3 Features of Saketa SharePoint Employee Directory that’ll make you a genius

Keeping an account of all the employees is a task and here’s what you can do to make it easy

In my last article, I talked about, how employee onboarding is important for the retention of the employees, Growth of the organization and brand reputation. But did you know that a good communication within the organization leads to a flawless business process?

Proper communication within a company is crucial for its cohesive functioning and transparency of various departments. Internal information deficit can be a major source of friction. Hence, it’s important for us to do it right.

As per the McKinsey Global Institute, productivity improves by 20 – 25% in companies with connected employees. So, now you know, why improving the internal communication is important. Right?

Scattered employee information leads to coordination deficiency. To ensure, that this doesn’t take place, you need to keep all the employees information at one place.

There are various tools in the market that can help you in improving internal communication within the employees and making all of them accessible to each other. One such tool is  Saketa Employee Directory. All  SharePoint and Office 365 users, now have this opportunity to optimize their internal communications.

Here’s a list of attributes of Saketa Employee Directory that helps in improving internal communications:

Employee Information

One of the most important aspect, that drives in improving the internal communications, is holding the correct employee information. Accessing the correct employee details at the right point, in time, ensures seamless collaboration. Saketa Employee Directory facilitates such kind of accessibility, wherein all the employees are visible on one platform and you can touch base with your colleagues as and when needed. The Saketa SharePoint Employee directory enables you to get enagage with each other  at right time, through messages, emails and instant messaging. It provides one central location where all the relevant employee information is available. Isn’t that great?


Have you ever gone through multiple records, before zeroing down to a single employee and faced multiple issues? Saketa Employee Directory resolves this issue, through the feature of using filters. You can find the right employee by using one or a combination of filters, segregate the people based on their departments, find their contact details and get in touch with them through IM, call or an email. For instance, if you want to contact the HR team in the Seattle office, you only need to apply the two relevant filters. The results will show you the HR team members of the Seattle office, after which you can contact the concerned person. This will save your office hours which you can utilize in other productive works.

Exclude Filters

Though internal communications should be healthy within the organization; security is equally important for a healthy communication to take place. There are lot of employees who work in your organization – some as vendors / contractors and some as full-time employees. Some organizations have policies, prohibiting anyone, other than full-time employees, to be listed on their directory. The Saketa Employee Directory empowers you to do exactly the same, where you can exclude people based on various conditions or specific domains.

For any organization, keeping a healthy internal communication is a must, as it leads to a great working of the overall team.

Do you also want to make a seamless communication system for your organization?Get your Saketa Employee Directory now.

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