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While researching upon the best intranet portal solution to suit your organizational needs, the myriad of options and configurations can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you do not have in-depth knowledge about the subject. The options range from free open-source intranet solutions to expensive custom development solutions to satisfy your organization’s specific needs.

Whether you’re trying to find an easy communication and collaboration portal or an intranet portal with an in-depth database, file storage and project management capabilities; there are tons of factors to take into consideration.
However, any business, big or small, broad or niche, can enjoy streamlined processes, standardized naming conventions, versioning, collaboration, communication and file storage that each one of these intranet solutions claim to supply.


Taking the subsequent factors under consideration, you ought to be ready to get a transparent picture of the precise needs for your business. This will bring you one step closer to selecting the right intranet solution.

Choose the Best Intranet Portal Solution for Business

Determine your Goals

First things first; formulate your business goals. Having a transparent picture of what you would like to realize with an intranet portal is going to be of serious help when researching your options. If anything, it’ll be easier to cross out options that don’t facilitate your goals in the initial stages of your research.
Do you want to extend and/or optimize the collaboration within your organization? Do you want to use the intranet portal solution as the primary means of communication? How will this affect existing internal business processes?
These are all important inquiries to answer before you continue your research, as they ought to form the core of why you would like to implement an intranet solution within the first place.

Who are your End-Users?

One of the foremost important inquiries to ask when choosing an intranet portal solution is: who goes to use it?
Is your average end-user already experienced with platforms like social media? Are they already working with computer software? Are they won’t to changes and do they adapt quickly?

In general, it’s easier to require advantage of this existing familiarity than to show a totally new product from scratch.
Change is scary; providing a beautiful user experience and, if necessary, user training, will help immensely when it involves user adoption of the new intranet portal solution.
Pay extra attention to the present aspect once you do your research; it’s sure to pay off.

External and Internal Integration

Unless you’re starting a totally new business, the likelihood is that that your business already uses a spread of software and already has several internal business processes.
It’s important to think about the position of an intranet portal within your existing structure.
The intranet portal should be good enough to replace and integrate all the social intranet portal or collaboration softwares currently in use.
Best intranet platforms aim to help run business run more efficiently and effectively.

Customization Scopes

Is the intranet solution flexible and does it have possibilities for custom developments?
The solution you select may go for now, but it should be ready to grow together with your business. Therefore, it’s of important importance to pick a portal that permits for future integration with other applications and provides options to feature functionality, whether standardized or custom-made.
Customizations, if implemented properly do not adversely affect user experience and rather, help with the user adoption process.
Choose a versatile intranet solution that will facilitate your business because it grows.

User Feedbacks and Reviews

A part of your research should rely upon the existing user reviews. What do people say about the brand and therefore the product? What specific business needs did they manage to enhance or NOT improve with it?
The diary of an intranet provider will tell you tons about what to expect. While new products aren’t inferior products by definition, it’d just convince be an honest decision if you choose a well-established brand that has already proven its worth within your industry.

Your Specific Business Challenges

Every business runs into challenges. There are always aspects that you simply want to vary or might be managed and run more efficiently.
The best intranet for small business houses will always be ready to address your unique business challenges. Having a well-defined list of desired improvements, alongside the overall goals that you simply have in mind for the intranet, will are available very handy when selecting a product.
The more you discover your collaboration needs, the better will be your intranet performance.

Preferred Communication Mode

One of the foremost beneficial aspects of a social intranet portal is that the communication possibilities it provides can act as an all-in-one. During your research, it’s important to ask yourself what your current communication channels are and the way they might be improved.
Choose what best suits your organization, your business processes and your end-users. If done right and configured well, this may improve efficiency to an excellent extent.

Technical Support

Implementing a replacement intranet platform will bring several technical challenges with it, especially if it’s an implementation into an outsized existing IT infrastructure.
One of the foremost important factors when choosing an intranet portal is that the technical support your provider offers. This is certainly needed during the implementation process, but whilst much when the new intranet is up and running.
Issues can always happen. When they do, having access to reliable technical support during work hours (or even 24/7) will make all the difference and may save tons of your time.

Your Budget

Last but not the least; take your budget into consideration. It is often relatively costly to implement a replacement intranet, especially if you think about all the above-mentioned factors and actually need to enhance your business processes.

This is also why it’s good to be informed about the topic matter once you choose a budget. If your ideal intranet solution requires some custom development to cater to your specific business needs, the value can increase significantly.
In the end, it’s all about the worth the new intranet will bring back your organization. There’s little question that setting a budget may be a healthy decision and a part of the method, but it’s going to be necessary to extend the budget by a little margin if the added functionality you get reciprocally is worthwhile.
What you would like is that the best intranet solution for your business. By doing research, knowing what to seem for and making a well-informed decision, your business can take advantage of it for years to return.

How is Saketa Intranet The Most Eligible Intranet Solution?

Saketa leverages the power of the Office 365 applications and Intranet best-practices like department sites, news and events, a who is who page, faq etc. Just select the tools that matter most to your organization.

The end-user experience is key: the look and feel is modern and intuitive, a welcome tour or our support team guides users through the portal. We constantly review user feedbacks to helps us improve even further. 

Being based upon Office 365 SharePoint, it offers plenty of options to attach to your other business applications so that you don’t need to break ties with your existing business apps to embrace this new employee engagement platform.

Explore Saketa SharePoint Intranet

Enjoy the Best Employee Engagement Experience

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