Best Intranet use cases for different industries

As businesses have paved their way in the digital transformation and are radically looking to improve their internal workplace efficiency with best intranet use cases. In such scenarios, different industries tend to overlook using an intranet as they choose other methods to communicate or stick with the clunky traditional way of work. Thus, raises eyebrows about the need for an organization to use an intranet.

Therefore, the concept of intranet plays a vital role, when it comes to seamless navigation of corporate data or how modern digital solutions have evolved beyond the traditional measures and frameworks to deliver a wide range of benefits and mainly facilitate effective workplace collaboration.

Managing a dynamic intranet use cases adds many advantages that parallel business excellence, employee performance and engagement. According to recent research by Gallup, 74% of employees, in general, miss out on latest company updates and information without the presence of a fully-fledged intranet that impacts effective internal collaboration. At the same time, these digital communication tools have also increased productivity by 25% as employees feel more connected and empowered.

Ways intranet can help every industry work smarter

The importance of user interface appears to be well-understood among intranet practitioners but remains a primary challenges in the blooming intranet for any industry today. However, this concern is of conceivably complex issue in the design and affects the development of workflow system that needs to change.

According to, 88% of users were less likely to return to the site after a poor experience, and due to this 60% of projects failed due to a lack of user satisfaction.

In such scenarios, modern intranet has recognized this issue and here are a few smart ideas laid out to aid the situation:

  • Build affinity sites especially for distributed users in the specific industry to connect and engage with the topic of interest
  • Create an in-built featured platform for dedicated departments that can manage their own content or repurpose it.
  • Integrate knowledge management systems that can easily track and find necessary data, files, and documents
  • Include an employee onboarding site which can vary from different industries with a series of steps to boost thriving culture that can bring HR and new hires to connect on the same platform.

Intranet is not just built to support only one specific industry, but its accessibility is spread to all scopes, sizes, and sectors of institutions. To learn more about this, we’ve compiled the key intranet statistics that target different industries that will help you better understand the effects of intranet use cases and how this dynamic platform has influenced each industry’s growth

Key Intranet Statistics

Intranet use cases and solutions for various industries

Digital technology has advanced more rapidly over the years than any innovation in history – reaching more than 50% of world’s development and hugely transforming nature of businesses. Majorly by enhancing the pace of connectivity, collaboration, employee experience, financial inclusion, and easy access to trade, healthcare, and public services. Let’s take a closer look at the most effective intranet use cases for different industries.

Intranet use case for Insurance Industry

As digital workplace solutions are constantly changing, Insurance environments still tend to conduct outdated practices within the department which can be a major hurdle while nurturing digital modern work culture. In such cases, Insurance industry can buckle up to these challenges by staying up to date with the latest technology.

However, intranet software for insurance companies can offer a great deal than a simple document store drive. This dynamic intranet solution will allow teams to perform internal communication, build client policy e-manual, manage personalized insurance claims and workflow systems that will alleviate business efficiency, maintain organized data, and perform security for sensitive data.

According to InsurTech, 65% of consumers are likely to switch their insurance companies in favor of a more digital platform.

Amidst these rapid changes with the ongoing challenges, insurance companies are more inclined on reducing administrative time and cost by automating advanced intranet solutions where you can switch traditional paperwork to efficient signature forms and documents. To shoot up your insurance game to the next level – Saketa Intranet is an All-inclusive tool that is specifically designed to provide an easy, reliable, and hassle-free digital workplace experience with its best wide range of features to achieve cohesive engagement, collaboration, and productivity.

Saketa Insurance Intranet

Check out insurance intranet top-notch features powered by Saketa:

  • Smart Document Management System (DMS): Saketa Intranet can be your go-to hub to keep your workplace up to date with latest policies, procedures and track stores data, files, and documents to maintain real-time internal collaboration.
  • Intelligent Knowledge-based management: Get easy access to compile knowledge-based data with a motive to generate automated insurance coverage policy which efficiently help minimize risk and enhance security.
  • Manage Claims and workflows: A consolidated place for handling insurance policy management and requirements like claims manuals and e-forms.
  • Enrich personalization and widgets: Personalization adds in color to your evolving business. Saketa tool empowers your insurance digital environment with specific brand standardization, pre-built widgets, and templates.
  • Third Party Integration: Get quick access to collaborate and connect data with teams all from one roof. Integrate your intranet with MS teams and experience seamless, better, and faster news, company updates.
  • Powerful search functionality: Find and deliver corporate data easily with a contextual search capability that helps achieve workplace goals with relevant content, keywords, documents, and files.
  • Employee Directory: Store HR and employee information across the workplace in a form of employee directory section which is like a database management system.
  • Incredible Analytical Support: Build a customized analytical report for monitoring e-forms, insurance claims and quote requests that will keep a track of customer expectations and drive satisfaction.

