Best Company intranet ideas 2023: Explore our list of Top 10

A company intranet is a powerful tool that helps the leading digital workplace to function faster and operate better every day. Company intranet ideas directs employees to use the intranet software and work on important tasks, projects, keep up to date about the latest information and supply access to documents within the company.

Did you know? – “Building an impactful intranet tool and assuming employees to start using it” is a common myth yet a mistake, organizations tend to believe while planning and investing on their intranet.

For a fact, especially during this unprecedented time of Covid-19, the necessity of enhancing internal communication has become the foremost priority for businesses. Now with time, the company intranet has taken a “long steep path” and is constantly adapting to the latest digital trends and forming an ecosystem to the future of digital transformation. Therefore, achieving successful deployment in the intranet is just not enough to miraculously manifest, two main aspects: the user engagement and adoption rates remain to be a challenge for companies to tackle. Handling the overall company intranet could be daunting but, it doesn’t have to be that way. As per a report by Gartner states that at least 40% of intranet fail to deliver ROI due to inadequate adoption rates”. So, what organization do to plan the best intranet idea to boost the adoption rates? – Is by first identifying the mid-way hurdles. However, one of the primary reasons IT companies fail to recognize the full potential of an intranet is by proposing a poor intranet content strategy. Therefore, to build an engaging good intranet content, a consistent need for up-to-date, relevant, and industry-specific content that sets clear business objectives.

Quote – An effective company intranet not only acts as a communication hub but,

it’s a unique mix of content and knowledge management tools.

To ensure a company intranet serves the purpose to the employees, it is necessary to continuously update and improve the new intranet ideas to keep the digital workplace engaging and inspiring. In this blog, we will focus on the true essence of intranet content strategy and highlight the ways to Explore the Top 10 list of best company intranet ideas that will drive engagement and implement the overall quality of the intranet content.

Intranet Content Strategy

An intranet content strategy does not have a separate definition from any other content strategy. Creating a roadmap and swiftly transforming the intranet as the primary hub for easy content access and knowledge sharing.  However, before integrating this strategy, understanding the content management lifecycle is essential. Following are the 4-step content lifecycle that will help content creditors, marketers, editors, and publishers to keep your company intranet content up-to-date and relevant. Intranet Content Strategy Lifecycle

Step 1: Create

This process involves writing content that is easily accessible and relevant to each employee. Therefore, these written contents are well classified, targeted and tagged with the help of an intranet that enables easy search functionality for the users.

Step 2: Publish

After creating and classifying the content. A quick recheck to ensure the content is in top shape. Post that, you could proceed to publish the content piece immediately by automating the whole process using the intranet workflow systems.

Step 3: Secure

Company policies and guidance are necessary for maintaining standardized work across the organization. The intranet content ecosystem should be thoroughly audited, reviewed and validate to securely store the essential data and information of the business.

Step 4: Harvest

Leverage comprehensive learning metrics and analysis to measure performance and success. Thus, identifying the area of improvements and further implementations in the intranet content strategy lifecycle. Top 10 company intranet ideas

Top 10 Company Intranet Ideas 

A well designed and engaged company intranet complied with consistent, relevant content strategy improves the organization’s internal communication, employee engagement and strengths the HR onboarding process. Ready to boost your company intranet? Then, let’s explore the intranet content ideas that will drive collaboration and employee engagement.

Idea 1: Assign content roles and schedules:  

As the intranet is an official collaborative platform for updating the latest news and information. Each information before being shared out loud should be thoroughly sourced and verified. A dedicated intranet content manager will help handle the publishing rights and centralize the workflow systems. For instance,
  • HR intranet includes internal affairs, recruitment, and other knowledge-based information
  • Communicating and marketing managers involve public updates, corporate news etc.

Idea 2: Kickstart a corporate intranet communication hub

Keeping all the employees in the loop about all the relevant information of the company can be a big challenge to overcome. Thus, integrating a dedicated intranet communication hub helps to keep the company’s latest information in a definitive source and keeps the content aligned. Moreover, the intranet platform could largely include online discussion forums via a virtual water cooler where employees can drop in for a discussion as well as introduce help desk and troubleshooting centers to report any technical glitch or other employee-related issues.

Idea 3: Plan crowdsourcing content strategy

Everything cannot rely on an intranet. Intranet content ideas and strategy work efficiently by hosting regular brainstorming session with the team where every employee share their creative ideas and opinions that enhance engagement and internal communication within the organization. Thereafter, creating a content template and scheduler using your intranet content management system helps the smooth flow of work. Plan crowdsourcing content strategy

Idea 4: Integrate Content Migration Plan

Content Migration might be an overwhelming task, but it is essential to clean the clutter so that the new intranet tool functions efficiently. If you are looking for implementing your new intranet with up-to-date content from a different source, intranet designers and content authors should finalize the content structure required for the new intranet. Therefore, to make any forms or content template easily searchable and quickly accessible. Integrate Content Migration Plan

Idea 5: Strengthen the employee onboarding process with the company intranet

Onboarding processes feels like a taster session for every new hire, which means giving an early glimpse into the company culture and policies. Thus, the study shows that a strong intranet idea for employees’ onboarding process can result in higher retention and productivity rates. A survey conducted by Gallup states that only 12% of employees were satisfied with the onboarding experience and a huge chunk of 88% of respondents experienced poor onboarding process and suggest a lot of room for improvement. Therefore, planning a dynamic onboarding platform that concentrates on user-generated and engaging intranet content will help improve the hiring experience. Employee Onboarding Process Infographic

Idea 6: Share Internal Job postings

Posting internal job opportunities via an intranet platform will lead to giving every employee the chance to switch to their preferred role across the organization. Furthermore, using the intranet as a medium will automatically attract employee’s attention who are searching for new avenues of growth in their career and visit the intranet platform frequently thereby increasing the adoption rates.

Idea 7: Engage users with employee-centric content

Employees are extremely a powerful group who can initiate content regarding their experiences, creative talent which will subsequently amplify the internal employee branding. This will also encourage the employees to focus on user-generated content, publish and distribute it within the workplace. For example, contributing to forums, short blogs, company magazine activities will increase employee engagement and collaboration.

Idea 8: Tag every piece of content in your company intranet

Your company might be sharing the best intranet content but if the employees are not having easy and quick access to specific content, that’s a glitch to be solved. Thus, an effective search functionality feature will help solve the issue. Furthermore, to assist this process each content piece could be rightly tagged. For example, employees can easily find company manuals, blogs and other company related documents they are looking for in the company intranet.

Idea 9: Share employees handbook with the set policies and procedures:

The company intranet idea for businesses highlights improving the overall employee experience by introducing a well collaborative social intranet platform that opens the door to team building and collaboration throughout the company all under one roof of the intranet.

Idea 10: Ask for feedback

If you are still facing hurdles in implementing the company intranet ideas? Then a call out for door-to-door suggestions and bulletins will help maintain a set of Q/A pools relating to specific content. Therefore, don’t forget to keep track of the daily analysis of employee engagement levels to improve the company intranet.

Wrapping up:

In conclusion, as the new year is approaching, we at Saketa would like to remind you of the importance of having the best intranet ideas and strategies for enhancing internal communication and collaboration within the organization. The listed intranet content ideas and strategies will efficiently increase the brand visibility and engage employees to drive company success.

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