5 Digital Workplace Crisis Management Quotes to ponder upon

2020 has been all about Crisis Management. While it has been a difficult transitional year, Digital Workplace has emerged as the pioneer savior in terms of crisis management. Now that we are so close to 2021, let’s delve into some crisis management quotes that prove the importance of the digital workplace in the present professional scenario. Remote Work is the new normal. This in turn has made collaboration platforms such as SharePoint Intranet and Microsoft Teams the business essential chapters of modernization.

2020 Crisis management & its effect on 2021 Plan?

2020 left no stones unturned to pose great professional challenges. Some of these challenges were technical while some were related to the psychology of adapting to the sudden change of work culture. With remote work a compulsion, every organization had to adapt to it with the aid of advanced technologies such as SharePoint Intranet, Microsoft Teams, or a digital workplace solution as a whole. It hasn’t been a very smooth transition to some while super-easy to others. Nevertheless, it has proved to be quite effective and worth considering to adopt for the long term as well. 5 Quotes that prove Digital Workplace is a savior in Crisis Management With Remote work here to stay, we must make the experience as good as possible. But before that, let’s have a look at few quotes that will let us know what made digital workplaces a success in crisis management this year and how to carry forward the legacy to 2021 as well.

CollaborationDigital Workplace quotes savior in Crisis Management

The digital workplace platforms need to ensure that your employees don’t feel the communication void. Everything and everyone needed to be readily available at fingertips for a successful remote culture. The collaboration apps bridged the communication gaps while knowledge banks such as intranet repository acted as the organizational Google to locate important information. This kind of digital workplace solution is sure to make 2021 awesome as well by driving productivity and making an impact.

Virtual Employee Engagement Crisis Management quotes

The pandemic induced loneliness has been widely experienced by almost everyone. Even the most motivated ones are falling short of it. Thus, it is very important to make people feel belonging to your organization. Set them free to feel like an integral part of your company culture.Let them put up suggestions, ideas, and feedback on your company-wide channels or intranet portal. Hear, appreciate, and value them. Let them take up their own ways to open up to contribute to overall organizational growth. Let everyone gets the appropriate appreciation that they deserve. Organize virtual meetups, weekly facetime, and even parties. Celebrate every festival and success together. Don’t leave a chance to connect. Chat, Play , Laugh and Work together.

Recognition andAppreciationCrisis Management quotes

Recognition is the best motivation. While everyone is struggling to come up with terms with the new work from home culture, it is time to be supportive of them. Recognizing the efforts of the employees who walked the extra mile to accomplish the company goals is a great idea indeed. Public appreciation notes on the intranet dashboard can be a great idea to acknowledge your colleagues. While this can make the employee being appreciated feel motivated, it can set examples and goals for others as well.

Flexibility Flexibility quotes for Crisis Management

Work from home calls in for expected or unexpected multitasking and cannot be treated the same as work from the office. After defining ownership and responsibilities, you have to trust the employees to be responsible and accountable. But it is important to offer them the right amount of flexibility as well. Some might want to work early in the morning while some might find themselves most productive in the evenings or late at night. The remote work must offer flexibility to sustain for the long run.

MobilityDigital Workplace Mobility

We are no longer location constrained. Thus, it might be natural for people to be at places where a proper laptop might not be carried throughout the day. Emergencies are quite usual and your employees might be in a condition to accompany their acquaintance in a local clinic while managing the work as well. The problems posed due to it must be considered. While it lets people work from literally anywhere, the mobility of the digital workplace plays a vital role as well. Collaboration apps or intranet provider that gives a mobile-responsive portal or mobile app support have lived up to these expectations, making working on the go efficiently possible.

Is Crisis Management 2020 equivalent to Digital Workplace Trend 2021?

Remote work was a compulsion in 2020 but it will stay popular in 2021 and beyond as well. These crisis management quotes gave a glimpse to how important the digital workplace has been in this transition to the remote. Upgrade yourself in the best ways to bridge the distances between the remote workers even after the pandemic is over. Make it smooth for remote workers and far-off offices to stay in touch and work together in the most fun and productive way. How has 2020 Virtual Worklife been to you? And what are your resorts to the crisis management plans for 2021? Let us know yours in the comments below.

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