Deploy a Modern Intranet for Highly Engaged Employees

When you are committed to a problem-solving strategy, even the most complicated issues may frequently be solved in a straightforward manner. Saketa converts ambiguous circumstances and hazy aphorisms of knowledge into interactive technologies for simplicity of use. This article examines how you can increase employee engagement using modern intranet software.

Saketa’s digital solutions are assisting industries in transforming into leaders at the forefront attributable to innovation in the premier intranet software platform. The key component of digital transformation leveraging interconnectivity in today’s workplace is the modern intranet. Workplaces that are engaging and productive are created by a connected workforce that is equipped with the tools and applications they need to perform their duties.

Modern intranet software from Saketa provides organisational connectivity to support business growth empowering highly engaged employees with a cutting-edge competitive advantage.

To create your organization of the future, modern intranet software is built on Microsoft technology and readily connected with a variety of applications and third-party services. Saketa’s mobile, adaptable, and intuitive intranet experience makes it feasible to harness minimal code development and creativity at scale and velocity among employees.

The key to highly engaged employee experiences is a digital workplace is that leverages intranet connectivity and responsive applications to incorporate organizational changes that deliver value to its main users – your employees.

Employee Engagement Experiences

What are the Benefits of Highly Engaged Employees?

Among the many benefits of highly engaged employees, listed below are some reasons why businesses of all sizes leverage modern intranet software to increase employee engagement.

1. Improved group performance

Examine how your employees communicate, carry out their duties, and add to your content repositories. Effective collaboration between teams and organisations working together is sparked by readily available intranet data.

2. Enhanced employee productivity

Employees may approach work more actively, creatively, and decisively attributable to improved connectivity and access to company resources. The implementation of intuitive intranet capabilities has a direct impact on the increased productivity levels of employees.

3. Fulfilling collective goals

Through the intranet, everyone on board can benefit from a shared platform that communicates the company’s goal. Transparent communication enabled by intranets empower its users to measure progress and make better decisions as a team.

4. Less anxiety at work

An essential component of the digital workplace setup is making work joyful. Employees who have easy access to what they need for work also report less stress at work and more rewarding interactions with co-workers.

5. Lessens chance of burnout

Modern intranets are designed to support workflows that minimise the time and effort required to complete tasks. This is accomplished through intelligent automation and responsive web applications. Employees can thus continue to be involved in a variety of company activities while completing mission-critical jobs at the office or working from home.

6. Reduced employee absences

Social interactivity is incorporated into intranets to involve and encompass staff members across the organization. Employees are more likely to show up and stick around at work when interactive events and rewarding opportunities become more accessible on their devices.

7. Lower turnover rates and improved staff retention

Businesses can streamline processes and reduce expenses along the whole value chain by using modern intranet software applications. Intranets’ integrated digital agility has an impact on the reliability and effectiveness of enterprises. Intuitive workflows increase employee engagement, which lowers turnover and increases key asset retention.

8. Robust employer branding and ambassadorship

Actively participating groups typically perform at the best interests of organizations. Intranet policies and intranet advocacy can be utilized to enable uniformity while supporting your company’s workforce, culture, and mission.

9. Easier recruitment

Using intranets, businesses may connect highly engaged employees across sizable cross-functional teams to expand its reach and value. By taking advantage of modernization, businesses can access and hire from a global talent pool that raises the bar for innovation and leadership, while reducing costs involved in hiring across borders.

Modern Intranets Manage a Highly Engaged Workforce

The goal of intranet modernization is to deliver value to every stakeholder of the intranet experience wherever they are, and whichever device they use. A corporation can further improve internal communications and promote a culture of leadership with highly engaged employees, utilizing interactive employee engagement activities via the intranet.

The response to intranet connectivity organization-wide is not only more favourable, but also makes it easier to administer and take the necessary steps to promote corporate growth. Highly engaged employee experiences are essential for business growth, and intranets are used in many fields of employment to foster employee loyalty.

You get a competitive edge in employee management and in implementing your vision for rapid corporate growth by taking a comprehensive view of the workflows, process lifecycles, and employee experience as they relate to business.

How to Engage Employees Using Modern Intranet Software?

The rewarding ways that contemporary intranets can support your efforts to engage your employees better and more frequently are described in the following sections.

1. Sharing Company Stories to Promote Engagement (if You Don’t Spam, Of Course)

Sharing one’s successes and failures with others encourages conversation among co-workers. This practice promotes psychological safety at work and social bonding.

