Why convince your boss to buy Saketa SharePoint Migrator?

You’re loaded with work (I understand) and you’ve to send your Migration reports at the end of this month (Oh! Too much work, is it?). I’m here for your rescue.

Saketa SharePoint Migrator ensures perfect solutions to all your migration worries. But, first off, let’s get an idea of why we migrate?

We all know that Microsoft introduces a new version of SharePoint every few years and, with every new version, many new features are added. Simultaneously, many old features are deprecated. So, migrating from one version to another version of SharePoint has become essential.

With the introduction of SharePoint Online (the Cloud version of SharePoint), many companies are opting to migrate their content to the cloud.

Migration has become an integral part of an organization, but what is the next step?

You need a tool developed exclusively for SharePoint Migration. No doubt, you’ll find many tools just for that. But, I’d like to bring Saketa SharePoint Migrator into the focus here.

Why Saketa SharePoint Migrator?

Well, Migration involves a lot of nitty-gritty and Saketa SharePoint Migrator is arguably one of the best SharePoint Migration tools available in the market. One of the main goals of Saketa SharePoint Migrator is to provide a simple, seamless migration for businesses like yours.

The following are the features of Saketa Migrator that will compel you to deploy it immediately:

Real-time Migration Reports

Saketa SharePoint Migration tool provides users Pre-Migration and Post-Migration checks. Any/all errors encountered, warnings, successful sessions during the process of migration, are recorded in these reports, along with their details. A report is generated for every Migration session. All you’ve to do is: Open these reports to get an in-detail look at the content migrated.

Endless options for migration

A feature of Saketa Migrator which eases the process of migration – you can either migrate from SharePoint or File System or directly from the Cloud (One Drive, Box, Google Drive, DropBox). It doesn’t matter what your source is, all your content will be migrated to SharePoint, safe and secured.

High Speed

Saketa SharePoint Migration tool has two-speed modes: Normal and Turbo. The migration will go on at a normal pace when you choose the normal mode, which is also the default speed mode. When you want your content to be migrated at a higher speed from On-premise to O365, choose turbo mode.

Saketa Migrator has been appreciated by some of the best organizations such as Mercedes Benz, Burger King, Indigo, etc. With its seamless functionalities, SharePoint Migration becomes an easy task.

Want to know more on how to use SharePoint migration tool? Sign up for a free trial here and experience its awesomeness!

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