Best Intranet platform 2023: Explore our list of top 5 intranet

While exploring the best intranet platforms for your specific business requirements, decision-making might be quite hectic and confusing as well. The choices range from free open-source intranets to Costly custom-made advanced intranet suites, depending upon various factors such as budget, the extent of collaboration, average technical knowledge of the employees, and so on 

Regardless of whether you are attempting to track down a simple correspondence and collaboration or are looking up to the data requirements or just intending to use it as a fun employee engagement platform, a lot of factors are there to contemplate.  

Best Intranet Platform 2023 List of Top 5 Intranet

Apart from collaboration, SharePoint Intranet stands out as a great alternative data storage solution as well. While exploring the best intranet platforms that suit your business requirements, the number of options you would come across might appear puzzling. There we decided to come up with a list of the top 5 placeholders in Best intranet platform 2023 to ensure your ease of selection, without requiring extensive in-depth knowledge of the technicalities.  

So let’s delve through the list- 

1. Saketa Intranet Suite

Let’s start with our own Employee Engagement Solution, Saketa Digital Workplace Solution for SharePoint and Office 365. Saketa leverages the power of the Office 365 applications and SharePoint Intranet Best Practices like department sites, news and events, a who is who page, faq etc. Just select the tools that matter most to your organization. 

We believe in delivering the best end-user experience. The look and feel is modern and intuitive and you can learn using it really easy with a welcome tour or our support team guiding the users through the portal.

We constantly review user 
feedback to keep on evolving along with the changing market demands. 

SharePoint intranet suite saketa

Being based upon Office 365 SharePoint, it offers plenty of options to integrate the complimentary Saketa Business Apps as well as other third-party apps that you might be using. Thus, you don’t need to switch your entire business processes in order to adapt to this digital workplace. Rather, you are just upgrading your existing ones for the better,  with this new employee engagement platform.

2. Powell 365

Powell 365 mainly focuses on being personalized. It helps you improve your collaborative aspects of Office365 by helping you with the best adoption. It brings in your whole workforce on a single collaboration platform with its super-efficient intranet solution.

They have developed great features to tackle hybrid workplaces by letting their collaboration tools easily accessible to all. Thus, offering a comprehensive Digital Workplace platform dedicated to business communication and employee experience to bring in productivity.

3. Beezy

Beezy is known for its diverse collaboration abilities and unifying them to create an awesome employee engagement experience. Being highly adaptable to different devices helps it stand out. 

Beezy assists with scaling communication and managing content, that in turn makes work fun and easy.

4. Valo Intranet Suite

Valo intranet aims at delivering the digital workplace experience you will fall in love with. It enhances your SharePoint and Office 365 for achieving a great digital workplace experience, seamless communication, and worthy teamwork. 

Valo intranet is the quick and simple company intranet to connect and collaborate. It also keeps everyone connected with org-wide messages, news or occasions and engaging them.

It brings individuals, groups, and thoughts together to facilitate smooth collaboration.

5. Microsoft VIVA

Microsoft Viva is Microsoft’s latest offering in the employee engagement space. It primarily focuses upon bringing devices digitally closer for engagement, learning and collaboration. 

Viva is intended to help workers learn, develop and flourish, with utter efficiency by utilizing the collaborative ability of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

With an array of amazing features, it is definitely worth looking forward to.

Still confused and cannot decide the best option for your Organization?

Looking for More Resources to help with Decision Making? We might be able to help. Reach us out at

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