‘Data on the Move’ Means Data at Risk : Really?? Think Again!

The world today is data-driven, be it the professional data or personal ones. Data is stored, analyzed, and utilized in tasks as meager as ordering food online or in tasks as significant as maintaining the Intelligence reports of a country.  Data is the fuel to any and every type of task that is needed to be accomplished.  And with the advancement in technology and the internet, it has become a trend as well as a requirement to keep the data accessible from any part of the world. Technologies like cloud storage have virtually nullified the distance between any two parts of the world, thus creating a super-convenient flexible global working environment. Millennials nowadays, no longer prefer being bounded to the offices and use their own devices for work on the go. Carrying out as well as accessing our work from any corner of the world, gradually transforming it into a global village is a great option for the employees who get granted their desired freedom as well as the employers whose well-being depends upon its employees’ work satisfaction which is directly proportional to their efficiency.   

Therefore, most of the businesses nowadays are looking forward to completely mobilizing their databases by migrating to Cloud as well as through SharePoint Migration services.  

How Is Data at Risk?

Everything good comes its counterpart and so is it in this case. Online data is known to be prone to data breaches. A data breach is the incident of unauthorized access and/or disclosure of sensitive, confidential, or protected data. Data at risk can be a company’s worst nightmare. Data breaches pose a great risk to the security and integrity of any individual or organization. They also have a humongous negative effect on customer trust.  Thus, every organization needs to invest proficiently in securing its databases and confidential or sensitive documents and thus, safeguarding precious intellectual property. 

Data On Move Data At RiskThe greatest threats posed on the online data are:

Hacking and Data & Intellectual Property Theft 

Hacking simply refers to the gaining of unauthorized access to data in a system or computer. The security essentially needs to be among the top priorities for any kind of organization. Be it the simplest data such as the employee list or the high-profile data such as Company secrets, when leaked or stolen, can have catastrophic effects. This data can easily be used by rivals or even worse, by imposters who can carry out misdeeds, disguised as the company. 

Confidential Data theft or Stolen Credentials 

Data breaches involving personal information such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, passwords and healthcare histories, as well as corporate information, such as customer lists, manufacturing processes and software source code are some of the most common ones found. Infiltration to a secure network by means of Identity replication is one of the most serious repercussions it can lead to. 

Non-Consensual data collection by 3rd party apps 

Some apps and websites collect our basic as well as personal information without our consent, which are further sold to other organizations for business purposes. This is purely a glitch to our basic privacy rights. 

Stored Data Lost 

Online Data can sometimes be lost due to non-malicious activities too. A disaster, damage or simply loss of encryption keys can lead to data loss. 

But wait… You are living in an era where technology rules everything…. where people are smart enough to find a technical solution to any of their problems. So, did you really think that these problems are so grave that you need to quit using online data?? No way!!!  

Cyber Security tools 

A lot of new cybersecurity tools are being designed and launched every now and then to store these data in such a way that only authorized access is possible. Along with it, Cloud managers are assigned specifically the task of keeping the cloud safe. Vault tools are designed just to make sure that the credentials are encrypted and kept safely away from external access.  In the case of SharePoint content, a dedicated SharePoint Security manager makes it a great choice to avoid such risks.


Security features should be multi-layered to ensure more and more confidentiality. And encryption is the most common, yet ever-useful layer. The data on the cloud should essentially be adequately encrypted when it is just stored online as well as when it is in transit across the internet. Along with it, a lot of anti-spam, monitoring, and malware tools are working along to ensure greater security from data security attacks.


Backups are the greatest saviors in cases of accidental or malicious glitches and can prevent a whole lot of problems, the most severe one being the disruption in the work of the whole organization. Also, the myth that cloud backup is unsafe is an absolutely baseless pre-assumption. They are absolutely safe, secure, and essential as well. The habit of keeping backups and archives can lead to a very stress-free post-data loss environment if any. Therefore backup should always go alongside data security risks mitigation measures. 

Multiple-step Authentications 

Most online data systems nowadays use multiple authentications. Here the authorized user must surpass more than one credential checks such as ‘Password+Email’ or ‘Password+email+phone’ or ‘Password+Email+Phone+Security Question’ etc….and the number of credentials can go on and on depending upon the security level desired for the data.  

Biometric Authentication 

Biometric authentication is one of the safest approaches to keep online data safe. Here, the user’s unique biological features are used to provide access to the data. Forging in Biometric authentication is almost impossible, thus making it the safest data securing method. 

Cyber Security Cells 

Even after so many security measures, if something inevitable happens, almost every country has a highly active Cyber Security Cell. This department looks after all cases of online thefts, breaches, and frauds to ensure quick remittance to data security concerns.  


So, Do you still think it’s a bad idea to maintain Data on the go? I’m pretty sure, you don’t. Data at risk is a concern but can be tackled very efficiently. Why not know more about Migrating and making your first move towards digitalizing your workspace!

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