Artificial Intelligence can “also” improve your Employee Experience. Here’s how

This is true that Artificial Intelligence has successfully improved the customer experience.

In the chatbots, the maps or even the Apple phones (Siri is your personal assistant) that we use, attributes of an AI have not only ensured a praiseworthy customer experience but made have made lives simpler than earlier.

But did you know this AI is a great value addition to the employee experience (that you’re continuously trying to improve)?

One of the lines of reasoning that AI can help in improving employee experience is that customer and employee experiences are closely linked.

In a recent post by the AI Academy of LinkedIn, here’s what it states about the correlation between AI and employee experience:

We’ve created the LinkedIn AI Academy…to equip employees across the company – in areas like engineering, product management, etc.—with the knowledge they need to optimally deliver impactful AI experiences to our members.

The idea is to build awareness among employees and to make it one of the important aspects of the employee onboarding process and ensure smooth incoming of the employees.

With better AI integrated with your workplace, here’s how you can great employee experience:

Smarter Staffing

AI makes hiring easy by having more accurate forecasts which help branch managers make sure they have enough employees working to meet the demand for staffing. It also takes things a step further and matches employees’ level of experience and area of expertise with the specific customer needs.

Dedicated Compliance

Managing labor compliance is a real job. A proactive compliance leverage machine learning and AI to keep the minute data details for the future so that managers identify and are alert about the potential compliance risks hours or even days before an issue surfaces.

Unbiased Workplace Situations

Usually, employees fall into the pit of biased situations while vouching for performance-oriented promotions. AI simply eradicate such situations by machine learning algorithms which evaluate a candidate based on their performance metrics. This entire process gives you an opportunity for the qualified individuals who otherwise would have been overlooked.

Sentiment Analysis

If you’re working digitally with your colleagues or connected on digitally connected, notes can be deceptive, sometimes. In such cases, AI-based meeting systems are a great help. An AI-based system has attributes of universal language translations, machine learning, and emotional analysis. For example, Intranets are used by organizations as a digital workplace platform. Introducing an AI system in a SharePoint Intranet can analyze and simplify conversations and ensure a better digital workplace set up.

AI is becoming the most talked about technology in the market these days and ensuring a great employee experience with AI is a fantastic idea. Do you also think it’s a great idea? Make your comments below and let us know about your experience with AI.

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