5 spices to a great digital workplace experience

Every organization wants to cook up the perfect recipe for their growth and innovation…. while the main ingredient is the employeesdigital solutions act as the major binding agent. 

So, for cooking up a delicious recipe of a digital workspace, we list out 5 key ingredients that will spice up the whole experience by creating a perfect blend of culture, innovation, creativity, improved employee happiness and productivity and thus resulting in an elevated employee experience. 

1. Salt: Culture & Leadership 

The Most Important Spice for Maximum dishes! An employee spends more than 1/3rd of the day in office…so workspace is such an important part of their everyday life. Any company can offer a job with a good salary but what retains an employee in the organization is the work environment. But with the change in era, digital workspace is rapidly replacing the real-life physical work environment.  

It must offer to the employees a sense of belonging, purpose and the authority to reinvent things that they might find useful to the enhancement of their productivity. The interest must be kept ignited throughout, which in turn will automatically lead to increased engagement of the employees.  

Well Defined Profiles

Recognition is what everyone craves for and so do the employees of every organization. Every employee should have a detailed profile that apart from their basic information, also showcase their key achievement and contributions, thereby fostering motivation and recognition among the peers. Motivate your employee workforce with a recognition they deserve right on the SharePoint intranet. Allow users to congratulate and share best wishes to the recognized employees on yammer, SharePoint and email. 

Well connected to Higher Executives

Employees are greatly influenced by the higher executives either knowingly or unknowingly.  So, it can be very beneficial if the CEO and other top-level executives can remain easily accessible and actively involved in the intranet. 

Praising Corner

Who doesn’t enjoy being the centre of attraction. Therefore, our intranet should have a section where people are just praised, whether it is for their professional achievements or their personal achievements. This puts up a very positive impact both on teams and on the individual levels. Recognizing performance takes a minute but has a very long-lasting effect.  

Idea Sharing

Individual employees as well as teams should be encouraged to innovate and share their ideas openly. This in turn promotes unity and creativity. 

2. Coriander: Personalized Productivity 

Coriander gives flavour to your dish…. Likewise, personalization too givesflavour to the digital workplace. Unlike previous times when any job was just meant for earning a living, jobs nowadays need to take care of the satisfaction level and self-development of the employees.  

Optimize the stay

The whole journey of an employee right from onboarding to normal operations during the whole job phase to the final step of offboarding, everything needs to be optimized and enhance the digital workplace experience with personal touches and timely content. Invest in tools that improve employee satisfaction and retention. Saketa’sBusiness Productivity Suite takes care that every business process right from onboarding to offboarding are taken care of in the most effective way. 


Activity-based customizations

Integrating a modern and user-friendly experience which reacts according to the interests of the employees with enterprise integrations allows employees to focus on activities and conversations that matter without context switching. 


Department-wise peer groups

Enable employees to find and build on the work of others with dynamic search and discovery features powered by the social graph. Collaboration with teammates as well as with the members of other teams increases productivity to a large extent. 


3. Pepper: Digital Storytelling 

The employees consumer-like behaviors, habits, and tools that people use to communicate in their personal lives are migrating to the workplace. Employees expect more transparency and they want the ability to freely share and publish content. We’ve become accustomed to benefiting from comments on a discussion thread. Our eyes are now trained to gravitate towards trending “posts”. Improve employee engagement with: 

Humanized Dashboard 

Making your content shorter, more social and crisper with embedded tags, images, graphics and videos. The dashboard should be well enough to convey all the important information at a go while continuing to be greatly interesting to each and every member using the Intranet SharePoint. 


Targeted Content

Delivering the right content to the right audience, and letting employees choose which channels and topics to follow, Along with simplified techniques for content creation, approval and editorial pipeline of corporate news and information. Every user must get contents filtered according to their previous records of preferences.  


4. Mixed Herbs: Self-Service Knowledge 

Mixed spices are basically for giving the perfect aroma to the dish from several sources. Similarly, Self-service section is to provide little but significant experiences to the employees. If the employees are able to solve their problems themselves, it will save a lot of time and money.  

Digital Assistants 

A lot of cost and effort can be reduced by using chatbots instead of real human workers.  


Intelligent Workflows

Different apps in use should be customized so that it aids the employees and increase their productivity.  

Feedback Tools 

Use of different intelligent analytics and AI enabled tools bring in the correct insights with surveys, polls and feedback forms thatdecode if the employees are actually happy with these systems. 

5. Turmeric: Consumer-Grade Design 

Turmeric is for looks and so is the design. In today’s busy world, providing your employees with a modern user-friendly experience can make or break your Intranet reputation. To get the most out of your digital workplace create a unified solution that is simple and easy to use by leveraging: 

Adaptive Cards

We can use simple open card format that enables more consistent and uniform display of rich and interactive data. 

Mobile-First Rule

With the shift to the 5” screen from the 22” one, it has become quite essential to plan out and design stuffs according to the requirement of a smartphone user and then upgrade to desktop version.  

Flat Information Architecture Structures

Don’t get trapped by traditional hierarchies. When individual sites function as nodes, administrators can freely connect them into your ever-changing organizational structure. 

While there may be other important spices to consider when searching for the perfect dish, but the presence of these spices in recipe is guaranteed to bring great flavours to the organization’s digital platform with a more personal and connected employee experience that fuels digital transformation. 

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