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About Saketa

Built to transform organizational efficiency with optimum output, Saketa enables cutting-edge collaboration tools and accessibility settings deployed to match your workplace objectives. Discover agility at your fingertips with comprehensive, all-inclusive, and transformative digital workplace solutions.

Our Award winning (Recognized twice in Microsoft Ignite) products are enabling people across 5 continents and 40+ countries in their digital transformation journey. Take on the future with us, let’s make innovation work for you.

We Are on A Mission

Saketa transforms enterprise systems and processes using sustainable technologies, to innovate and employ data-driven insights that enable practical resolutions to business-critical workplace challenges.

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Our goal is to stay in the top spot as digital transformation enabler for businesses, giving businesses an edge to foster user-centric value and immersive experiences.
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How We Started

The journey to you began with an undying passion for innovation, turning challenges into opportunities.

Choice of Leading Companies and Millions of Users Worldwide

Gather efficiency beyond the ordinary using enterprise software for digital acceleration

What Our Leaders Have to Say

Vijay Prakash Yalamanchili - Managing Director

Vijay Yalamanchilili

Building earmarking solutions to real world challenges – that's what we strive for as an organization.

Vijay Yalamanchilili
Sashi Kanth Pagadala - Managing Director

Sashi Pagadala

Respect and trust are the core of our philosophy, and the key to teamwork and success is to translate core values into the awesome products we’ve made.

Sashi Pagadala
Sarav Lamba - Director - Digital Transformation

Saravjeet Lamba

Director - Digital transformation
I Believe in Nurturing Stars. Each of My Team members have turned out to be Star Performers for the Clients, within the Organization and most importantly, for Themselves. That’s what I call my Win!

Saravjeet Lamba
Director - Digital Transformation
Pavan Kumar Etta - Director of Saketa Sales

Pavan Kumar Etta

Director - Saketa Sales
I am always a customer’s advocate. All I expect from my Team is to analyze and perform gap analysis in the system and pitch my product to those who need it most.

Pavan Kumar Etta
Director - Saketa Sales

Meet our team


Staking all you got for a winning solution to real business challenges,
embeds technical know-how with joyful experiences.
Adesh Agarwal - Junior Software Developer
Adesh Agarwal
Anusha Kandula - Senior Software Developer
Anusha Kandula
Bellapu Rupa Devi - Quality Analyst
Bellapu Rupa Devi
Madhuri Khambham - Quality Analyst
Madhuri Khambham
Ahalya Kumar K V - Business System Analyst
Ahalya Kumar K V
Uday Teja Ganesuni - Senior Software Developer
Uday Teja Ganesuni
Rohan Pattanaik - Quality Analyst
Rohan Pattanaik
Praneeth Katta - Quality Analyst
Praneeth Katta
Rishi Bajpai - Junior Quality Analyst
Rishi Bajpai
Gudipally Janardhan Reddy - Software Developer
Gudipally Janardhan Reddy
Hriday Muppidi - Software Developer
Hriday Muppidi
Manchikatla Anudeep - Senior Software Developer
Manchikatla Anudeep
Seshachalam Katuri - Lead Developer
Seshachalam Katuri
Bhanu Priya Gorle - M365 Analyst
Bhanu Priya Gorle
Nikhil Nambiar - Associate UX Designer
Nikhil Nambiar
Devaloy Mukherjee - Junior Quality Analyst
Devaloy Mukherjee
Suraj Rathi - Business Analyst
Suraj Rathi
Deepak Koduri - Architect
Deepak Koduri
Sanket Chouhan - Software Developer
Sanket Chouhan
Adesh Agarwal - Junior Software Developer
Adesh Agarwal
Naga Srinivas Dasari - Associate Engineering
Naga Srinivas Dasari
Angel Annie Biju - Business System Analyst
Angel Annie Biju
Sai Phanindra Bhimanojjula - Lead Quality Analyst
Sai Phanindra Bhimanojjula
Jagadeesh Rao - Senior UX Designer
Jagadeesh Rao
Kranthi Gollagadda - Engineering Manager
Kranthi Gollagadda
Garre Veena Vyshnavi - Lead Developer
Garre Veena Vyshnavi
Naveen Banala - Lead Developer
Naveen Banala
Ramesh Yamavarapu - Senior Software Developer
Ramesh Yamavarapu
Ramya Mapakshi - Senior Software Developer
Ramya Mapakshi
Ravi Teja Dasika - Software Developer
Ravi Teja Dasika
Tadikamalla Lakshmi Vasavi - Software Developer
Tadikamalla Lakshmi Vasavi
Prashanth Mogulla - UX Designer
Prashanth Mogulla
Kandru Bhargavi - Senior Software Developer
Kandru Bhargavi
Naga Srilasya Vuppala - Junior Software DevOps
Naga Srilasya Vuppala
Vikas Anand Jadhav - Engineering Manager
Vikas Anand Jadhav
Sangamesh Avvanna Sajjan - Associate Architect
Sangamesh Avvanna Sajjan
Vara Prasad Reddy Jaggu - Senior Software DevOps
Vara Prasad Reddy Jaggu
Tangirala Sunanda - Lead QA
Tangirala Sunanda
Deepak Jain - Junior Quality Analyst
Devi Satya Prapurna


For every action taken to improve our market presence, we produce novelty.
Consistent effort makes our journey to you.
Digital Marketing Associate Manager
Rajesh Kumar A
Marketing Executive Saketa
Sukanya Chakraborty
Sr Content Writer
Prajim Mannemplavan
Garima Assija - Associate Communication designer
Garima Assija
Aishwarya Chandrasekhar - Content Marketer
Aishwarya Chandrasekhar
Venkata Chalam Katari - Communication Designer
Venkata Chalam Katari


For us a winning sales strategy is when the customer feels at home with us.
We invite you to experience Saketa.
G S Nitya - Sr BDE
G S Nitya
Bhumee Hansalia - Inside Sales
Bhumee Hansalia
Geetam Pradhan - BDE
Geetam Pradhan
Nischal DJRR
Nischal DJRR
Thota Narasimha Rao - Data Research Analyst
Thota Narasimha Rao
Abhishek Mohanty - Business development executive
Abhishek Mohanty
Venkatesh Inala - Business development executive
Venkatesh Inala
Maganti Satya Abhiram - business development executive
Maganti Satya Abhiram
Preetam Sahu - Business Development Executive
Preetam Sahu
Siva Kumar Katuri - Lead Developer
Siva Kumar Katuri
Bharadwaj Koratamaddi - Saketa Support
Bharadwaj Koratamaddi

At the Peak of a Thriving Community,
It’s All About the Climb!

Live life in colors, there’s plenty for everybody.
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Chase your dreams with the best by your side.

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