Encouragement of employees to publish interesting content is one of the most effective strategies to foster highly engaged employees using an intranet. Promoting internal communications allows your entire workforce to interact with personal stories, business milestones, career possibilities, and much more to generate buzz and keep employees motivated. By leveraging automation, a purposefully created intranet platform combines communication and collaboration to keep your employees interested and motivated.

2. Ensuring That Leaders Are Making Their Staff Feel Appreciated and Recognized

The most motivated employees frequently go unnoticed by others outside of their team or manager. Their enthusiasm may be obvious to people with whom they deal frequently, yet it goes overlooked in other areas of the workplace.

During an all-hands gathering or in a memo to the company as a whole, some managers will seek outward ways to recognise the dedication and hard work of their staff members. Although this is a considerate method to let others know about excellent performers, not all managers take this action.

By amplifying successes through newsletters and announcements, intranet software creates a venue for top-down, corporate-wide feedback. However, as was already noted, you’ll find yourself bombarding staff members with pointless notifications without being able to guarantee that your content will stand out in a cloud of other highlighted, similarly “essential” material.

When your site supports peer-to-peer acknowledgment, there are many additional opportunities. The attitude of success will be enhanced by encouraging everyone within the organisation to acknowledge one another, not just the best of the best. The encouraged employee behaviours can be demonstrated by rewarding people who exhibit business values. The intranet provides all the information employees require about your business in a simple-to-manage interface.

Amplifying Successes Awards

3. Measure the Level of Employee Engagement at Each Stage of their Workplace Experience

It might be difficult to measure employee engagement accurately. The reason for this is that the phrase has no widely agreed definition. For some companies, it has to do with joy. Others may be concerned with commitment, contentment, or even sleep patterns. So, what really defines highly engaged employees?

Sometimes intranet vendors will claim that users are more invested with the platform the more they click and browse it. But is intranet activity the most effective approach to gauge employees’ feelings and, more crucially, their level of interaction? Focusing only on these alleged engagement rates and superficial metrics might be a serious mistake, especially if you depend on them to maintain low attrition and high commitment.

Employee Experience Metrics of Saketa

It’s true that using an intranet makes cooperation and accomplishments more visible, and you might say that it serves as a setting where employee engagement is more visibly demonstrated (especially using a modern digital workplace). The right strategy, though, isn’t to conclude that James is more engaged than Sarah simply because they publish mostly on your internal network.

Think about this. Is it actually interaction if someone clicks about 150 times before giving up on finding what they’re looking for? Wouldn’t you rather that it takes your people the fewest number of mouse clicks to find what they’re searching for?

If you take a deeper look, it’s likely that this “intranet engagement” is actually the result of poor planning, which forces users to wade over confusing, out-of-date information, error messages, and a tonne of spam.

As a result, creating an intranet that is customised for your business and its users is necessary for enhancing employee engagement. 

Intranet Employee Engagement is Enhanced, But to What Extent?

Yes, every HR professional is aware that it might be difficult to convince employees to attend the newest business events. Particularly when working remotely, where it can be difficult to establish a connection, and everyone is sick of videoconferencing every day over the COVID-19 pandemic. However, highly engaged employees require daily, deliberate avenues to perform, and an intranet is only a tool for facilitating and unifying their digital workplace experiences.

Any organization’s leaders should not rely solely on using intranet software to address the issue of employee engagement and assume resolution. Recognize that one of the three components to employee success is engagement.

Components to employee success

Additionally, you must give celebration and enablement equal emphasis if you want your employees to be successful.

  • How do you encourage your staff to go above and beyond?
  • How do you share successes and anniversaries with the group members who make up your business?

Wrapping up!

Possibly you wish to adopt an intranet to improve employee engagement and culture. Although you have the best of intentions, your key focus should be on assisting your people in achieving success.

Intranets frequently promise to address fundamental problems afflicting disconnected businesses and individuals. And the benefits of intranet deployment are undeniably accurate and further enhanced with modernization.

But consider your employee experience as a whole and opt for a platform that prioritises employee success rather than just engagement. Prioritize using intranet software which makes people willing to learn, participate, capable of doing so, and appreciated for their efforts. If implemented well, this can have a resonant, group effect, resulting in broader enthusiasm and boosted employee engagement, retention, and happiness.

Prioritize an Intranet for Employee Success

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