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Address Mission-Critical Challenges with Industry leading solutions for Office 365 and SharePoint.

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Saketa is a built-in collaborative platform that provides a dynamic, easy-to-use social intranet and distributed migration systems across the organization

Engaging Modern Intranet Software

Engaging Modern Intranet Software

Saketa empowers flexible communication within teams and engaging collaboration features. This modern intranet solution is designed to furnish personalized, scalable, and delightful user centric experience.

Next-gen M365 Management Studio

Next-gen M365 Management Studio

Simplify to a fast solution migrator with pre-built integrations of industry leading specifications such as Office 365, M365 Management Studio, SharePoint that addresses detailed analysis, intelligence, and security solutions.

Business Productivity Suite

Productivity Suite

Accredit to grow your workforce by enforcing collaboration and productivity utilizing Microsoft App source that offers built-in business applications and services into a fully integrated, secure platform

Saketa is the Choice of the leading companies and millions of users worldwide

Promote newer ways of productive work with reliable digital transformation strategies

Unlock the power of internal communication that keeps the global workforce equipped – informed – engaged.

Communicate... Collaborate.. Captivate for an Awesome Hybrid Work Experience

The Modern workplace is evolving whether it is on-site, remote or hybrid work experience. Saketa SharePoint Intranet brings in better employee experience by maintaining productivity, connectivity, and collaboration.
Communicate... Collaborate.. Captivate for an Awesome Hybrid Work Experience
Simplify your Digital Transformation Journey with the best-in-class Migration Companion

Simplify your Digital Transformation Journey with the best-in-class Migration Companion

Get access to a seamlessly efficient M365 Management Studio that functions to manage your end to end migrations and tasks on your Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint platform while provide detailed analysis, reporting and execution of secured governance policies.

Streamline your Business Operations with Specifically Designed Productivity Apps:

Make your day-to-day business operations convenient and flexible. Utilizing our specifically designed productivity apps will help you streamline integrated workflow systems, track project timeline, encourage easy communication and workforce collaboration

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