A Retail Intranet that Supports Your Growing Workforce

Digitalization offers retail businesses numerous avenues for strategic growth and expansion. For those of us who grew up in the digital age, it’s undeniable that access to technology fuels the world. Thankfully, not all intranet software were created equal!

A retail intranet software is used to connect various functions across the retail business over a secure network using intuitive applications, tools and workflows, inspiring effective collaboration and communication. Using an intranet portal supports businesses to engage, retain and grow their workforce.

intranet software for retail

This post outlines using a retail intranet to support your growing workforce and their needs.

Digital Workplace Transformation

Inevitably, digital transformation has enveloped industries across the globe with agile processes and improved business functions. At the centre of a digitally enabled enterprise is an effective digital workplace solution, powered by a robust and responsive retail intranet software.

During the early stages of the global pandemic of COVID-19, A 2020 study revealed that nearly 74% of CFOs would like to permanently transition on premise employees to remote work. However, the scale of adoption had to be enabled by an intuitive and easily accessible software solution. An intranet software for your business became that apparent precursor to IoT implementation, holistic governance, supply chain efficiency and operational agility.

The truth remains that while 72% of companies use social technologies in some way, very few are anywhere near to achieving the full potential benefit. For the digital workplace of the future, you require an interactive and highly personalized intranet experience.

Let’ explore 5 key benefits of implementing a retail intranet to grow your workforce.

5 Key Benefits of Intranet for Retail Workforce Expansion

While an intranet should be fun, the responsive design and effortless user experience must be derived from core aspects of your business itself. That’s why a customized solution, augmented for your envisaged employee experience is a must-have.

Here’s why Saketa intranet software functionalities can help grow your retail workforce.

1. Easily share information with your entire company

Retailers looking to scale their workforce to meet demand, require an effective communication strategy to oversee all operations. With an efficient internal communication roadmap, an intranet portal can unify all channels of communications across departmental and cross-functional entities in the business. A new-found transparency and accessibility to company personnel and resources refines the operational aspects of retail. For example, organizing warehousing facilities with the logistics functions become seamless, as retail intranet applications track, govern and execute core functions with minimal human intervention.

2. Keep employees updated and organized

Intranet portals feature exceptional social integrations, where users can find employee blogs, newsfeeds, event pages, communities, forums and much more on their home pages. With access to a vast content repository, employee training and development occurs uninterruptedly. Powered by productivity tools and collaboration software, workers can perform tasks, share progress and monitor effectiveness of operations using software applications. Using an intranet to govern the performance of your retail workforce keeps you informed of decisions to be made, in favour of your business expansion goals.

Collaborative Intranet software

85% of employees said they’re most motivated when management offers regular updates on company news. Creating a social intranet for your workforce has numerous other advantages like employee engagement, retention activities, rewards and recognitions, corporate events, so on and so forth.

3. Centralized content and secure access

Using deep search feature, Saketa offers a comprehensive and seamless search experience, to find and sort content anywhere on the company intranet. Knowledge stored across diverse platforms like One Drive, SharePoint, Outlook, Word Documents, etc., can be easily stored and accessed. Being able to quickly locate relevant information, employees can operate efficiently. Tedious manual tasks can be automated using centralized data repositories, freeing up time and resources for more strategic work.

HR teams and Legal teams can utilize intranet’s flexible workplace environment for various corporate activities, like, employee training, onboarding, benefits and compensations, payroll, workplace policies. Any team or department can utilize the intranet for easy knowledge accessibility and sharing.

4. Enhanced collaboration and feedback

Using an intranet software, employee feedback can be gathered in a few simple steps. Knowledge stored in secure databases can be organized using intuitive applications. These apps can be used for business specific functions, employee feedback surveys, collaboration platforms, social activities, etc.

SharePoint 365 Intranet

Garnering a competitive advantage for your business, an intranet software features exceptional collaboration features, making it easier for large teams to work together on various projects. With an intuitive interface to access intranet applications, employees can leverage the mobility of intranet software. Custom intranet mobile apps can be used to stay connected with work at home, or even half-way around the world. Intranet helps retail employees perform their work faster, and more securely. With renewed energy levels drawn by better workplace morale, operational agility within your company translates to efficient consumer-facing business models.

5. Championing workplace culture

Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work. An intranet software brings every member in the organization to a platform where they can interact, share feedback, work together, and automate key tasks. With increased transparency at the core of your organizational model, employees feel more at home. Their work is uninterrupted as intuitive workflows replace tedious time-consuming tasks. In-depth intranet usage analytics can be leveraged to refine user experience and nurture a company culture you envision for the best. Delivering insights about employee productivity, operational governance, and content management, using an intranet software produces novelty via agile processes.

Retail Intranet to Grow Your Workforce

In retail customer experience is everything! Using an intranet software, the improved employee experiences result in championship customer interactions. A single portal to capture all enterprise data and activity supports all stakeholders, and users to foster productivity aligned to a shared vision. A robust retail intranet software can bridge various business functions using intelligent workflows, defining a highly personalized digital workplace environment. As retail operations become more agile, and responsive to changes in the system, an intranet is used to govern and connect all touchpoints of the operational model. Thus, retailers can sell faster, monitor successes and mitigate delays in supply chain dynamics.

Intranet software workflows

Encouraging employee centricity, you can reach the heights of retail excellence. Saketa delivers operational agility via intuitive content management, collaboration, and communication. Not only can you engage and retain your growing workforce but deploy targeted solutions for diverse areas of business growth.

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