10 Intranet Productivity Features of SharePoint Online

Numerous innovative enterprise software products, enterprise suites, and strong information technology (IT) portals have indeed been created in the last ten years by a variety of vendors, creating new job prospects, streamlining business processes, improving performance, and enhancing operational effectiveness. Modern IT business systems usually place a strong emphasis on teamwork, interoperability, and the use of business intelligence (BI) to improve internal processes and ultimately benefit consumers.

SharePoint is an obvious element of the Microsoft environment that makes getting going simple, however your organisation might not utilise all its advantages.

Microsoft’s collaboration and productivity package is centred on SharePoint Online, but there are many features that are not readily visible. Knowing how to utilise your SharePoint intranet to its fullest can provide users with both short- and long-term benefits.

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This post lists 10 intranet productivity tips while utilising the most popular intranet software in the market to demonstrate the user-friendliness and responsive design of SharePoint Online. 

10 Productivity Features of SharePoint Online

Listed below are 10 ways SharePoint maximizes intranet productivity with intuitive business capabilities and feature-rich design elements. 

1. Get things going using effective programs

Create SharePoint layouts and establish organisational procedures for when content is uploaded to SharePoint. Users may simply adapt to linked processes and obtain a clear grasp of their intranet software experience by using native SharePoint apps. Encourage the staff to ask inquiries and get familiar with using SharePoint. 

2. Using Microsoft Teams to arrange your SharePoint files and data

Teams make it simple to selectively share data with individuals who require it, allowing them to concentrate just on papers they are now engaged with. This saves time and resources, as all data pertinent to the job is available in a central locality. 

SharePoint Intranet Features

3. Arrange the data in your company

SharePoint Online sites ought to act as the company’s intranet software and hub for most of its user-generated content. To acquaint your staff with intranet productivity features, create enough essential materials as you can, and provide access to concerned departments.  

4. Configure alerts

When certain files are modified, SharePoint Online alerts will instantly let users know, easing the process for you to keep track of the data you want. Notifications can also be applied to papers with a crucial value to ensure that modifications are verified. 

5. Make use of a common schedule

Among the most popular aspects of SharePoint intranet is a global calendar application since it simplifies the process for everybody on Microsoft Teams to collaborate. Scheduled events, meetings and client calls can all be managed effectively using this intranet productivity feature. 

6. Maintain a unified design and feel

Templates may be used for more than just interface customization. Whenever it comes to efficiency and productivity consistency is critical. As new SharePoint sites and content are introduced to SharePoint Online, everything must be checked to ensure that they adhere to brand guidelines. Obtaining data becomes more difficult with every variance and thus benefits from the holistic governance of SharePoint intranet.  

7. Don't compromise mobile compatibility

SharePoint intranet mobility features compact and flexible workplace solutions and applications for users. It may become more challenging to utilise SharePoint intranet features on portable devices because of the numerous adjustments you can make with your intranet software.  

Individuals are today working on the move more frequently than ever and would always test on smart phones first to steer clear of every integration and modification that may make it more challenging for mobile user experiences. 

8. Designate SharePoint advocates

Ensure that a select group of essential users has access to workshops and updates on SharePoint’s communication and productivity tools. These advocates could then be utilised to teach additional users how to utilize these new tools, enhancing cooperation in quite a recurring, systematic way. 

9. Compatibility with several other Microsoft products

SharePoint Online can easily interface with MS Teams, Microsoft365, Yammer, as well as other Microsoft marketplace products, turning it into a central location for all users’ data. While MS Teams and Yammer enable you to connect with individuals as well as groups, SharePoint offers excellent teamwork and information management solutions. By combining the two, you may benefit from the advantages of both – intranet productivity leading to organizational performance. 

10. Update the top page's contents every day

Users are more inclined to check inside and begin the day using the intranet if daily updates are added to SharePoint’s main website. This guarantees that employees always receive the information and notifications they require without delay and highlights the significance of SharePoint intranet to their productivity. Ensuring employees use the network is frequently closely related to utilising SharePoint for production. 

SharePoint Online Intranet Software

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Only a handful among the most significant collaboration and productivity tips are listed here, so keep these in consideration the next time you utilize SharePoint intranet for business. Please get in touch with us if you’d like more details about the benefits of this collaborative platform. 

Leverage intranet productivity for organizational performance.

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