration and much more. Your progressing endeavors before, during, and after setting up your intranet will always be a defining factor to ensure organizational success through it. Thus, plan and implement your adoption wisely. 

Managing and Creating A Company Intranet

Enjoy the Best Employee Engagement Experience

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