Digital Workplace 2023 Best Practices

Digital Workplace 2023 Best practices are quite important as the Remote Work age has made collaboration platforms such as SharePoint Intranet and Microsoft Teams the integral as well as essential parts of the business modernization of the organizations.

Digital Workplace 2023 Best Practices

2022 is just a week away. So, it is the right time to align our professional and personal goals for the upcoming year. Whether the Goals of previous year  were a success or not, we need to focus upon the next year to make it a success.

Digital Workplace 2021 Best Practices

With Remote work as the new trend that is here to stay, it is a good idea to make the experience as great as possible to keep the employees hooked to the Digital workplace in 2022 as well. To keep the interest alive, we need to make sure our SharePoint Intranet or other collaboration platforms remains an exciting place.

Here are some of the Digital Workplace 2023 best practices to help you out!!!

  • Mobility

Work is no longer location constrained. People are working from literally anywhere. Thus, it has become vital to access information on the go. Therefore, choose a collaboration app or intranet provider that gives you either a mobile-responsive portal or mobile app support must be the prior preference. Digital Workplace needs to be mobile to be efficient.

  • Ownership and Review

Everyone is far away from the old literal supervision. Thus, every employee must take ownership of their jobs in their hand. While it is important to keep reviewing frequently, but the responsibility now is majorly on the employees themselves rather than their reporting managers. The digital platform must be able enough to track that these responsibilities are taken care of while providing tools for reviews as well. Defining ownership and responsibilities as early as you deploy the digital workplace platform will ensure that everyone becomes more responsible and accountable. An effectively thought about digital workplace management will ensure higher productivity.

  • Blended into your Company’s Culture

As long as you can make people feel belonging, they will stay loyal to your organization. And, to do so, let them feel as a part of your company culture even when they cannot be there in the office.
Let anyone put up a suggestion, ideas, and feedback on your company’s intranet portal. Make them feel heard and valued.
Successful and effective collaboration lets people open up by offering ways to contribute to overall organizational growth. Make it a place where everyone gets appropriate credit for their contributions. Organize virtual meetups and even parties. Don’t leave a chance to knit the organization together and just see the magic unfold.

  • Focus on connectivity and searchability

Gone are the days when you could visit a coworker’s desk if you need a file. But the digital workplace platform needs to ensure that your employees don’t feel this void. A digital workplace platform should provide everything readily available at their fingertips. The intranet repository should be as good as a Google search, if not more and the rest can be handled by collaboration apps where you can literally reach your colleague’s desk ( this time at home). This level of a decent digital workplace can surely make 2021 awesome by helping in driving productivity and making a massive impact.

  • Multi-lingual

With geography no longer a barrier, 2020 has opened up the portal to global recruitment. Now you don’t need to be restricted to your particular city, state or even country. Thus, it is a good idea to be prepared with the lingual challenges that might surface soon. Being a Global organization and having diverse workforces comes with some pre-requisites. Working with colleagues from around the world can exciting but multiple languages can challenging as well. Your Digital workplace must be multi-lingual and should also offer translation features to ensure seamless communication flow.

Why is Digital Workplace 2023 crucial?

Remote work will stay popular. Upgrade yourself in the best ways to bridge the distances between the remote workers even after the pandemic is over. Make it smooth for remote workers and far-off offices to stay in touch and work together in the most fun and productive way.

These were our resolves to make Remote work tools like SharePoint Intranet Interesting. Let us know yours in the comments below.

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