Healthcare Intranet Software – The Future Explained

As more healthcare leaders’ resort to tech-driven workflows for improved productivity, renewable healthcare policies are also becoming an urgency among people of all ages. The need for quicker, scalable and more robust asset management tools are iminent. At the hands of innovation in telemedicine and medical sciences, data is indubitably the new oil.

According to a Forbes study, more than 43% of patients preferred virtual visits to the doctor, due to the global pandemic related concerns, pushing businesses to refactor existing healthcare tech stacks.

Forbes also reveals that AI, ML, AR, VR, IoT, Digital Twins for healthcare are in high demand, especially for telemedicine, pharma research, and advanced medical treatments. The fact is that technology is only relevant if the data mined at every step of the healthcare enterprise architecture serves a purpose. (Read a Frobes snippet on Digital Twins here)

The pressing concerns are, 

1. How does a healthcare conglomerate manage all structured and unstructured data without compromising on quality and service to the patient? 

2. How do employees make the most of organizational data in everyday situations? 

3. How do stakeholders intervene in business processes using data to minimize risks and avoid disruptions? 

The answer is through a robust intranet solution that gets everybody onboard a new way of work.

A cutting-edge healthcare intranet software can deliver your healthcare enterprise with the technology expertise required to thrive in a competitive industry. If you aren’t sure yet, here’s how! 

Healthcare Intranet Software – Garnering Productivity & Access

Enabling the availability of cutting-edge tools for optimum governance of healthcare services, an intranet software is fundamental to harnessing innovation at key customer and employee touchpoints. 

A Healthcare Intranet software helps distribute accountability across an enterprise to create a unified system that manages all data effectively, at velocity. In the modern enterprise, seamless connectivity and automated business processes are key to success. Intranet is the first step you take to equip your healthcare infrastructure with the future of digital experiences.

Saketa Intranets - Powerhouse of Data and Accessibility

A healthcare intranet software proposes to improve productivity and core system capabilities over time. The major advantage is that healthcare establishments can make system changes according to the need of the time, at minimal costs.

For example, if you would like to depend on existing systems for process control, a phased implementation of your healthcare intranet software may help you assess performance and output before taking key decisions. 

To maximize value without compromising on existing processes and workflows, intranet provides flexible integrations and seamless connectivity to all healthcare assets, data and devices. This means that you pay only for what you use, rather than transforming entire enterprise systems at one go, which could be difficult without a well-defined strategy in place. 

By assessing the performance of the best intranet software for your healthcare operations, your professionals can make changes and adopt new workflows before a direct changeover takes place. Nevertheless, change is inevitable and if you want to stay ahead, Saketa’s intranet for healthcare offers a personalized user interface to work on. Saketa’s healthcare intranet helps hospitals, medical colleges, universities, and other establishments leverage the power of data to transform their operations and steer a vision for sustainability onwards. Reinventing your workforce policies becomes easier, and handling enterprise activity of any scale becomes data-driven.

Benefits of an Intranet for Healthcare

Connected experiences are integral to the advancements in healthcare industry, where the optimum utility of digital workplace solutions proves vital to enhancing enterprise morale and, process governance. To eliminate data silos and produce high-quality digital assets, Saketa intranet for healthcare is a Microsoft award winning interface that continues to enable agile enterprise transformation.

To ensure effective system maintenance, healthcare intranet solutions can help reduce exposure to potential data risks beforehand. Built on low code, the intranet offers lucrative and flexible options to integrate ultra-reliable applications. Without having to intrude on the user’s privacy, the healthcare intranet empowers security and governance to the user, presenting untapped opportunities to harness vast sums of data, use it, and augment your company’s performance over time.

The use of collaboration tools to access data-driven insights becomes paramount in healthcare practice, and leaders leverage this very data to scale their roadmap to the future. If you would like to know more about the wonder of low code development leveraged by Saketa’s business productivity suite, read the white paper on why low code is a changing the face of industry.

Benefits of an Intranet for Healthcare Software

Lack of proper communication between teams and various healthcare departments, physicians, doctors, partners, and administrators impact healthcare services offered to patients. This can be resolved with ease using a healthcare intranet software that makes one-click adjustments to your data architecture a compelling alternative to legacy processes. 

