Benefits of a social intranet for education

Building off the strengths of a present-day EdTech revolution, necessitating flexible and scalable network architectures are foundational to personalized learning and the delivery of educational content. 

At the core of a student-centric agenda, educational institutions are leveraging technology in many ways. Not only does the use of an intranet for education safeguard a child’s learning experience but empowers teachers with governance tools to optimize the delivery of lessons. 

According to a Globe News Wire report, the EdTech market size was valued at USD 254.80 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 605.40 billion by 2027. For EdTech to thrive, intranets for education are among the first steps of digital transformation. 

From early childhood to professional life, human-technology experiences are foundational to experiential learning. Innovative technology thus affords educational institutions new ways to acquire, retain, utilize, repurpose and share knowledge.  

Loaded with smart applications and user-generated insights, a social intranet for education features groups, community events and various collaboration tools sought after by educational institutions. 

8 major benefits of a social intranet for education

8 major benefits of social intranets for education

Administrating access to quality education via digital dexterity places social intranets as an effective means of educational content management. 

While modern intranets facilitate effective avenues for learning, they are also easily deployable and easy to govern. To understand the benefits of intranets for education, institutions must realize the changes brought about by digital transformation. 

Listed below are 8 benefits of social intranets for education.

1. Better collaboration

Saketa’s intranet for education is both social and vocal when it comes to addressing the business needs of educational institutions. Bridging the gap between various departments and learning methodologies, student apps and collaboration platforms enhance student productivity in numerous ways. 

For example, a group of students can work on the same document simultaneously with live feedback from instructors. Instructors can also track changes in a coursework timeline to understand the unique needs of each student better. 

2. Organizing staff records

A social intranet is built for administrative privileges. By centralizing all staff and student data on the intranet database, digital records are made to mark attendances, review salaries, digitize documentation and easily find substitutes in case of any absences.  

Having an individual profile on the intranet allows staff members to connect with colleagues and identify with various benchmarks set by their school or college. The many features of a social intranet bring all your employees to one platform, enabling efficiencies in logistics management and facilities management as well. 

3. Event management

Each year, schools and colleges host numerous events. One sure-fire way of engaging the staff and students with event-related news and posts is via the school’s intranet. Modern intranets for education like Saketa’s award-winning portal grants access to users who want to see upcoming events and share the excitement with everyone. 

4. Centralizing distributed teams

If your institution employs remote staff, a social intranet for education presents the most cost-effective and fun ways to connect and interact. Users can host virtual parties, team meetings and schedule engagement activities by accessing the intranet via mobile or web. 

5. Personalized learning

Personalizing a student’s learning experience is a viable means to ensuring the effectiveness of lessons. Students who become more responsible for their own learning are likelier to make the most of their experiences during education. With data-driven insights to understand the needs of students better, educators can tailor course works and assignments that meet their immediate requirements.  

Facilitating a social intranet to access student-centered insights around individual learning outcomes allows teachers to set deadlines, monitor progress and submit feedback accordingly. 

Educational Intranets

6. Centralized content repositories

Accessing data is never easier than with an intranet for education. Whether a group of students are working on the yearly handbook or want to create a brochure, a social intranet facilitates seamless access to various content repositories in one device. This type of flexibility and access to information is governed to enforce renewed policies that preserve the quality of information, as well as user experiences. 

Using an intranet for education, students can take ownership of their learning experiences and access lessons from the convenience of their own devices, and remote environs.  

7. Software integration

Integrating your school intranet with the latest Teams software or Viva dashboards is just as easy as the click of a button. Migrating all your project data from Slack to SharePoint or vice versa, can be done at the click of a button with Saketa’s powerful migration solutions.  

With continuous updates and third-party support services, Saketa’s intranet for education allows educational institutions to deliver intuitive experiences to students and staff. 

Your students and staff can access bus routes and pick up timings via integrated mobile apps, making it easier to coordinate among fleet managers and thus streamlining operational activities. 

8. User excellence

Pivoting from the need for gratifying human-technology experiences, user-driven insights are gathered using the school intranet to improve operational outcomes. Delivering a consolidated view of all the school’s activities, a user-centric approach is leveraged to enforce new policies and system changes. 

Focusing on ease of accessibility and security, all educational content and administrative documentation is digitized for better data quality and financial planning. Intensive documentation that usually takes the accounts department an entire calendar year to patch up, can be done within days using intranet features and apps. 

Leverage Saketa for User-centric Education

A smooth and user-friendly intranet for education delivers the best experiences to both school staff and learners. No matter where, or what device, Saketa’s mobility solutions are derived from the necessity for streamlined intranet solutions leading to fulfilling user experiences.  

Delivering value to the end user by making navigation and content management easier, the social intranet for schools, colleges and educational institutes brings you one step closer to the future of Education Technology, or EdTech. 

Join hands in shaping the future of education.

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