7 Best Intranet Software solutions for Insurance Companies

Intranet software for insurance companies offers embed kit of features and options that help organizations easily connect with employees using social collaborative forums, adapt workflow systems for easy data and file sharing and lastly, give insurance providers consolidated place for policies, claims and docs.

With the constant scope of advanced technology shooting up, the race to deliver improved customer experience in the insurance industry has mounted pressure and increased competition to cross the target finish line. According to a PwC report in 2021, 57% of insurance company leaders believed that existing insurers wouldn’t survive for long due to a lack of digital insurance methods. Many companies are now striving to adopt digital techniques in the business. Therefore, the road to using an effective digital strategy is paved with difficulties and uncertainties. Intranet software is here on the go – to encounter these challenges with its perfectly designed solutions that will lead to a better digital workplace.

Amidst the rapid changes in the digital arena, many insurers worldwide face challenges to handle manual claims, underwriting policies, and using paperwork to proceed with signature forms, documents etc. To find a successful and more convenient approach, insurance companies are more inclined on reducing administrative costs, and resources by integrating the most effective intranet software in place. However, they are focusing on applying digital transformation techniques, like automating advanced technology to empower digital intranet solutions to each department which can be a prominent key to building an opportunity for growth and market expansion in the insurance industry.

Key Takeaways of intranet software in insurance industry

Here, we have gathered the key takeaways and trends that shows intranet software in insurance industry improve customer experience, collaboration, and engagement.

insurance companies trends 2022

According to a survey by InsurTech, 32% of Insurance companies conveyed successful measuring in communication and collaboration after using employee intranet tools that encourages social connection and builds a workforce engagement within the workplace. Whereas 18% identified lack of well-defined digital strategy and intranet tools faced difficulty in smooth interaction and efficient internal communication with insurers.

Therefore, this states that deployment of All-inclusive intranet software can efficiently unite employees across multiple locations, keep them well-informed and easily access updates anywhere right with help of mobile intranet. 

Common Intranet Software Challenges in Insurance Companies

1. Poor Data and Knowledge management

When the Insurance industry doesn’t invest in right digital platforms, it leads to inadequate access to the resources. However, this may result in increased productive time and cost to the company which in turn affects the employee experience and successful growth. 

Here are a few major reasons poor data and knowledge management can impact your business: 

  • When internal communication and data information is unorganized, employees spend more time looking for resources which affects productivity. 
  • Lack of access to customer queries, feedback, research insights and requirement documents, policies and claims leads to delivering inconsistent results. 
  • In-definite data and knowledge channels become complex to manage, as employees end up recreating information which is already existing in the system. 

A good knowledge management strategy coupled with the right digital tools will help insurance companies organize easy access to communicate and collaborate. Therefore, Intranet Software aids in facilitating information to address claimant support concerns, resolve problems regarding any claims via online e-forms etc., and uncover important data and additional insights within the workplace.  

2. Difficulty in managing Insurance Claims

Amid the global pandemic crisis, insurers realized policy management plays a crucial role in enhancing customer experience. However, effective claim management requires to be time and cost efficient. But since it is a complex process, insurance providers are coping to build a strong strategy for improving claims handling.

Nowadays – companies across insurance industries are inclined to embrace digital communication tools to improve in areas like policy and claim processing, renewals etc. Powerful company intranet software can help bridge this gap with a modern way of claim management as insurers can fill out the application, share data filing as well as track claimant data and policy updates.

3. Poor Navigation

Most companies believe that poorly designed navigation creates unnecessary inefficiencies and dependency on overburdened resourcesThus, without a reliable navigation source, it becomes difficult to meet maximum user experience. So, insurers face the challenge to find comprehensive policies, documents and claims in the insurance management systems

Did you know? 70% of insurance providers observed that redirecting end-to-end user navigation experience creates an effective digital workplace

4. Restricted Internal Communication

When insurance companies and providers lack the touch of connection, social communication and interaction across the workplace, there will be a restricted flow of information. This poses issues since less employee interaction and experience causes a major bottleneck within the company leading to bigger management problems. 

Now, companies can overcome these uncertainties in a more seamless way. Versatile intranet software is a unified hub where:

  • Data and documents can easily be accessed.
  • Information is swiftly and effectively published
  • The post is published using all in one centralized platform via activity streams that boost the overall performance and employee experience at the workplace.