Without having to skim through vast sums of data, the intranet affords intelligent applications to store, retrieve and fragment healthcare records as needed.

Some big benefits of an Intranet for Healthcare are:

  • Reduce high staff turnover rates
    Learn how employees work together, so that you may act on time to retain the right resources and boost productivity. Saketa intranet furnishes user insights that are parallel to the unique needs of your company.

  • Improve employee morale
    Find new ways to address employee-centric concerns that reform the way you work and the way your people perceive your brand.

  • Provide better training and development 
    Include vast libraries of training material and resources as part of your digital workplace, to scale efficiently and empower your workforce with the right applications. 

  • Improve process performance and system capabilities 
    Create flexible workflows for various teams,  enhance system capabilities to handle voluminous data loads with ease.

  • Build cross-functional teams across establishments 
    Harness hybrid, on-premises or native cloud environments to manage all your digital assets from anywhere in the world, securely. 

  • Improve workplace policies and feedback 
    Find out how your employees respond to system changes, and create automated processes designed for your enterprise, without compromising feedback channels across the floor.

  • Digitize documentation processes 
    Make document management digital and explore the unique abilities of Saketa’s world-class interface to store, access and share data across the enterprise. 

  • Easier file sharing and digital asset management 
    Magnify your stance as a leader in industry with efficient digital asset management that bridges the gap between today’s innovation and tomorrow’s need, driving creative and critical business changes.

  • Improve operational content and knowledge sharing 
    Create a knowledge economy within your enterprise, to build, create and unify processes that uncover new opportunities to collaborate and execute core enterprise functions in a few clicks.

  • Accurate, expeditious and cost-effective access to information 
    Save costs in operational overheads by streamlining your IT infrastructure with clean code, guaranteed runtime and access to the right resources on time.

  • Time and cost reduction across healthcare operations 
    Build an efficient healthcare system that saves time and resources across your healthcare operations, assuring value to the user and your customers. 

  • Mobility solutions 
    Get custom intranet applications and mobility solutions to access insights on and off the job, for healthcare workers, patients, doctors, facilities managers and logistics.

Why Choose Saketa’s Healthcare Intranet Suite?

At Saketa, we help clients deploy a cutting-edge interface to enrich your digital workplace productivity and transform your employee and customer experiences. Packed with feature-rich applications and automated data collection methods, the healthcare intranet offers access, feasibility, and flexibility to users. Loaded with business productivity apps and smart collaboration features, the intranet is a fully scalable, and lucrative choice for healthcare leaders.

Universal Intranet Interface

Enabling multiple integrations with third-party services, healthcare intranet software gives your medical operations an edge over competitors in the industry. Training materials, virtual conferences, data visualization boards, employee lifecycle management and intuitive apps are a few reasons to make healthcare intranet a must-have for employee engagement and productivity. 

To be able to provide the best healthcare services and patient care, medical institutions employ an intranet solution that promotes sustainable transformation at every level of the organizational ladder.

A main highlight of Saketa’s Healthcare Intranet Software is that it eliminates the time taken in manual tasks, while utilizing crucial data and insights for enterprise agility, to discover the best ways to work and grow business. Resourceful design paired with user-centric controls, the Saketa intranet is one step taken into the future of healthcare and telemedicine.

Here’s what you can expect from the product.

Wrapping Up!

Intranet software creates a multi-dimensional approach to setting up your digital workplace – offering capabilities to scale as fully remote or hybrid enterprise. Patients can diagnose, assess, and treat their ailments quickly as healthcare services and apps are made available to them at convenience. Doctors are well-informed of patient history, so they make the best treatment available on time. Healthcare workers have everything they need within reach. Turn your Intranet for Healthcare into a powerhouse of data.

When increased interaction among relevant stakeholders builds off technological prowess, your healthcare operation has discovered new capabilities, and a future within grasp. That’s Saketa!

Scale with Saketa. Deploy healthcare intranet software to reap digital agility.

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