Intranet use case for Retail Industry

For a fact, retailers are more inclined toward customer satisfaction rather than employee experience and engagement which has been a matter of concern. Thus, digitizing retail operations with an intranet is a win-win situation. This centralized hub acts as a key for your workplace to speed up the business process, promote sales, improve customer care, and encourage collaboration and productivity.

A survey by Gartner revealed by end of 2022, 70% of retailers will leverage a work management system that will track and report better-performing results

Saketa Retail Intranet

Are you looking to access easy and quick information on the latest product news in just a few clicks? Saketa SharePoint Intranet is an intuitive tool that offers backend operations, helps maintain KPIs, and shares product development reports.

Intranet use case for Healthcare Industry

The pandemic crisis has impacted the healthcare industry most drastically by dealing with a unique set of challenges. In such scenarios, meeting patient expectations is far-fetched. Connecting your dispersed healthcare professionals to one digital workplace is the smart thing to do. An Intranet platform for healthcare can effortlessly maximize outstanding patient care with dedicated policy and compliance manager capability, Audit organized and secure patient data and centralized e-learning resources that can deliver time-efficient and cost-effective solutions. With automated healthcare procedures, you can save your frontline workers valuable time by replacing paper-based applications with robust e-forms.

As per the recent study by NHS Foundation Trust – 78% of healthcare workers observed a significant reduction in time, other clinical costs and navigating faster information with the help of a well-designed digital communicative tool.

Wondering how to offer employees a place to connect – engage and share? In that case, we have a well-regulated platform that sorts all your requirement. Introducing the ready-to-use Saketa Intranet tool that empowers healthcare institutes to make some heroic actions that save lives every day with more extra care. The use of this inclusive digital intranet acts as a backbone for the frontline employees by connecting them and making their messy-collaborative life less challenging and more stress-free.

Saketa Healthcare Intranet

Plugin to a few listed features of Saketa Intranet designed for healthcare:

  • Centralize patient police care and resources to help staff give best patient support
  • Use digital recognition abilities like status update, notification, and emergency circulation alerts or news announcements
  • Build employee directory and organizational chart that strengthen positive social culture and surface to bring healthcare communities together
  • Consolidate knowledge-based data and document sharing like medical record template, medical handling FAQ or patient consent form or patient care policy.
  • Create knowledge management library and intelligent search technology

Intranet use case for Pharmaceutical Industry

Post-Pandemic, in the pharmaceutical industry the stakes of innovation for preventive vaccination developments have been higher than ever before. The global pandemic and the raising crisis have eagerly been waiting for a cutting-edge transformation in healthcare treatments for the affected ones.

Effective innovations come with effective technology usage. In relation, teams based in research centers, laboratories etc. require a dedicated employee-purposed tool that will aid workforce connection into one central hub.

Did you know? These knowledge-intensive organizations take 50% longer time to conduct extensive research without a centralized digital intranet platform

Looking for a reliable intranet hub? We got you covered! Saketa Intranet Manager will help facilitate your workforce needs. Unite your pharma company employees and integrate the Saketa Intranet tool that will bulletproof and keep data secure, provide easy search functionality, secure location, maintain confidentiality, share, and store important data, secure risk policy and enrich collaboration by using in-built features like badges, kudos to honor achievements.

Intranet use case for Enterprise Industry

With the new future of work on the horizon, Businesses are in a competitive race with the latest trends in the digital infrastructure that enable thriving communication channels and underpin a more agile way of digital work.

As per a recent survey by Business Insider, 71% of C-suite executives verify that use of digital intranet tools has been a huge contributor to employee engagement and organizational success.

In recent times, the enterprise intranet has transformed the way businesses work, collaborate, and communicate all into one platform with easy accessibility for employees to get all they need under a single hub. In such cases, as the enterprise scale accelerates, challenges are bound to take place on the way, when it comes to evolving digital employee experience. However, in enterprises, integrating the dynamic intranet platforms ensure two-way communication, fosters employee connection and encourages strong corporate culture.

