Digital Collaboration in the Workplace 2023: Decoded

Formulating the best plans for Digital Collaboration in the Workplace 2023 is a must to adapt to the dynamically changing professional world.

Flexible working hours and the advantages of working remotely are no  longer special priviledges – Digital Collaboration has become the new normal.

The demand and necessity of Digital Collaboration have entirely changed the way organizations function. Forget the days when “workplace” referred to a physical space, occupied by the workforce during regular working hours. Today’s workplace is just confined to a laptop screen. More of a flexible one with a flexible work culture!

The employees like to be heard. Even when far away, they wish to share knowledge across the organization and discuss business ideas beyond the usual workgroups. This changing need for employee work experience makes the digital collaboration a pioneer building stone to “The Digital Workplace”. The employees need a space to share and gain knowledge and making it effortless plays an important part in an organization’s goals.

This “Digital Collaboration” simply breaks down communication barriers and enhances the employee experience by bringing in efficiency, innovation and growth.

Collaboration in the Workplace 2022

Is the freelancing community affecting Digital Collaboration?

95% of companies rely on a mixed workforce. The freelancers team up with the employees in the organization to work on projects at an effectively lower cost and no long term commitment. The employers are benefitting from this with a “more flexible teaming”.

This has been a major upliftment to the Digital Workplace supported by one of the important aspects of Digital Collaboration.

Smart and Flexible work environments ensure a smooth workflow and better management of the workplace. Digital Collaboration is therefore a must. However, the usefulness of a Digital Collaboration is enhanced when implemented, correctly.

Here are some of the important aspects to focus on to make a Collaborative Digital Workplace a success:

Digital Collaboration Platform promotes Employee Engagement

The remote workforce is scattered across cities, states, or even globally. And the Work From Home culture has blurred the line between personal and professional lives. It is important to keep the employees significantly engaged so that they like what they are doing. Collaboration in a digital workplace keeps all the employees engaged and well aware of the overall work being done at the organization. Features such as personalized dashboard, news feed, content sharing attributes, instant messages facilities and recent updates help keep employees engaged and up-to-date.

Knowledge Management

It is important to facilitate knowledge sharing to ensure knowledge retention within the workplace. When shared among employees, it can effectively enhance teamwork. As reported by Gartner, Knowledge management as a discipline promotes an integrated approach to overall identifying, capturing, evaluating, retrieving, and sharing all of an enterprise’s information assets. that might consist of databases, documents, policies, procedures, and more.

Digital tools for collaboration ensure that all relevant information and resources are easily accessible when needed. Organizations must give the employees access to these tools to ensure that they can share the knowledge they possess. This can aid in making the process faster and more effective and promoting the right decision-making accompanied by easier collaboration.

Document Sharing and Content Management

Digital Collaboration simplifies the hassle of document management. Gone are the days of email or hard copy. A cloud-based CMS allows the documents and projects to be stored so that to be are accessible to everyone working on the project at the same time. It can be quite helpful to manage employees and partners scattered around the globe. Additionally, managing content is one of the important aspects in the case of remote employees.

Digital Collaboration in the Workplace 2023: Bottom line

Businesses are looking to free themselves from office locations and working hours. The up-and-coming workforce is digitally savvy, so, enterprises need to take advantage of that skillset and provide a digital workplace that supports effective collaboration.

These days SharePoint Intranets are designed in a manner that boosts productivity through improved communication and collaboration. It ensures that it has the right tools to keep all the employees in the organization engaged and allows a free flow of communication among all the employees.

We would like to know more about how Intranet has helped improve your Digital Collaboration. Share your comments below. We’d love to hear the plans for Collaboration in the Workplace 2023 from you!

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