7 Pillars to Successful Digital Workplace Platforms

The concept of successful digital workplace platforms has been ever-evolving. As a result, it has also been a matter of keen curiosity across the professional world for more than a decade.

The Gradual Evolution of Digital Workplace Platforms

7 Pillars to Successful Digital Workplace Platforms Ever since then, new collaboration tools keep coming up while the workplaces keep upgrading themselves according to the latest trends. Moreover, the present pandemic-induced crisis accelerated this process to 10 folds. This in turn resulted in transforming the digital workplace platform from a professional luxury to professional necessity. As Remote work overtakes the market not just for now but for the post-pandemic future as well, the importance of digital workplace platforms is sure to soar higher with each passing day. Your organization’s success will highly rely on the success of your digital workplace and remote collaboration tools.

Key Factors in making Digital Workplace Platforms Successful

While every company designs its digital workplace in accordance with their organizational requirements, there still remain some similarities between the key features that determine their success.


Nothing can meet the expectations unless it is carefully visualized and conceptualized. Likewise, the same goes true for a digital workplace too. The pre-adoption phase of your digital workplace platform must involve members of all the departments. The key stakeholders must agree to the usability of the platform while letting each user put up their points regarding it. Good pre-visualization will ensure escalated employee engagement, thus increased productivity.

Strategic Planning and Teamwork

The way the Intranet, Microsoft Teams, or other digital workplace platforms are to be used needs to be planned properly. The features useful to one department or team might be worthless to the other or vice versa. Therefore, choosing those specific features to be included can have quite a positive business impact.

Technical Support

Technology is like the basic stepping stone to digitalization. Technology brings your planning and vision to life. Good technical support ensures the utilization of the digital workplace up to the full extent. Thus, the technical details must be of adequate importance to your digital workplace solution.

Employee Engagement

The prime aim of a digital workplace is to establish successful employee engagement. This will ensure more success in implementation. A training and user adoption session must be arranged to help everyone get used to it.


Personalization is the feature that makes your platform stand out. The platform be it intranet, extranet or Microsoft Teams needs to be brand customized organization-wide. But every user should have the right to a personal section as well. Therefore, we at Saketa keep it on high priority by dedicating a personalized space for every user.


Any success is non-estimable unless analyzed. Thus, a good digital workplace platform must have a set of analytical tools. Keeping a track of ups and down ensures improvement and reduces errors.


Everything nowadays needs to be on the go. Opt-in for a digital workplace solution that takes care of your multiple device compatibility while keeping the location constraints away. Work from anywhere is in trend, therefore your digital workplace platform must be compatible with different devices. Thus, mobility is essential as well. Here were the factors that helped us reach our digital workplace objectives. Let us know yours.

Saketa Employee Engagement Platform

Our award-winning Employee Engagement Platform creates a holistic workplace, fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and SAAS apps to drive your Digital Workspace.

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