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A SharePoint Intranet solution enhances your Digital Workplace experience by delivering great employee engagement, collaboration and productivity. 

SharePoint Intranet Solution

The digital workplace has been an ever-evolving solution that caters to the exponentially increasing remote workforce to empower them for various business processes. As an organization grows and expands across geographical regions, it’s become more evident to have an employee intranet software to achieve standard communication, collaboration, and immense document management flexibility.  

An efficient intranet platform with a proper technological investment, brings in a perfect blend of knowledge management, content, collaboration, communication and social interaction for a broader organizational connectivity. Employee intranet platforms thus turn out to be among the most rapidly adopted tools for the digital workplace modernization in every industry. 

This in turn empowers the remote workforce to unlock their full potential and stay on top of their game.  

Business Value Delivered by An Intranet

An Employee intranet platform is a connecting link between the employees in an organization. It establishes interconnectivity to support engagement and interaction. It also reflects the employee interests as well as that of the company as a whole. This gives a boost to the work culture.    

A business that opts for an employee intranet solution surely gets to witness higher employee morale which exponentially improves internal collaboration and communication. This helps with overall productivity. If invested wisely, an employee intranet solution can deliver great business value to your organization. 

Why Opt for a SharePoint Intranet solution?

If you are a decision maker and you are trying to analyze if going for an intranet is a good choice, let us help you out.

  • Your employees get to extensively share their knowledge among their Teammates and other departments as well, to ensure the continuity of peer-to-peer learning.  
  • The simplified communication offered by company intranet platforms ensure that the employees do not miss their one-to-one in-office conversations and instead have its virtual alternative through Enterprise Intranet Solutions. 
  • An intranet gives a glimpse to the organizational culture and work process as a whole. With every information out there on a single portal, the organizational transparency increases greatly as the whole company can engage in a broader discussion through it. 
  • Being connected, accessible and well-informed naturally boosts morale and productivity of the employees by imbibing a sense of importance and belongingness among them 
  • Having a platform containing all the relevant information, document libraries and employee directory saves a lot of time and ensures that the employees get their work done quickly 

Must Haves for the Success of Your Intranet

An Employee Intranet solution aims at giving the maximum coverage to allow the proper communication and collaboration of the employees. Maintaining these can help you have amazing digital workplace experience.

Corporate Homepage  

The employee intranet journey starts with a corporate homepage. The homepage contains a summary of all the elements that can be explored throughout the employee intranet solution and contain quick access to each of those sections. It is basically the first element that catches the attention of the users and goes on to establish a long-term engagement with them.  

Unified Content, Communication & Collaboration 

The purpose of the Employee intranet solution is fruitful only when it is widely used by all the employees willingly and in fact, they wish to come back to it again and again not just because they are compelled to due to work purpose, but because they find it engaging and intriguing.  The content in a corporate social intranet should be engaging enough to arouse that interest and collaboration should be smooth enough to ensure ease that leads to great communication naturally.  

Collaboration with a Team/Function/Unit 

An Employee Intranet Software or Solution is supposed to be the gateway to accessing the different aspects of the organization by people with different needs, be it handling the important information, peer to peer conversations, or official communication.  Therefore, an intranet platform provides quick and seamless access to tools and applications required to connect the members of a Team or even promote inter-Team communication. The ease and simplification of communication and collaboration ensure synchronization among the team members, evicting all kinds of communication gaps. 

Integrate with Business apps  

The aim of establishing a Digital workplace is always to ease the employees with the communication and collaboration part so that they can concentrate on the real work they are assigned toSo, every employee’s expectation from a company intranet thus remains to unify all their work at a single space. Therefore, won’t it be fun if all the important business apps could be integrated into it? Yes, they can be. 

User Feedback & Improvements 

There should be tools that allow every employee to give suggestions either for the overall company’s interest or to a co-employee irrespective of anyone‘s designation. Usually, people refrain from suggesting to people who are senior to them or even to their colleagues to maintain their personal bonds at the cost of their professional improvements. An added feature of Anonymity can help a lot in this regard. 


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