Top 7 solutions of Insurance Intranet Software

insurance intranet solution

1. Quick and Reliable Data sharing

There are insurance policies for each department concerning healthcare, car, travel insurance etc.Thus, it gets complicated for insurance providers to keep up with the accuracy and spend in-depth information regarding every policy. In such cases, a need for centralized data and knowledge management assures that all policy information and claims are easily accessible within a few clicks

Therefore, having a reliable knowledge-based system at your fingertips will spend up the data gathering process, and this can be smoothly processed with the use of intranet software which provides automated insurance coverage and reduces the risk of uncertainties to the users.

2. Unified Doc Management System

Accelerate to a smarter way of work with the use of document management systems that allows insurance providers to create unlimited hierarchies of information folders and store policy documents, quotes, and claims in any category. To make the journey hassle-free, insurance companies can take benefit of efficient features like adding document tags to every file being shared so that information is easily navigated.

Therefore, Saketa Intranet Software can be your go-to tool which also features effective document management that keeps real-time collaboration and communication secure and track stored data updates and policies literally from anywhere.

3. E-forms and Workflow Software

Managing from claims lodgment to data policies, all the paperwork acquire more time, effort, and resources. This can be resolved and modified to a more realistic, faster, and better workflow system which also reduces administrative costs. Using e-form and workflow software helps to transform the traditional way of insurance policies and claims into an online-based e-forms.

Thus, with an all-in-one intranet software, insurance companies open easy access to claimants using a pre-built system that can submit claims directly in the intranet insurance software by applying hassle-free interaction via messaging feature in the tool.

4. Powerful Search Capability

Did you know?– 57% of employers observed that poor search features reduce overall trust and confidence resulting in low employee experience standards. Whereas accurate search capabilities help employees accomplish their goals in their day-to-day activity and regulate positive user experience. 

The search functionality can help insurance companies in 3 ways, such as:

  • Personalize results to each user’s needs
  • Deliver more up-to-date analysis and results
  • Easy search for documents, policies and claims across the workflow system

With the powerful search functionality using company intranet software, insurers can find what they are looking for. Therefore, with different kinds of effective search filters, the platform allows employees to find out all the information in any format like search by any date, keyword, or author and discover relevant documents, files, policies etc.

5. Keep track via Analytics and Auditing

With insurance intranet software, companies can build a customizable report consisting of detailed e-forms to uncover remarkable insights such as trends in insurance claims and quote requests. Monitoring detailed analysis like keeping up with the selling policy updates, delivering customer support information and issuing claims will help keep the staff informed and provides a clear search audit of what keywords insurers are looking for within a few clicks. Therefore, with this intuitive reporting – insurance providers can drive the benefit of increased customer satisfaction and profits.

6. Social Collaborative Forums

Unlock and post the latest news, announcements, and updates of the insurance industry all in one place. Intranet software is a centralized social hub that keeps every employee or insurer engaged and informed with the updates from the insurance team.

Get quick feedback on documents, and files, and published posts with the help of a discussion forum where every employee with the use of @tagging and #hashtags connect to existing topics and conducts a flow of interaction that encourages social connection. Therefore, improving better employee experience, collaboration, and productivity at the workplace. 

7. Software Security for Insurance

Securing the insurance data that is submitted for claims, policies, quote requests, and renewals is confidential and sensitive information of each claimant which needs to be stored with its data privacy and permissions policy.

Whereas the intranet permission system with its modern features keeps the insurer’s data safe from prying eyes. Saketa Intranet is here with a solution for both insurance providers and claimants to manage access rights of confidential data with its built-in modern features.

Note: Role-based permissions of securing confidential is easily managed by only the authorized staff with utmost privacy

Wrapping up

Evolution in digital transformation in the insurance industry is moving forward at a slow but steady pace. However, despite slack digital adoption, insurance companies of all types are now understanding that transformation to an effective collaborative digital tool will be crucial for both ongoing business and an inevitable part of long-term success. Organization change is the biggest challenge in achieving a successful digital strategy. We can say that insurance companies integrating intranet software will fast-forward the workflow systems with many added advantages and benefits.

The single use of this initiative intranet tool will truly streamline business processes and shape effective collaboration and communication. In doing so, usage of insurance intranet software helps you create a significant positive impact from customer satisfaction to project margins.

Wondering for a quick glimpse of the intranet software for the insurance company? Saketa Intranet Software will be your guiding tool – to get your benefits on track – Reach out to us for a quick demo as the experts will help build a truly engaged workforce.

Leverage Insurance Intranet Software to the next level

Connect your team and empower better, faster and secure insurance solutions our powerful Saketa Intranet Software

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