Corporate Intranet Security Threats to Avoid

An intranet is essential for modern corporations, particularly those attempting to maximize the benefits of digital transformation.

Companies should constantly prioritize intranet security to protect their data, people, processes, and reputation. Because the network is an internal network, many companies believe that intranets are immune to all forms of external attacks. Cyber-attacks can however affect organizations of all sizes, not just the largest. A business intranet is vulnerable to internal and external intranet security threats and understanding how to deal with them is critical to company security.

3 key components of Corporate Intranet security?

3 Key Component Of Corporate Intranet Security

The following section lists ten common intranet security threats to avoid for continuous and secure company activities.

10 Common Intranet Security Threats

An “Intranet is a network” owned” by a single organization that controls its security rules and network operations,” according to Oracle.
A modern intranet meets the information and data governance needs, necessitating good control and corporate policy management.

As a result of increased corporate activity, it is critical that you are aware of both external and internal intranet security issues, as listed below, to act and prevent any damage to your business, your people, and data.

1. Threats to network security

External and internal threats are both prevalent. A few are intentional threats by third-parties or due to unregulated user activity, whereas others aren’t. It is best to deploy a security and firewall software such as McAfee Network Threat Response. 

Saketa’s modern intranet comes with in-built security and governance features that alerts users of risky intranet activity beforehand.

2. Network intrusions

There have recently been number of reports of network attacks. A network-based intrusion prevention system (IPS) or intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS) can provide excellent security. They can also be used to track network activity to identify and avoid well-known vulnerabilities and cyberattacks.

3. Breach of security

When an intranet confronts unusual traffic, such as phishing, spam, malware, spyware, and adware, an efficient internet filter (and firewall) will effectively prohibit the anomalous activity from accessing the network.

4. Unauthorized access

This occurs far too frequently whenever an unauthorised direct or indirect user acquires access to records and corporate assets housed on an internal network. It may be prudent to use strong authentication such as keys, swipe cards, passwords, or biometrics, in addition to installing a bastion server before granting a user entry to the intranet. 

Companies can effectively monitor and control permissions using advanced intranet analytics and SharePoint administration privileges.

5. Security policy violations

Intranet users frequently undertake illegitimate measures to enter the internal network without appropriate authorization. Internal users need to understand that intranet security risks that breach policy might jeopardize corporate systems and sensitive business data.

Creating awareness among employees and stakeholders about intranet security best practices is clearly an important component of business sustainability to minimize policy violations.

System Security Vs Communication Security

6. User privilege abuse

Users frequently obtain illegal access to systems via the corporate network. Businesses may wish to deploy intranet parental controls to monitor what their staff is performing on the intranet or while using personal computers.

7. Usability issues

There remain users who misuse the intranet for their own reasons, or due to the lack of knowledge of optimum usability. They have no idea how to look for, retrieve, communicate, or exchange information and data, and as a result, may frequently cause more damage than good on the corporate intranet.

Often, your users may require formal training. To ensure that usability is best understood, and intranet security issues are avoided, the best intranets are intuitively created by employing automation and responsive apps. The simplicity of your intranet experience helps improve usability and understand the activity of users better.

8. Harmful content

Network users are at risk of dangerous information (worms, viruses, and Trojan Horses) attached to emails. To guarantee security, companies and consumers must remember to always update their security tools regularly on every PC and web service while using an intranet.

Creating awareness about intranet security threats and dangerous content is a continual effort that reinforces organizational safety for users.

9. Inadequate encryption

If businesses are not using encryption to protect their user experience, exposed “confidential” data is frequently displayed to unauthorized users and cyberattacks. The use of SSL digital certificates can aid in the security of the Intranet.

10. Weak passwords

Users are prone to using weak passwords, writing them down, never changing password, or forgetting those. Server admins must urge members to deal with these difficulties by using difficult-to-guess passwords and combinations and not sharing or writing them down.

Know Your Intranet Security Best Practices

Intranets are designed for internal users rather than external users who do not belong to the private network, such as strategic partners or other companies. However, if a business allows it, such users can be provided access to an intranet. For the best results, both internal and external users must be aware of and well-informed about intranet security best practices.

Read Saketa’s insights on Intranet Security Best Practices to Govern your Digital Workplace in 2022 to learn more about intranet security threats and and how to protect your business operations from internal and external attacks.

Deploy the Most-Secure Corporate Intranet.

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