Benefits of Intranet – Ways it can Improve Your Business

The benefits of Intranet have been a key factor in increasing employee engagement and thus driving business growth. The business world has recently seen a sudden dramatic change. With technological progress, it’s now possible for literally anyone with a laptop and the right skills to launch a business. While some technological advances flash and fade, social intranet software has always been a sustainable one.

The flexibly dynamic benefits of intranet have revolutionized the way businesses operate and their employees collaborate. They can be quite instrumental in driving productivity, allowing staff to exchange information and manage projects with ease. It’s pleasantly astonishing to witness the right intranet bringing in a lot of productivity boost.

Benefits of Intranet in bringing in Productivity

benefits of intranet

Improved Communication

A modern intranet promotes great communication across the organizations by:

  • Letting Teams have open discussions
  • Letting Individuals share their knowledge
  • Connecting Leadership with the employees
  • Keeping everyone updated

And, the best part about the role of Intranet in business is that it allows communication to flow both ways. Anyone can share and everyone is free to comment and provide feedback.

Therefore, an employee intranet streamlines communication by channeling it centrally to one place while it also empowers individuals with a say in the company and the knowledge of what’s going on around.

Eliminating Geographical Barriers

Your Company Intranet

  • Connects your employees across different locations and time zones
  • Intranet can act as the online central hub of your company. It’s like a virtual center where conversations take place, news is exchanged, and everything is planned.

Therefore, it brings your global or multi-location teams together. The employees in any location across the globe get access to exactly the same amount of information and insights into the company, as the one going to the office every day will have.

Better Employee Engagement

Improving employee engagement is a key challenge for leadership. While there is no predefined applicable-to-all solutions for each organization, a social intranet can surely inspire your employees to contribute more to projects and initiatives.
By logging into the common virtual office space every day, your employees are efficiently connected. The intranet is that the “team huddle” that unites and motivates employees.

Strengthened HR

An HR intranet can be of great use in enhancing the quality of hiring and onboarding processes. Companies that want to leverage their current talent by hiring from within use intranets as internal job boards for internal hiring, evaluations and promotions. Managers can use staff profiles to spot experts within the organization for specialized tasks. Outside hires can log in to the intranet to access training materials and new employee documentation.

Better Recognition and Retention

Recognition is an important part of the work experience, and it serves to enhance employees’ satisfaction and engagement levels.

Research shows that the popularity or reward does not need to be necessarily monetary or excessive (it can be as simple as a publically spoken ‘thank you’), but it does need to be perfectly timed.
It’s easy to try to do this together with your intranet if it’s a live-feed and/or an integration with peer-to-peer recognition dashboards.

Facilitates knowledge sharing

Intranets allow organic knowledge sharing to grow, as the person-to-person connections increase and deepen across your company.

Knowledge experts are more visible, and it’s easier for people to connect with them. They can simply be referred to as Professional Influencers.  Experts also can become involved in forum-style conversations, or release a blog article series that helps to disperse learning throughout the corporate.
In this way, the company’s knowledge can grow rapidly, as a multitude of individuals share their independent learnings.

Advanced Document Management

To communicate and collaborate effectively, you would like to manage information efficiently. Social intranet software will organize and channel your business intelligence with laser precision. Rather than sifting through emails, staff can view key information at a look during a dashboard format.
The intranet’s structure prevents information overlap, in order that staff members work with only the files they really need. And, since the paperless office still requires a file system, intranet document management is your best choice. Simply upload and tag your files for fast access.

An intranet can be a powerful tool. Great intranet communication can turn your employee engagement around, clarify internal communication, and streamline processes. But, you have to make sure you get the right one. Only then will you see the benefits unfold.

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