Saketa Intranet is a unified platform that complies wide range of capabilities that provide the ability to create relevant and interactive content, share the latest updates etc. specifically curated for your enterprise.

Top features of social intranet you don’t want to miss:

  • Active social streams and feeds: Keep different focus groups engaged with specific industry topics
  • Feedback crowdsourcing: A quick review snippet report collected from the employees that tracks enterprise goals, expectations, and future implementation at the workplace.
  • User-generated content management: Interact and publish short relevant content like latest news, blogs, videos etc. that will keep employees engaged. Also, in-built features like @tags, mentions and comments that lets more personalized reactions and help social interaction.

Intranet use case for Law Firm Industry

When we think of industries relying on intranet advancements for quick discovery of information, we usually don’t tend to consider the legal industry. But a study revealed one-third of lawyers are still using an older version of MS Office. As a fact, the law firm intranet serves as a one-stop solution for hosting a wide range of benefits like calendar events for case discussion, legal e-forms, online policies and much more. Furthermore, collaboration virtual windows within the intranet offer users to conduct a brainstorming session to study the cases, share insights and regulate extensive research all-in-one platform.

According to the 2020 Law Firm in Transition survey, 82% of the law firms created a more collaborative culture and spaces that improved legal performance and efficiency.

Saketa Law Firm Intranet

Now you can manage your clients’ legal policies and improve compliance seamlessly. Curious? Saketa Intranet is your go-to tool that fuels your legal firm with well-designed and organized features like an effective policy management tool, and mandatory widgets options to personalize homepage visibility, boost document file sharing securely within teams and turn legal paperwork into effortless e-form and automated workflows. Therefore, our software will efficiently save your legal team valuable time, and resources and improve accuracy by reducing human error.

Intranet use case for Education Industry

As digitalization consistently promises to change the face of education. With the next-gen technology advancing, universities, classrooms in your school and lecture halls are already tied up with no physical barrier. To keep this going forward and evolve the future of education procuring the right amount of knowledge and information digital platform that can convey an easy flow of collaboration from teachers to students. Incorporating an intranet platform for education create a more centralized experience helps generate gamified resources like an e-learning guide that effectively manage the smooth flow of administration and personalized learning modules.

Data says – 3/4th of students overall used mobile intranet which gave them easy access to e-learning tools and resources.

Use of Intranet educational

Teachers being heart of the institution and students being the soul are often scattered location-wise, especially in the age of digital learning. To fuel the engagement among the latter two, educational institutes need to think of a powerful intranet tool. Therefore, to turn your digital experience – Saketa Intranet is here to transform your fragmented environment into a well-suited with features like scheduling online classroom sessions, collateral educational manuals, school e-magazines, social forum to create campus-wide engagement, grade search functionality, notifications all from one place.

Intranet use case for Manufacturing Industry

With shifting consumer priorities, the manufacturing industry is approaching a new era of digital transformation. Uniting dispersed teams and arming the workforce with the training resource and product management manuals is the need of the hour. In such cases, an easy-to-use intranet platform allows employees to network, navigate project collaboration, manage HR processes and documentation and track business process management analytics.

With the fast-pacing market trending, the Saketa Intranet tool helps manufacturers strike the right balance to store secure product-related information and efficiently monitor product sales leads, customer profiles, and prices and manage workflow inventories.

Are you looking to access easy and quick information on the latest product news in just a few clicks? Saketa SharePoint Intranet is an intuitive tool that offers backend operations, helps maintain KPIs, and shares product development reports.

Determining whether an intranet is a good fit for your industry?

Intranet use cases for different industries play an essential role with a bunch of advantages especially employees with easy-to-navigate and perfect mediums to provide developing solutions that are bespoke to businesses of all shapes, sizes, and sectors.

Saketa SharePoint Intranet platform offers a flexible environment that focuses on delivering personalized content, enriched digital experience and knowledge share system right from Insurance Intranet to Retail Intranet Industry to leverage effective communication and collaboration.

Discover all-inclusive SharePoint Intranet Portal powered by Saketa

Leverage Industry-specific Intranet Portal and empower holistic digital transformation to foster collaboration and productivity

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