7 Tips to Engage Your Employees Using an Intranet

A communications system called an intranet software is made up of several hardware and software and other business solutions and is designed specifically for corporate communication and collaboration within a business. What initially served as a strong instrument for seamless top-down dialogue inside a business has gained additional importance as a successful tool for increasing employee engagement. Any business would benefit greatly from having a more involved and interconnected staff since they are more efficient and continuously raise the firm’s confidence by staying actively linked throughout various geographic areas. 

This article will walk you through the reasons why intranets are getting more and more important while also discussing some of the greatest strategies to engage people on intranets! 

Strategies For Boosting Employee Participation Using an Intranet

Listed below are 7 tips to boost employee engagement using your intranet software capabilities. 

1. Teach Your Staff How to Appropriately Use Intranet Software

Even before implementation, everyone of corporate staff should indeed be informed of the intranet’s value. They will receive sufficient training to become acquainted with all of the capabilities of the programme. As component of the onboarding procedure, candidates may receive instruction on how to use the technology’s many functions. 

Workforce department and geographies

2. Your Online Workspace Ought to be Simple to Navigate and Use

When planning the layout of your intranet, use a minimalist style. The demands of your organisation might be met by customising and configuring contemporary intranet software. Never let the intranet software get cluttered with pointless features. The correct tools alone might make it appealing to the eye and provide simple navigation, both of which are essential for increasing employee engagement. Whenever staff can find the appropriate content on the network, job satisfaction will undoubtedly rise. You can thereby evoke an employee-centric workplace culture personalized to suit the intranet user needs. 

3. Plan Your Content and Digital Experience Strategy

The material created and shared on your intranet is quite significant and requires your commitment since it is an interaction tool that promotes good communication. Consequently, your intranet must be able to give company staff the tools they need to deliver work. Your staff will be able to submit changes far more quickly and conveniently thanks to pre-built frameworks. Searching and navigating is made easier if there are clear rules for writing content tags. Structure your content so that you consistently inspire your staff with articles about teamwork. To deliver great material for inclusion in mailings and progress reports, enlist the aid of management team and other volunteers. 

Intranet User Experience Architecture

4. Employ Polls and Feedback Forms

You can be certain to improve employee engagement using an intranet by implementing assessments and evaluation polls. Be careful to create focused inquiries about certain system components, then utilize the responses to remedy potential problems. Send out surveys on a frequent basis to keep your staff interested and can use input received to tweak your methods and approaches routinely. 

5. Establish Specific Targets and Objectives

To boost their level of involvement on your internal network, your staff members need to be assigned a clearly defined set of goals first from start. Your workforce would have a solid comprehension of why they are utilising the product thanks to such openness of the intranet targets. Making sure that the information produced and shared is in line with the established internal web goals is crucial. Deliver assignments to your staff members and request that they provide revisions so that you can follow their progress using the collaboration capabilities of intranet software. All members of the team throughout all regions should indeed be informed of the precise objectives established to strengthen communication channels, cross-departmental coordination, and employee engagement. 

intelligent intranet experience

6. You Must Regularly Update Your Intranet Software

The energy and rigor of the material you put on your intranet greatly affect its effectiveness. Make a communications strategy with interesting material that company staff may view and use as inspiration. Your staff members will soon stop signing in if they frequently access the very same old ld content on the intranet. The supplied material needs to include the most recent corporate news, entertaining promotions, and competitions. It would also encourage your staff to participate actively on the internal network portal as part of their everyday duties. Encourage staff to produce quality material so it may be shared on the employee intranet by offering incentives for doing so. Supervisors of intranets needs to make sure to publish articles just on sites that are pertinent to their sector. 

Benefits of social intranet

7. Make Use of Social Capabilities and Features on the Intranet

People who work remotely miss the companionship they experienced with co-workers over coffee breaks and lunch hour. By include team-building exercises and online meetups on the internal network, this issue may be resolved. Employees would have a sense of community and worth if components of recognition like birthdays and anniversaries, workplace milestones, and staff awards were included. 

Engage Your Workforce with a Workplace of the Future

All of the aforementioned criteria are satisfied by the integrated virtual workspace medium of choice as Saketa. With the help of an expanding collection of communication and collaborative tools, Saketa’s contemporary intranet can maintain your geographically dispersed staff actively involved. Saketa provides you with a range of channels, including voice calls, chat rooms, mail, teleconferencing, personal and team forums, etc., to get your staff engaged with pertinent communication within the organization. Saketa is a one-stop workable alternative for all your company needs. An ever-expanding collection of business productivity applications meets the demands of many types of businesses. 

What’s next? You can smoothly connect 3rd technologies with Saketa. Its personalised widgets and modules make it simple that you keep records of critical business indicators and achievements at a glance, making your company open, accessible, safe, and effective. 

Find out more about Saketa's products right now!

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