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There have been so many occasions where we needed to quickly browse through the available lists and create quick queries.

We needed something that can be used by both developers as well as System administrators. We couldn’t find anything that suited our needs so we resorted to developing our own. I figured it needs to be a desktop tool so anyone can just run it on their machine and connect to any SharePoint site. So here we release the tool to the SharePoint community as a free utility – CAML Query Builder.

This utility has the below features available:

  1. Supports SharePoint 2010/2013/Online.
  2. Site Manager which remembers your settings and sites information, so you can use them for the later time. (All the information is encrypted.). You can save as many connections as you want.
  3. This utility shows all lists and libraries from the site you requested and also it will show all the subsites and lists in the site as well.
  4. Better UX design which will help users to better use the tool. Below are the modules available to configure and generate your query.
    1. View Fields: To select what fields to show in the query results.
    2. Order By: used for sorting the results.
    3. Filters: To add where clauses. (Right now grouping support not available.)
    4. Query Options: To select any additional options for generating CAML Query.
  5. This tool also gives the below advantages other than simply generating the query.
    1. Gives CAML Query output
    2. Generates Server Side Object Model Code. So, you can simply hook the piece of code  directly.
    3. Generates Managed Client Object Model Code.
    4. Generates Java script (ECMAScript) Client Object Model Code.
    5. Generates Webservices Code.
    6. Generates Powershell script code.
  6. Export the query to the text file. So, you can share it with others.
  7. Export all languages generated syntax to the text file.
  8. Execute and see the results. So, you make sure your query is correct.
  9. Export the results to Excel.
  10. Along with the query generation, this tool also has the support of showing all list information.
    1. List Metadata
    2. Export the list schema to an xml file.
    3. All fields in the list.
    4. Export fields to the Excel.
    5. Show all Content Types attached to the list.
    6. Export content types to Excel.
    7. See all workflows on the list.
    8. Export workflow details to Excel.
    9. See all Event Receivers on the list.
    10. Export all event receiver details to Excel.
  11. Log viewer is also available. So, users can see if anything is wrong in using the tool.
  12. You can open the list, site, library or any other entity directly from the tool. You will see “open in window” icon everywhere next to them.

Please let me know the feedback at Saketa / Contact Us or you can leave comments here.

Download CAML Query for Free

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